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I've been using a Pro Birdie for about 2 years now and I'm making little progress in improving my putting game. I continue to be about less that 50% from 30 feet and about 70% from 20 feet. I've also found the Birdie, which has a deep lip compared to most putters, to be inconsistent with the release due to the deep lip.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on some putters that I should look at? I know that it's difficult to make a suggestion without assessing my form/putting style. Has anyone moved from a deep rim putter before?

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go with an XD

my other suggestion would be
go buy abunch of putters in DX plastic
find what you like then sell the rest
Rhyno is similar to the birdie, without such a deep lip. It flies better too IMHO. If you are use to the Birdie, this may be your solution. They are a little more stable at first, but you can fix that by throwing it as a mid range for a while to break it in.

Of course the Aviar is a great putter too.

My .02
Aviar is super sick! the XD is just an Aviar Xtra Distance, low profile

Rhyno is also a stellar putter, simular to birdie, but more consistent...

the Birdie and Polecat seem to be more in tune with turbo and pole/tone putting

I would strongly suggest you try throwing a AVIAR, best putter ever, in my opinion.
I'd go with whatever feels best in your hand. The Aviar is tried and true and works for most people's hands. But the grip really is just a confidence-booster in most cases. I'm convinced that one could putt with just about ANY object, and with enough practice be pretty decent at getting it into the basket. So the main thing is just to PRACTICE putting! What putter you use is way less important than your muscle memory and your mental game when you step up to your marker. Practice practice practice, it's no secret how to become a good putter!
I like the Aviar but dislike innova due to their inability to produce consistent molds in production. I know that the Discraft Challenger is a replica of the Innova Aviar.

Trust me, I take ton's of crap from other advanced/pro players about my putter. I think this is the year I want to make myself a better player from 30 feet. I've been trying to make my Pro Birdie work by putting at my house at least a few times a week for about an hour, but I still feel that this disc is very inconsistent on the release. I also find that the birdie takes a lot more "form" to try and finesse it, hopefully I can take some pointers from my current form and use them when throwing the Challenger/Aviar.

Anybody try a FLX Challenger? Does the FLX hold up well compared to the X or Pro plastic?
I do practice a lot with it and have made some improvement, however I continue to have bad releases with that disc way more than bad releases with a midrange/long range putter from about 100 ft. I think the rim is too deep too to get the same consistency that a normal disc has. Plus it chews up a ton of bag space so I can't carry as many drivers/midranges to practice with when I'm out on the course.
I use to throw the Gumm Putter, now I like the Omega Super Soft, but I did change over using the Magnet for awhile. You should try one of them..maybe.
I have an FLX challenger. Absolutely love it! Plastic is butter soft, but holds its form exceptionally. Loves the chains, and I've made some ridiculous long putts with this thing. I think it's pretty decent for turbo putts too, which I've been trying to perfect. The plastic holds up incredibly well. A few times I thought i scuffed it up, but after wiping it clean, it still looks brand new. To me it was well worth the extra dough for the flx plastic.
without seeing you putt, it is hard to tell you where to start to improve. So I will tell you some things that might help.
If you are looking for a new putter it will depend on which side of the basket you are missing.
1. you are missing left----try to throw flatter without to much hyzer, ( common mistake)

2. missing right---- use a putter that has more stability like a new aviar or a wizard.
these 2 putters have a similar lip and will most likely give you a better more confident grip for control.
I used a super puppy for years and had the same problem until I moved to the aviars. also it will create a more forgiving area opposed to having to go straight at it. which is good 25 feet and in but when you are 30- 60 feet you need a little more hyzer room in order to make it to the basket without blowing by. That is where the aviars and wizards are good and the deep lipped putters fail. The harder you throw the deep edged putter it tends to go straighter or lifts up over the basket where you are able to throw a aviar harder , keep it right of the basket and it will give you a wider margin for error when it hyzers.
I know all this is probably not helping , but try an aviar, see how it feels. I am sure one of your golfing buddies throw one or have one you can use. Warning though, once you see how much your putting improves, your golfing buddies will not let you use thiers and you will have to buy yourself one...lol
good luck, hope this helped in some way.

I like the blowfly/blunt gumbputt discs. they are very soft and don't bounce off the chains and pole like alot of other harder putters do. They also have a shallow lip so they are easier to release. I would keep another putter (aviar maybe) for shots over 35 or 40 feet. The power required to get the putter to go that far creates more spin and the blowfly acts like a rubber tire (with good traction) and will spin right out of the basket. I actually had putts be down in the basket and be celebrating that I just made this awesome 50 foot putt only to watch in magically jump right out. Me and the guys I was playing with couldn't believe it. I saw it spinning still but it was sitting flat on the bottom!
But they do some other good things too the rubbery grip will grab the nubs on the basket and ussually pull it right in. If you come up a bit short too they will stick right into the hols in the basket pretty easy.
I really don't see any difference between the two other than the color. Anyone know why they make the two different models? I know they say the blowfly floats. I don't know if the blunt does or not.
when it comes to putters..
you must find your way "grasshopper"
Feel the disc, as it snaps out of your hand.
It must be comfortable and grip to your liking.

Disc Player's Fav. the KC Pro Aviar


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