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I've been using a Pro Birdie for about 2 years now and I'm making little progress in improving my putting game. I continue to be about less that 50% from 30 feet and about 70% from 20 feet. I've also found the Birdie, which has a deep lip compared to most putters, to be inconsistent with the release due to the deep lip.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on some putters that I should look at? I know that it's difficult to make a suggestion without assessing my form/putting style. Has anyone moved from a deep rim putter before?

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Just throw a bunch of different putters. Keep the one with the best results for feel and performance and then just learn that disc. Practice, focus, and confidence are key. Learn good form. Try the Aviar(any Aviar), Rhyno, Challenger, Wizard, Magnet, anything else you can get your hands on.
Most good putters I know are convinced that their putter is the best on the market and everyone else should throw it. On the other hand a good putter could take any of those discs and not have to worry if it was going in or not at 20 feet. Wouldn't matter if it was an Aviar, Challenger, or even a Jaguar (yeah I know its not a putter, but I've tried it before).

Discclaimer: I actually putt like crap, and don't practice nearly enough to get good. Quite often my mental focus is on par with that of a ground squirrel. Fairly often a stray thought- "is that a butterfly" -or -"boy its windy"- just as I release another stray putt. But that's OK cuz I'm having a great time even when I really suck and that's the important part.... at least I think so anyways. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!
Blowfly, blowfly, blowfly
I say go for an JK Aviar X and then when you get used to that step up to an 10 or 11x KC Aviar .
you know nibs you and me are odd men out with the blowfly, either that or its the best kept secret in discgolf, you know what that means ? more of them for you and me!!!
im in love with the soft magnet. i went from the wizard to the aviar and i think ive found the best putter for me. id go with a pro d soft magnet the max weights are like throwing flying bricks. not a fan of the elite z magnet though too stiff.
I used an aviar before. Just like these a bit better. I think putting consistent with the same model /weight helps more than any one model. I think if you got a pile of destroyers and putted with them for a year. Then you would be the best driver putter in the world!
if i had to choose something other that the blunt I would choose the soft magnet or maybe an omega ss.
It definitely #2. I know that when I do miss left its because I executed bad form or didn't put enough power on the disc. I do agree taht within 25 feet it shouldn't really matter what disc you're using since all offer mostly the same, its up to the player to execute the shot properly from inside 25.

I do agree that the 30-60 foot range is what really causes issues with me with my Biridie. I often have to aim about 1-2 feet to the left of the pin so the disc breaks correctly with the extra power I'm getting from my weight shift. I also have a longer "stroke" so the disc is at a very slight anhyzer comming out, otherwise the disc would likely nose up due to its lip. Very quirky trying to throw it.

My goal is to be able to use a slight hyzer putt with a more stable disc when i'm distance putting. I liked the Birdie originally since it wouldn't fly too far past the basket, however, I'm at a point in my game to now "go for" those shots rather than laying up. I think with a few modifications to my form and a lot of practice, I'll be ready for a new approach to my putting.
Wizard, Wizard, Wizard did I mention try a Wizard?
I have to agree with you chris, i have the wizard to be one of the most versatile discs as far as a putter goes....it is stable enough to handle a good rip and can be finnessed softly for a accurate putting style........
everyone has thier own preference, and it really just comes down to what you're comfortable with and what you can be consistant with. and then just practice. i think i started out on a Rattler (deep rim), but commited myself for life to the Omega Supersoft after throwing the majority of the putters that were out at the time. it works for me, infact i have just replaced my old one with a brand new SuperSoft tonight. i am now on my 4th supersoft over 12 or so years of play and have no intention of changing my alligence...just to keep practicing those long ones.
The Birdie's got too deep of a rim. I found that my hands are kind of knobby, so there's always something hanging up on the underside of wide-rimmed putters. Even when you have a good release occasionally something would hang up. You can't get your percentage up with a disc that has that kind of inconsistency.

Go with an Aviar/Magnet-like disc for a while. 'Shiny' and hard putters are no good also. They slip outside on strong-side putts, split the chains and run out the backside, or the classic dead-center pole rejection.

I prefer a disc with some shock absorbtion and grippy. Hit a chain or two on the strong side, and it curls up to the pole and drops to the basket. Bounce-outs hit the ground and flop, vs rolling away.

Changing out that disc will probably improve both of your averages instantly. Those aren't very good numbers you've posted. You can get your 30 footer to 70% - you gotta seriously spend time with the basket.

Here's how do it.
1. Get a basket, preferably two. Make the yourself, if you have to.
2. Never practice with more than 5 putters at a time.
3. Set a practice goal. I like to make 100 from 25 ft and out. (not putt 100, but make 100)

Good luck


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