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I started playing and collecting in 1993. At the time I didn't know what to collect so I collected anything interesting. Within a few years my interest narrowed so that I sought out those discs that I most wanted to throw. So every time I picked up a new gem I hoped it might one day make it into my playing bag.

I realize now, that for maximum collecting value (which I don't especially care about), I made at least two mistakes. (1) A disc which is older and rarer has greater dollar value than a disc which actually flies better. (2) A driver is worth less than a putter or midrange (my hundreds of cyclones, x-clones and banshees-primary drivers in my game over the years-are worth little now)

The disc which I actively throw and collect is the Discraft Rattler. I have plenty of goodies to trade.

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My buddy Patman - who got me into disc golf- has an small but interesting collection of discs, amongst them a Marauder, an Innova Puma and an old XClone. Anything of note here? I can find a Marauder or two online, but I haven't run into a Puma. How did these discs fare back in the day?
hey Mark,
I have this Discraft disc called the DEUCE. Says its a driver, but looks like a mid-range. I was wondering if you have heard of it and maybe how old it is. up for trades to anyone, its beat
photo below
I remember when the pumas came out if memory serves me correct they didn't stay in innovas line up for very long. I'm assuming that the players weren't very impressed with them. I've sold all of those models from my collection on ebay before and none of them really generated any real excitement. I do remember when players were all excited about the xclone but they just got left in the dust with later technology. What makes one obsolete disc valuable and another not is hard to say. However if it was really popular in the past or represented some signifigant change from previous models it's usually going to be more sought after. Such as the 1st bevelled edge disc or the 1st upgraded plastic. Another thing is if the disc is still popular. For example a ROC. Everyone knows them and the old ones are very sought after even though they have gone through many changes and are not really like the old ones anymore. If everyone still used and loved Mauraders than an original one would most likey be highly collectable.
The Deuce was before my time and I started playingand collecting in 91. I know the 1st bevelled edge discs were from 83. Before the Eagle all discs drivers or not had a more rounded edge. So it's most likely an old disc since it says driver but still has a rounded edge. They do come up for auction on ebay sometimes but I don't know anything else specifically about them.
Hey bobderiemacker,

The Deuce was before my time also. I know we have John Ahart in this club and he goes back to when discs where made of carved pieces of stone-so we have a real expert in our midst.

As I understand it from the lore passed down to me, the early disc golf drivers looked like what we would now describe as putters or midranges. The Deuce was Discraft's version of and old style Roc-type disc. A beat to heck Deuce is probably invaluable to a very select disc golfer or two out there and worth very little to most others. The trick is how to find the ones who would cherish it.

The Marauder was a Discraft driver that had a loyal following until the Cyclone came out a few years later and took away most of the market. I know Mike Randolph (4th in the Worlds in '07) carried one in his bag a couple years back and maybe still does.

The X Clone was my primary driver for several years. They are a superb forehand disc but had the expensive flaw of not taking a hit well. One solid tree hit would irrevocably bend the rim and it would never be overstable again. This was before the advent of candy plastic in drivers. On a bad round I could ruin several brand new drivers. I remember playing in a World Championships one year. Warming up for a second round one afternoon I was really stiff and sore and my back was killing me. There was one hole that had a extremely tight long tunnel that had abused me in an earlier practice round. So I took a stack of new X-Clones to that hole to practice. My first 5 drives all smashed an early tree and tacoed a virgin X-Clone. I gave up and walked back to the car.

IMO the best X-Clones were the silver ones-and I tried them all. Unfortunately they blended in with the grass and foliage so well you couldn't find them unless you stepped on them-Ok maybe a slight exaggeration. I spent hours and hours searching for silver X-Clones through the years and took a few lost disc penalties, too. These days I am very fond of flourescent colors-especially hot pink.
The Deuce, Is a phantom with 2 lips to make it more of a midrange I'm guessing. It seems like it came out around 91 or 2. I've bought a couple on ebay pretty cheap including a first run.
Obiwon is right, some of the more expensive discs I've bought are still used or really old\pivotal. first run swirrl apx, skystreaks(would love some more), Skystar, 1st run buzzes. Much of the rest I paid less than new. Except in these discs, used old ones are worth next to nothing.
I have some pics of old Discraft on my sight.
I love the Rattler. Only have a couple of the proto ones they gave out at worlds. I liked them new, so when they beat up a little they went to the backyard. went through allot of them over the years.
Hey Michael Gaffney,
If you still have those beat up Rattlers-really beat up is better-then maybe we can do some trading.
I might be able to come up with a couple, when I quite putting them I gave them away to newbies and such. Its been since the X-puttr, then the challenger now. I kinda miss the Rattler, especially at the fountain when there is no wind. I might pick up a couple of those rubbery feeling ones.
Original 86 Softies is the main disc I'm looking for.
Noy sure how to tell original from later ones but I see them on ebay quite regularly.
The only difference I remember in the 86 Softie was the Butter Putters. THOSE were some sweet 86's. Nice soft buttery plastic. It makes me wish I still had one in the bag. The last time I checked, Disc Golf World still had some of the late red 86 Softies on their site.

i was looking for some Rattlers last summer when my daughter started throwing with me. I thought it would be a good putt and approach disc for her plus a fun catch disc for us to throw around. However, I could never find one in 150 class. I finally gave up and got her a Magnet. If anybody knows where I can find a 150 Rattler, I'd still like to know...I have another daughter who will be plastic-chucking age in a few years.


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