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So I've been in a slump the last couple of weeks, specifically my drives are about 50' short of what they should be and my timing just doesn't feel right. The snow the last two months has made it hard to get in any field practice off the course. Any suggestions on how to get my drive flowing the way it should be and possibly better?

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Only a couple of weeks. I've been in a slump for years.

I'm convinced that the vast majority of a "slump" (and I've had MANY of them) is MENTAL. It has nothing to do with anything physical and EVERYTHING to do with where your head is at. Force a positive attitude (even if everything inside of you is telling you you're gonna stink-up a shot), and you'll dig your way out of it.

For me, I went through a stretch last summer where anything between 20-35 feet was an adventure, and not in a good way. Even without wind or rain, I would seemingly find new and creative ways to miss putts. As a result, it got into my head...and started affecting my technique, which only made things worse! I finally reached a point where I mentally had to tell myself that I EXPECTED to make every last putt from that distance and, after 5-6 rounds, things got much, MUCH better.

If you think you're going to miss a putt, you're going to miss a putt. If you think you will come up 50-60 feet short on your drive, you'll come up 50-60 feet short on your drive. Etc, etc. Expect to "fail," and failure will soon follow. That's the best advice that I can offer, anyway. Hope that pep-talk helps!
Hey man I live in Michigan and no how it is to deal with the snow. I get in slumps but the come and go. I mean it's golf everybody has period where they can't do things as planned. I have noticed though that in the winter it is harder to keep your footing.I get most of my power from my legs. Due to the snow your feet can't find enough ground to grip and that will make it hard to generate power. Just relax and keep a good grip on your disc. You can also talk a gallon milk jug and fill it with water.Tie a thin rope to it on the handle. Then take the jug and set it on the floor . Grab the rope with your throwing hand then wrap and un wrap with that hand. It will help build muscle. Goodbye
Thanks for the advice, I'm sure I'll be able to use it to my advantage and hopefully be on again in time for our local Ice Bowl next weekend.

it works great!!!!!!

even if your not in a "slump" it helps your game alot
2 weeks i mean
Throw Gateway! I was stuck at the same rating for a long time. I switched to all Gateway from Innova after meeting with Dave and Justin. I improved by about 6-8 strokes a game right after the switch. Now if I can learn to be more confident with my putts I should shave another 5-7 off per round.
Rich, are you a sensitive person? You know, I have only been playing for 3 years and Gateway has brought me around. You are only looking at my PDGA events for 2007. I had two PDGA at the beginning of 2007 and one at the end. Look at the scores from those tournaments and then tell me something didn't happen. I believe a +25 point jump is significant. This past year at non PDGA events I averaged a 940 average rated round. So please, as the site says, we are all supposed to be friendly here and you are having issues with someone representing their beliefs. If you don't care for what I say then don't listen. It is no different from an Innova or DISCRAFT player talking up their brand.

I think Rich's point is that there is a time and a place to talk-up one's weapons of choice, and I'm not sure Ryne's thread was it. I'm still waiting for David to send me some of his plastic to play around with and hopefully promote to our local disc golf club and sell out of our Community Center (across the street from Hole 1 on my local course)...so I can hopefully become a Gateway evangelist in the months and years to come as well! That said, I'll reiterate my earlier point and say that I believe that the vast majority of ANY slump is MENTAL...and has nothing to do with equipment. Ryne seems to indicate he was doing just fine with his existing equipment BEFORE the slump, so why would his slump be equipment-related? That, and I don't think he ever said what equipment he was using to begin with...so how does your advice work if he already IS throwing Gateway?

Nope. It's when one loses their confidence that the wheels start to fall off. When confidence goes, technique begins to slide. When technique goes, consistency goes. When consistency goes, performance slips and confidence becomes lower. Repeat as necessary....UNLESS you can break that cycle and mentally dig your way out of it. At least that works for me! All switching equipment does is postpone or delay the next slump. When I am confident, however, I could throw hub caps or car tires at the basket and be A-OK. ;)
i have to agree with dj take time off of playing for a bit. and just practice putting or something
id say go over everything your doing. it would help if you had a video from before your slump to compare to though. thats what i do when i feel im in a slump i watch a video of my drives try to see what im doing wrong and correct it. for me its just keeping the disc low. as for putts well repetition is key.
yeah but to say that because somebody switched to another disc brand that that is the reason for a point increase is ridiculous. its not the disc. if you shank a disc and goes way way left of your target is it the discs fault? NO its the throwers. i have Gateway Innova and Discraft discs in my bag and the only difference between the discs is what they do in the air. i can drive my wraith as far as my crush but the crush has a slightly different flight. Honestly in my humble opinion its all about how you throw not what you throw.

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