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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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Well all.....it looks as though I may have run in to a bit of a snafu as far as my Eagle Scout Disc Golf Course Project goes.....It looks as though I may have to go ahead and make it a 21 hole course instead on an 18!!! As far as sponsorships go with 4 holes being pledged and just a half hole to go with the rest of it collected.....I had another potential sponsor talk to my dad last night. If he decides to sponsor more than half a hole I'm gonna need to add more holes!!!! How cool is that???? Just thought I'd fill ya in on progress!!
Way to bring it!!
Keep up the great work, and let us know how it goes!!
DUDE !!!!! That totally rocks. You could probably get 36 holes by the time you're done ! Your kicking major tail and I can't wait to see some pics of the process. Have you had any graphics made for the course yet.. logo?, t-shirts.? I read your 1st page comments about having the high school graphics students come up with something. Just wanted to see if you still needed something or if there is a logo yet?
Mike Inscho said:
DUDE !!!!! That totally rocks. You could probably get 36 holes by the time you're done ! Your kicking major tail and I can't wait to see some pics of the process. Have you had any graphics made for the course yet.. logo?, t-shirts.? I read your 1st page comments about having the high school graphics students come up with something. Just wanted to see if you still needed something or if there is a logo yet?

Thanks Presto!! It's all pretty overwhelming but soooooooo cool!

Mike.....I told the lady who teaches the class to have whatever students participate in this project to have their designs to her by the time we break for Christmas. While I feel that by now I'm pretty much obligated to go with a students design for at least the first disc.....when it comes to T-Shirts and such.....that's a whole new idea I haven't presented to anyone as yet. So if things continue to go well I think it'd be cool to pitch an idea or 2 at you and have you run with it if you would! I could send you pictures of the camp and such so that you could see what you'd be working with....maybe somehow fit the name of the course or the Camp's name into something.....I don't know.....THAT'S WAAAYYYYY out of my league! I read your post the other day and thought....."Dang it.....too bad I didn't know him earlier!"
Hey Nathan,

Just get at me whenever you need something for your course. Tee signs, course logo, tournament, I'd be honored to do something for a great cause.
Man...21 holes...this just keeps getting better. I can't wait to play the course. I'll be in the area next summer so I hope you have it up and running by then. By the way, will it be free or pay to play? I'd totally be willing to pay...I like pay to play courses...I was just wondering.
Thanks Jack for the props man... I appreciate it.
hey nate i think what your doin is awsome! as far as targets go i think the disc catcher is a peice of crap and most pros would agrree with me there. the mach 5 was the best target on the market untill i started a company called discking, we make a target called the "kingpin". It has all the normal bells and wistles but with some added features like increase sliding link to absorb more energy (wont spit out shots that should stick) and a few anti theft features like locking flange welded right to the pole, and a tab on the anchor so its more solid in the concrete. We also powder coat our baskets ANY color you want or two colors ( if there is a local sports team you wish to support ), or for higher visibility. no need to pay for "frills" either. you can check them out at discking1.com , we r pdga approved if your looking for tourney possibiltys in the future. No matter what taarget you chose i would stay away from the discatchers they dont weather well (or catch) well. hope everything goes well :). if you every get a tourney together let me know i can send you some swag for ctps or somthing.
make sure he gets them pdga approved if you go with his targets. otherwise you will get chastized by a lot of people. And you will not have a chance of your tourney becoming a pdga sanctioned event which can bring in some biiger names and a full feild of players, which is always nice.

Chuck Kennedy said:
Tell Alan to send Jeff Homburg one of his baskets to get PDGA approval. I accidentally met Alan and his wife at Burger King during Worlds and we talked about finally getting his basket approved. He said he would consider it so hopefully he'll follow through.
Hey Nick! Plans right now are for it to be free to play. If in time someone / some group / or whatever would decide to hold local tourneys or something bigger that's something that Camp Cullom (name of the camp where the course will be) will have to decide. In just talking to them I suggested that maybe they consider a $3.00 per head charge if it's someone from the county putting it on and maybe $5.00 per person if someone from out of the county holds one there.....and use that money for "upkeep" on the course.....it was just an idea though....not sure what they'll finally decide. But it will be free to ANYONE who just goes to the camp to play the course. As far as when it will be ready.....the spring weather will decide that for us. If we have a nice warm spring, where we can get out and work on it and have the ground set up good then it should be ready to play by June.....possibly sooner. If it's a cold nasty wet spring.....obviously that'll set us back. But either way.....I'M THRILLED!!! My original plan was to raise money for a year and then start buying everything.....which would have had me beginning to order things in Mid-August of 2009. But now I'm looking at ordering the baskets no later than Mid-January.....and the rest of the stuff throughout the winter. Hopefullly you'll be here when I'm here so that I can take you around and show it to you! I am going on a trip to Mexico next summer with my Spainish Class from school and I think that's in late June if I remember correctly.

Discking.....As soon as I finish this I'll go to your web-sire and check out your baskets.....and THANKS for the advice! Tourneys in the future would be wonderful and a GREAT opportunity to show the place off!

I know I'm biased because of this project, but I really think this course will be a favorite of people who live in this area. With some of the shots out in the open and with changes in elevation throughout the course.....a GREAT wooded area that will provide a lot of shade on even the brightest of days.....A few great old Oak and Cottonwood trees.....a Sasafrass tree here and there.....just all kinds of maples, pines, whatever.....campsites on the grounds.....bathroom facilities available.....if someone were to hold a Tourney there, there is a small Lodge that could seat maybe 100 people or so.....by the time the course opens the Lodge will have an entirely refurbished kitchen available so that meals could be provided / sold. We could probably even talk them into opening up the observatory for a Big Tourney Weekend. They have some great telescopes there.....and even a sun filter for one of them so if you have an interest in astronomy you can check out the stars and planets.....even sun flares! If you're more into nature.....the grounds also has one of the largest stands of natural Prarie Grass you'll find anywhere with the wildflowers and so on. Mannnnn.....maybe we do need to charge!!...(kidding)
It sounds like a great camp ground that it's going to be on. Can't wait to see pictures of the areas that you're going to clear and the wide open holes your talking about. It sounds like I'd have a lot of fun being there for the weekend.

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