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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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My dad just got back from the camp.....he met with one of the designers for about 3 and a half hours today to figure out where to put the final 4 holes, and I think we've got it pretty much nailed down now! Dad said that Jerry was pretty much all smiles to see what's been accomplished up to this point, high fiving him a couple of different times! He told dad that some people have been asking him lately if he's heard about the new course that's going to be going in near Frankfort.....and that's GREAT to hear the interest there seems to be out there! Dad also said that Jerry brought some discs to throw to check out some of the fairways. Gets better all the time!!!
May seems so far away... :) Keep up the hard work Nathan!!!
I plan on it Birdie-Man! And while May-June or thereabouts does in a way seem so far away....at the same time it's just around the corner! So much left to do! Here's hoping that the good weather keeps coming!

Another thing exchanged between my dad and Jerry in a conversation yesterday was when dad told Jerry he'd been asked how many "Cool Holes" were there going to be on the course.....before dad could tell Jerry what he'd told the guy that asked him that question dad said Jerry looked at him and said....."20".....dad said he chuckled and told Jerry that that was the exact number he had said, (hahahaha)
Alright y'all...I just met with Nathan and his dad at the course and they gave me the grand tour. All I can say is "Wow!" This course is amazing. It sits on a superb piece of land with lots of trees, elevation changes, and water hazards. When this course is finished, it will definitely be in the top 3 courses I've ever played...possibly even the single best! The planning that has gone into the course has paid off greatly! There is a great mix of shots, most of which require pinpoint accuracy. There is a great deal of risk vs. reward. There are holes for lefties and righties. Shooting under par on this course will be nearly impossible, which is great!! To see 24 holes of this calibur on ten different courses would be amazing. To see them all together on the same course is simply stellar! When this course is finished, it will be one of the best! I can honestly say that I don't have anything negative to say about this course. Fatigue will play a big part in this course with all the elevation changes...I can't wait to play this course!

There are a few pins that will be near the tops of hills that you do not want to find yourself at the bottom of. Nathan's dad mentioned possibly laying logs at the tops of the hills to prevent skips and rolls down the hills. If I were building the course, I would not place these barriers. One of the things that makes a course truly great is the amount of risk involved to execute a truly spectacular shot. Placing these barriers would reduce the amount of risk, and, in my opinion, the overall quality of the course. Just my two cents.

Overall, great job! Again...I can't wait to play the course!!
wow!!! sounds great, guys. isn't there camping on the course or near it?
WOW NICK!! How much do I owe ya? (hahaha) Seriously.....THANKS for meeting with us today and checking out the course! Jerry came up maybe 12 or 14 times and Allen was over maybe 7 or 8 times with him.....Each time they'd tweak something here or there to improve the layout and "flow" of the course and when they were here this past weekend they both said that they think we now have about the best layout we can have.....and I'd have to agree. It's GREAT to have someone else's opinion now.....someone who'd never seen the course to walk through and check out what we've been up to. Even though we have a long way to go we've come a long way! Thanks again! By the way.....does your brother still want to play only the Am T's? (hahaha)

Charles.....yes....there is camping right on the property. It's all tent camping.....no electrical.
Haha...yeah he wants to play the am tees. He's not as much into disc golf as I am. He enjoys playing but usually only plays when I'm around. One more thing I wanted to tell you. You probably already know this...when you go to put in the tees, make sure to get them level. A couple of the spots I threw from today were not level and it was pretty hard to throw. Like I said, I'm sure you already knew that...just a reminder. Keep up the hard work. Can't wait to keep reading about the progress!
Absolutely! And since you were out there you might be interested in the following.....These are preliminary as we'll tweak the placements just a bit before it's all final.....but right now here are the approximate distances for the Pro T's.....a little description of some of the holes to jog your memory about them without giving too much away.

1.....353 ft.
2.....430 ft.
3.....284 ft.
4.....325 ft.
5.....212 ft. (first hole into the woods)
6.....550 ft. (down the big hill and dog-leg left)
7.....350 ft.
8.....290 ft.
9.....251 ft.
10...267 ft. (across the creek and up the hill...don't go left, right, or long)
11...281 ft.
12...268 ft.
13...348 ft.
14...248 ft.
15...247 ft. (don't go long....to log or not to log)
16...331 ft.
17...271 ft.
18...257 ft. (from top of ravine down to the bridge area)
19...175 ft. (across the valley...don't be short or long....another drop off)
20...342 ft. (back out to the old access road....uphill and then into woods)
21...288 ft.
22...470 ft.
23...317 ft.
24...330 ft.

Right now the Pro T's measure out to a distance of 7,485 ft.
The Am's measure out to 5,756 ft.
I'm surprised to see so many in the 200's. I thought for sure there would be more in the 300's. I think a lot of the holes feel longer than they really are because of the difficulty. The accuracy needed on these holes is what makes the course spectacular. Another thing is that several of the holes play uphill so they feel longer than they really are as well.
I'm thinking we'll probably make #5 a little longer.....possibly 10 if I can get the ok to at least prune the arched tree there.....11 as well by maybe 20-25 ft......16 too.....maybe 17.....21 could easily be another 15 ft or so.....we'll see.....overall I'm REAL happy with it. Since the sport will be new to pretty much everyone that lives around here.....we may make the Am's a little longer.....but probably not by much.....to make it a bit easier for new players.
Hey Nathan...how are things? Have you been able to make any progress lately? Let us know!
Nick.....Ohhhhhh yes! All 24 fairways are at least visable now! There is still sooooooo much "clean-up" to do before we're ready to set any baskets or pour any T's.....but progress is being made almost on a daily basis! Some changes of note since you took the tour.....Hole #2.....the Pro T has been moved across the drive to where we cleaned out those Autumn Olive shrubs.....and the basket end has been "rounded off" just a bit to the right to move the basket in towards the woods a little further.....Hole 5.....both the Am and Pro T's have been moved back slightly and the basket has been moved back and more to the left.....Holes 8 and 9 have both been cut out now and are awaiting clean-up to see what else we need to do there.....I did get the ok to prune off the dead limbs on top of the "arched" tree on #10.....so we may move both the Pro and Am T's back a few feet.....still waiting to hear about a cross country course that is run there a few times a year to see if we want to move the basket.....On #11 we moved the basket back probably 25 feet.....#13 is cut in now and is awaiting "clean-up" to see what else we need to do there.....#14's basket has been moved slightly back and maybe 25 feet to the left behind a big cherry tree.....15 is cut in and waiting for the rest of it to be cleaned up to see what else we need to do.....Just have the tree behind "The Forked Tree" left to take down on 18.....19....."The Valley Shot".....is now ready to try.....with clean-up in the vallet part left to be done.....Moved the basket back maybe 30 feet on 21.....gonna change the placement of the Pro T on 23 to make it longer and straighter.....Have had people showing up just to try and follow the flags and throw what they can.....which is pretty cool! All in all it's going GREAT! Was going to have a Scout work day there yesterday but the weather turned kinda crappy so we didn't get to do it. Gonna schedule another one for the 18th of April if ya wanna fly up for the day! (hahaha) Soooooooooo................all in all.....if we REALLY wanted to......right now we could put T's and baskets on these holes......1...2...3...4...5...6...7...9...10...11...12...15...16...19...20...21...22...23...24.....but we're gonna wait till we get most of the clean-up done before we do as it'll be soooooo much easier to do the work with noone playing.

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