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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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hey now,one never knows when the traveling shoes need to travel.I'm always ready for a road trip,however work gets in the way and that slows up the travel.Might be headed out to Pittsburgh this July for a family reunion,then over to Cinn,Ohio to visit our daughter and husband.Never know where we might travel from there,so it could be a possibilty.
Work on the course sounds great and exciting,You should take pictures daily,sort of a guy journal thang.Best of luck,you have great potential for your future.Peace,hit chains.

Nathan said:
Got a bit more done today! My dad and another volunteer spent about 3 hours clearing out a few places and then marking some others with some bright orange paint so that the next time the other guy has some time he'll know where to continue. Supposed to rain hard here tonight and tommorrow with some possible damaging winds.....so it'll probably be at least 2-3 days before we can get out to do anything else. Here's hoping the temperature stays decent enough to keep working!

Mike......I Gotta remember to take the camera with me!!

mr ed....It'd be VERY cool to be able to meet you on the course some day! Do your travels ever bring you up this way?
Sounds great Nathan. Sounds like things are coming together very nicely. I agree, we all are really excited about seeing the progress so pictures are awesome! So far, do you think things are going according to plan? Can't wait to hear more...how's the forecast look for this week/weekend?
Kris.....I plan on it!!!

mr ed.....Cincinnati is maybe 3 and a half hours or so from me.....it'd be a bit out of the way for ya to come on up here.....but it'd be great if ya could!

Nick.....So far I'd have to say that things are moving along quicker than the original plans called for. Originally, I was going to try and raise money for an entire year before I ever purchased anything. That would have put me starting to order stuff around the middle to the end of August. Also.....at that time I was figuring I would begin construction sometime in mid to late September and continue on into October. But the way it is.....I've already ordered the baskets and paid for them.....and have begun the process of clearing fairways!!! So I'm VERY pleased with the progress so far! This Sunday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. I've asked some of the Scouts in my Troop to meet me out there so that we can move the "firewood" out of the way and also the little limbs and branches that just need to be removed from what fairways we've opened up so far. The weather for the rest of the week till Sunday isn't supposed to be all that great though.....so hopefully we'll be able to get out there Sunday and get something done. By the way.....that "Valley Shot" I was telling you about isn't as far as I thought it was......but it's still gonna take a pretty good throw to get it over and land it.
Hey Nathan...what's up? Just checking to see if you've got any news on the course or maybe if you've got any new pictures. I know that the weather up there is pretty lowsy but just wondered what's been goin on. Let us know! Peace!
very cool project...bravo.
Hey Nick!! What's happening with you my friend? As far as the course goes.....things are progressing pretty well.....especially for this time of year! We had a pretty decent couple of weekends to work and a few nice evenings here and there. But you're right.....it's just now the beginning of March and it is North Central Indiana! My Scout Troop had a campout this weekend in North Eastern Indiana so we weren't able to work out there at all this weekend.....kinfs cold and windy to have even tried anyway. Hoping to have a bit warmer weather later this week to be able to get out and do some more. Hopefully at that time we can get some more pics. My dad is a little leary of taking his new Digital Nikon camera out there and then leaving it to sit in the cold van while we work on the course. Got those flight plans made yet?

Hi Scot! Thanks for the comment! It really should be a pretty cool course once it's finished. Nick may be up later this month to spend some time with some of his relatives who live fairly close to where I'm working on this course. If he's able to come for a tour while he's up here I'll turn him loose to make some comments about what he thinks of it here on the forum. I'm obviously gonna be a bit biased about what I think of it.....but I want him to comment openly and honestly about what he thinks. One things for sure.....I don't want anyone on here to make the trek to come play the course once its open if it isn't really gonna be worth the trip. I have enough confidence in it to say I'm pretty sure it'll be one of the nicest courses around here.....but whether or not it would be worth the trip from a distance to play really should be someone elses call.
Well we won't be flying up there...we're actually going to be driving. But yeah, I'll be there for sure in two weeks. Can't wait for spring break! We'll be coming in late on the 14th and be leaving early on the 21st to head back to Texas. I know I won't be available on the 15th, 18th, or 19th. I think probably the best day for me would be either the 16th or 17th, which would be the Monday and Tuesday. Either of those days I should be able to come check things out. I'll bring my camera too if I remember. As far as giving a nonbiased course review?...I don't know about that...lol. I think my view will be biased as well but I definitely won't say anything about it that's not true. I'm definitely bringing my discs along to throw some of the fairways you have marked out...can't wait!
HAHAHA!!! Fair enough! I'll check to see what I have going on on those days and let ya know if either of them work better for me.....as far as I know right now either should be fine. I do have some Academic Team events coming up before long so I'll check on those. The guys laying out the course are gonna try and come back this weekend to lay out the additional 6 holes we ended up needing. We had the 18 prety much decided on but now that it's 18 a few changes are gonna need to be made......it'd be cool if those are deceded too before ya get here!
Dad spent a couple of hours out there tonight and he'll probably go back out tomorrow.....I have something going on at school tomorrow night and Thursday night so I know I won't be able to make it out either of those days.....although by Thursday it's supposed to be raining here.....for like 4 days in a row! BOOOOOOOOO!!!!
Ok......latest update......we'll need to get out and throw some discs to see what still needs to be....."Cleaned Up".....a bit, as several of these holes will require some minor adjusting to....."Finish them up." But as it stands right now.....Holes 1-7 are pretty much ready to go.....we need to add a 2-3 holes after 7 to begin the increase from 18 to 24 holes.....then there are 3 more holes pretty much ready to go.....and then a spot where we need to add whatever additional holes we're going to need.....and then half of what will be hole 15 is ready, and then holes 16-24 are pretty much ready to go.....and by ready to go I mean the fairways are definitely there.....need to decide definitely on T and basket placements. Also....there is still a lot of "firewood" to be collected and cleared from the course.....and then some fallen trees that were already down that need to be cut into pieces and moved out of the fairways. Basically we need a couple of weekends where I can get a bunch of other Scouts, Dads, and Leaders out there to "Clean it all up".....and then the designers will have to lay out the other 6 holes so we can get them cleared. WOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!! PROGRESS!!!!!
Very cool...can't wait til you're able to get some holes and tees in the ground. Overall the progress sounds great though!
For now we'll just keep working on improvements to what we've done.....kinda fine tune it.....so to speak.....that'll take a bit of time in and of itself. (need to get a special pruner to reach some places we just can't get to from the ground and such) There's just a lot of overall cleaning up of the grounds that needs to be done now. This being Indiana we need to wait till probably May for the ground to 'firm up" so that we can begin the process of installing the baskets and working on the T's.

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