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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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hey now,try your local Kwainis club as well for their input.DGA Baskets,contact Innova,Disccraft,Gateway for their help and input.EDGE school program might have some ideas for you and your local schools.Good luck with your Eagle Scouting goal for the course,other scouts have accomplished similar disc golf courses.They might just be able to steer you in the right direction.Peace
I wish you lived near me! Have you checked out the downloads on this site?
Hey man,

I just wanted to give you an update that I heard on PDGA radio this morning. Lowell Brown earned his Eagle Scout rank by opening a course in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Grand Island Estates Park. Just wanted to let you know that you can do this !!

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

Just a bit of an update on my project.....I'm currently at approximately 2/3 of the amount that I set as a goal for this project. The 2 Disc GOlf Pros who are helping me with the design now have 18 holes laid out and we are awaiting approval from the camps board of directors so that we can begin preparing the grounds for installation. I'm REALLY hoping that we are able to install everything next spring instead of late summer or early fall! I'm hoping to go ahead and order the baskets by mid-late December and have the BIG expense out of the way! I've already been contacted by people in about a half dozen cities in my part of the state asking when I think the course might be ready to play. This is soooooooo cool!
Way to go, Nathan!
This is an awesome project. I hope everything turns out even better than you planned. Everyone has given lots of great ideas. Good luck with your project. I would agree that the DGA or Gateway baskets would be great and second the suggestion to contact the companies as they may be able to help out a bit with the prices if they know it's for your Eagle Scout project.
Let me say that this is awesome! We here in Louisville need to show the parks dept. this. We are having enough issues just trying to get a path done on 1 hole by an Eagle scout.

Nathan, this really the coolest thing I have ever heard. As far as advice goes Mach 3's are my personal favorite. The Innova's suck because of the big yellow band around the top. Anyhow the best person for design would be John Houck. Here is a link to his site.......http://www.houckdesign.com/
I have never personally played any of his courses, however they are some of the most talked about in the disc golf world. Another person would be Dave Greenwell from here in Louisville Kentucky. He builds some super nice courses. I will talk to him and get back with you. He may want to speak to you personally. He is going to be one of the designers on the 5th course at the IDGC in Georiga, along with Ken Climo and Gregg Hosfeld(I think he was the third one, don't quote me on it).He is a 30+ year Pro with a list of credintials a mile long. He has designed several courses in our area, unfortunatly only one is in Louisville. Like I was saying Louisville Metro Parks has there heads in there rears and don't cooperate very well. He built 5 or 6 others outside the county in the time it took to get one in Louisville. I would love to see all the news covarage you get so that we can take it to our parks dept.
My good friend who is a scout leader has 2 of his boys and possibly a third working on there Eagle scout projects at our local course Charlie vettiner park. They started on these projects months ago and still have not gotten past the paperwork involved. The one kid has been trying to contact the guy in charge over the project for at least 4 weeks. All he is lacking is this guy's signature and even that seems to be a problem.
So where are you doing this at?
Is there any way I could get links to some of the media coverage?
Let me know and I can at least direct you in the right directions.
Thanks Terry, Jay and Russ! So far it seems that everything is going well! A minor setback or 2 along the way perhaps, but NOTHING major! Russell.....so far there really hasn't been too much media coverage. Our local Radio Station did a short news interview with me the day I started with my fundraising, but it only lasted 2-3 minutes. Our local newspaper did a pretty nice article even though they didn't get some of the names and locations correct.....it was still a nice article. It took up more than half of the front page of the sports section the day they ran it. Here's that link.....
I'm hoping to get with them again in about 2-3weeks and do an update on my progress. If that happens I'll be sure to post that link also.
Scouter Nathan ........... try this website for a good explanation of dg http://www.guardians-of-recreation.org/ the first video listed it's probably the best video you can show a sponsor trying to secure funds i downloaded it to my computer and make a dvd of it that i can take to rec depts. and stuff. Many of the disc golfers are former boy scouts ..... just out there in the woods enjoying nature. Good Luck !!
Hey Nathan, I'm glad everything is going well. Did you get to check out that pdga radio link about the other Eagle scout? I read the article and can't wait until you get the course installed. I'd love to be able to set up a park in my local community and know it took a bunch of others but .. a lot of dedication from myself to put it all together. That's gotta feel really good. What baskets did you decide to go with??

Keep it up man.

Thanks Boom Boom Dino! I'll see if I can do that on my computer too! Sounds like a GREAT idea if I can get it to work! Mike.....YES indeed I checked out the info on the other Eagle Scout project! VERY COOL! Again.....I just can't stress enough how cool I think this course will be when it's finished! There's a creek that runs through the property and a couple of ponds that we've worked into the design! There is also a WONDERFUL steep.....(but not so steep you can't walk it) hill that has a lodge at the top of it. One of the holes will tee off near the lodge and go down the hill and make a 90 degree dogleg left. I believe the distance for that hole is in the neighborhood of 560 ft including both the hill and dogleg. The creek will be in the background as you look down the hill and prepare for your shot. There are also a couple of small ravines that you'll have to throw across on some other holes another pond you'll play beside for another hole.....Well.....it's hard for words to do it justice! But I do believe that at least in this part of the woods it'll be a favorite place to play when it's completed! As far as the baskets go, I'm still looking at some of the possibilities but there's a relatively new one out there that if it gets approved is a WONDERFUL basket. I believe it's called the "Spider Web 3". For the money I REALLY believe that this basket is hard to beat! Hopefully it'll get approval from the PDGA!
If the basket you are looking at does not get approval from the PDGA, I would think twice before I used it. This would prevent you from ever having a PDGA event in that park. My personal opinion is to go with a proven basket, such as the Mach 3(DGA), Innova, Discraft, Gateway. Anything from these companies will keep you legal. Also take into consideration that some Pro's will not play a course with questionable baskets. One of our local courses(otter creek park) has baskets from the late 70's. These baskets were designed by Steady Ed himself. They were however designed for "Frisbee's". Not to mention that this was the 3rd course installed in the U.S. Over the years we have had some Top notch pro's come to play in the Annual Fall Disc Golf Open. Most don't return after seeing the quality of these baskets. They are without a doubt "on there last leg". There has been an ongoing discussion here for several years about replacing them. The problem is that some think it is "nostalgic" and they should not be replaced. I myself disagree! I am one of the "sticklers" who wants a good basket to throw at. So please think about using a new basket that is yet to be sanctioned. It could ruin all your hard work!!!!
Your doing a great Job, Nathan. Keep working hard at this and consider this one of the greatest accomplishments the sport of Disc golf has seen!!!!!

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