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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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COOL!!! I wish I could have known you were gonna be around! I'd have given you a guided tour! Did you drive back to where the Lodge is and walk around? The hill on the other side of the Lodge is where hole 6 is set to tee off from right now.
No...I didn't get out and walk around because I wasn't sure if it was private property and whatnot. I didn't want to look suspicious. I just drove by. We didn't drive up into the camp, just by it on the road. As we passed, I was looking back in there and I saw a big hill with the creek running across the bottom. Is that what you were talking about for hole 6? I think the whole area looks pretty cool. Nice elevation changes and a mix of open and wooded areas. Should be a sweet course!
Nope.....not private property. Anyone is welcome to go there and hike around anytime the gate is open. Be sure to let me know if ya make it back up before we get it ready and I'll take ya around! By the way.....YES.....that is where hole #6 will be.....it'll tee off at the top of the hill and then make a 90 degree dogleg to the left and come out almost to the road you were driving on. I'm GLAD ya took the time to drive by and check out the property! THANKS for your trouble! Isn't it kinda funny.....BUT STILL GREAT.....with how flat it is all around it to have such a great place with some hills, ravines, ponds, a creek, open and wooded areas alike to be able to do this?
Yesterday we walked the 18 holes that are currently laid out with a couple of the Board members from the camp and it looks like we'll only have to change a couple of things! We also kinda scouted the area for places to put in the other 6 holes and still tie them into these 18. All in all it looks right now as if that'll be pretty easy to do. Taking another trail off of hole #7 there is room for at least 2 and maybe 3 more holes along it and then that trail winds back around to where what was gonna be #8 begins. Then there is a pretty sweet area after what was gonna be hole #12 to add another 3 or 4 holes before linking back up to what was gonna be hole #14. My Mom and Dad say it's beginning to look like we're gonna need to set up a tent and just live at the Camp this Spring! (hahaha) It's gonna be an awful lot of work, but hopefully it'll be something pretty special for our area when it's finished.
Yo Nathan good to hear the Eagle course is coming around. And I am with you on the camping thing, if I am going to camp I want to camp, not "sorta" camp. Hey how about post a google map link for the location of this course so we can see where it is and get directions to it.

Keep up the good work man! Think of how cool its gonna be when you can look at people on that course having a great time and know that you were the one who make that possible!
I'm really impressed Nathan! I am a Scouter, a disc golf course designer, and a tournament director. I have seen many eagle projects, and your has got to be one of the most ambitious I have ever seen. It appears you are going about it in a superior manner, and I commend your efforts. The world of disc golf is the beneficiary of your vision and energy. Thank you very much. I want to draw your attention to the new Disc Golf Training Module. The easiest way to find it is through the link on the main page of PDGA.com.
You have attracted some of the best available disc golf resources (people), and it looks like you are getting good local support as well. I have no doubt of your success, and I especially applaud your display of Scout Spirit.
Please plan for a big "Grand Opening so your online community here can plan it in if at all possible.
Thank you Jack.....GREAT idea! I promise to post a map soon on how to get to the camp. And you're also right in that I can't wait to see my friends and everyone else enjoying the course when it's finished. I just can't even begin to tell you how excited I am for anyone that's able, to come play the course once it's finished! The areas that we looked at today to be able to add the 6 more holes we need will be a sweet spot to do it if we can get the boards ok. It'll mean a lot more work as I'll have to also add some "steps" that will lead down from a wooded hill to a small valley (ravine) below and then two more sets of steps leading up and down further down the valley (ravine) later in the course.

Tick.....Thanks for your comments above. I haven't been to any "Official" tournaments yet. But after we get this course open I'd love for people like you to come and look at it. It's my hope that it will be one of the nicest courses in Indiana when it opens. I also hope that several more Scouts will add features to it for their Eagle Scout projects in the future. As we close in on a date to open it up this summer you can bet I'll let everyone here know! We were hoping to get it opened up early in June, but with having to build at least 1 bridge and now also 2 or 3 sets of steps it may push the opening back to late in June or even early July! A lot will depend on the weather this spring. Also.....I'll check out the PDGA website for the info you were talking about.

Camp Cullom really is a Gem of a place that many people who even live in the area have never been to....or even know it exists for that matter. The possibilities of what it could be a few years down the road are just about endless.

Anyone here free to come camp and live in Indiana this spring? I'm sure I can find something for you to do! (hahaha)
Nathan, I wasn't totally clear. The new training module I'm refering to is BSA's new Disc Golf Training Module.

PS. I want to urge you to use non-polluting methods for construction,as much as possible. By that I mean mostly hand tools like shovels, axes, and grass whips rather than running gas engines. Fuel human bodies with food instead of engines with fossil fuels. I hope you are getting enough "muscle power" help to make it possible.
Tick.....I went to the PDGA site and downloaded the file and printed it off. We should definitely be able to use that with my Troop! There are also several other Troops in my county I will try to get this info to. Great timing on this too.....this next weekend is a district wide winter campout at the camp where this course is going to be. I'll try to find out how many other Troops are going to be there and maybe I can get enough copies printed off to give one to each Troop. THANKS!
Well.....a BIG step is now out of the way. I went ahead and ordered the baskets for the course.....25 of them! One for practice and the 24 for the holes. I thought about my choice for a long time and decided to go ahead and order the Spider Web 3's. They are AT LEAST as good as anything else I've seen and maybe better. They may or may not be officially approved yet, but I have no doubt they should be. They are GREAT baskets! Also, like I said before, I'm trying my best to be a good stuard of the money everyone is donating towards this project, and trying to get the best of everything I can, at the best price that I can, and by ordering these baskets I'm saving over $1,000.00 in delivery costs alone! Tournament play wasn't even on my mind when I began this project, just building the nicest course that I could for whatever amount of money I could raise.....so I didn't think I should let that influence my decision on baskets, though like I said....as good as these baskets are I can't imagine them being a problem to having tournaments. Time will tell.
Indeed it will. Congrats on the big step I must say.. big step indeed. They look like excellent baskets and as I said before.. It shouldn't be long before the PDGA approves them.
Dude, this is so cool. I bet you cant wait to get out there and get started on this. I'm excited for ya...and like I said, I can't wait to play this course when it's done...hopefully this summer! Good choice on the baskets...I'd say those are the best baskets I've ever played with.

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