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Hey all...I'm a 16 year old Eagle Scout Candidate and for my Eagle Project I plan on putting in a Disc Golf Course near my hometown. Right now I'm beginning the process of raising the funds to purchase all of the needed equipment. Something I could REALLY use right now is video so that I can put together a DVD to show to some local businesses and service clubs so that they can get a better idea of what this sport is all about. Any suggestions? Also might be interested in other fundraising ideas if any of you have them. Thanks!

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I just came across your post and I think it is a wonderful thing that you are trying to do. I work for a company called Disc King, we manufacture disc golf baskets, and our baskets are approved at the Championship PDGA level. I would love to help you out with this project if you haven't purchased baskets yet, please either reply or give me a call 800.434.6442, my name is Tracie.

Great job again!
Rudibaughs.....We probably won't have the course ready to play until Mid-June.....depending on the weather. We're in the process right now of installing the sleeves that the baskets will slide into.....but we still have to build 3 sets of steps and 2 bridges before we can open the place up for play.....Another Scout is going to build 1 of the bridges for me as his Eagle Scout project. With that being said.....if you'd like to see the place and walk through it either myself or my dad would love to show ya around. Weather permitting some of the guys from my Troop will be camping out there this weekend.....and my dad and I will be working on the course. If ya know when you'll be in the area.....we'd meet you at the parking lot and give ya a tour and see what ya think.

Michael Myers.....THAT'D BE GREAT! Take 26 West out of Kokomo....you'll go through the small town of Russiaville.....one stop sign.....keep going on 26.....you'll next come to a town called Middlefork.....one stop sign....stay on 26.....When you get to the small town of Rossville.....at the stop sign there.....turn left...(south)....I believe it's 421.....a few miles outside of Rossville it merges with 38 and 39.....keep going towards Frankfort....after you pass the Landfill....it will be on your right.....start looking for County Road 200....it'll be a couple of miles and there's a pretty sharp left hand turn there.....at THAT point....you'll want to turn right onto the county road.....almost immediatley after you make this turn there will be a cemetary on your left. Follow this road for about 5 miles till you see the Camp Cullom sign on your left just after you make a right hand turn...go down a hill....then a left and go up....the entrance is at the top of the hill.....Give me an approximate time and my dad or I will meet you guys.

If either of you would prefer a ph. # maybe we can work that out.

Tracie.....THANK YOU SO MUCH for offering to help me out....but I have purchased the baskets already.
Not a problem, glad you found something and the course is almost complete.
Nathan, just in case we get time to take a look at the progress while we're in the area, please send me an email with you or your dad's number. We really wanna see what all you have done. Our email is the.rudibaughs@gmail.com

hopefully, we will see you soon! take care

well I don't think Ill be able to make it this weekend...I have plans after the tournament so I have to go north right after I finish...ill stop the course sometime to check it out im sure! Maybe when its done lol
That'd be fine Michael! Probably be more fun for ya anyway! Anytime you're gonna be in the area let me know and finsihed or not I'll give ya a tour!
Hey Nathan...how are things coming on the course? Have you had some decent weather? How are the steps and bridge comin' along? Hope all is going well and I can't wait to hear about the progress! I should be in the area in July so if you have it ready I'll definitely be playing it at least once!
Hey Nathan, I've heard Allen Pier and Tom Woods talking up your course a lot lately and it sounds like you have done an excellent job so far. If you need any help with finishing touches or labor some of the guys here at the Tippecanoe Disc Golf Club would be more than happy to help. I know several of us are out of school for awhile and really don't have much to do and would be more than willing to help put the course in during the week or on the weekends.

Ken Little
Nick.....we've had rain, rain and more rain for the past 3 weeks or so so I haven't been able to get as much done as I'd have liked. We're still plugging away and the next few days are supposed to be good. We've got most of the posts in the ground for 2 sets of the steps we have to build. Dad said he wasn't happy with the depth on a couple of them and he was going to dig them up and re-do them. We're hoping to have them in place by the weekend and then begin to bolt on the runners and start with the steps and handrails. We also have about half of the holes dug for the 3rd set of steps. If we hadn't had all this rain we would have been done with the steps by now.....but.....we did.....so we just have to deal with it and move on! (Read On)

Ken.....COOL!! I'm now trying to be realistic and because of the rain maybe moving the opening back to the first part of July. I'D LOVE YOUR HELP!! WOuld you like to make a drive over and check out what we're doing and then we can set a time for whoever can make it? Either myself.....my dad.....or the 2 of us could meet you out there just about any afternoon. There will be some step work.....a footbridge to build.....(we already have some telephone poles we'll move in to place.....and then plank), a ton of "weed-wacking" to do.....I'm also going to spray a couple of places for "stinging nettles" and get rid of them. Anyway.....I'd LOVE the opportunity to show you where we are and see what you think about getting together.
HOW COOL! The local "Fastenal" store is going to donate a bunch of carraige bolts, washers and nuts, screws and whatever to me to use to help build the 3 sets of steps we're starting on this weekend! They started off by giving me 70 of the 1/2 inch diameter 6 inch long bolts washers and nuts, and 24 of the 1/2 inch diameter 12 inch long bolts washers and nuts! They told me to go ahead and keep coming back as I needed and they'd donate all they could up to an unknown to me dollar amount! VERY COOL! I'll also be using the stainless steel screws when we get to that point! We'll definitely buy whatever else we need from them to finish the job!
Wow...that's awesome. Gotta love the generosity of the community. Generosity goes a long way with me. Let us know what kind of headway you make on things this weekend!
Hey Nathan, what's the latest? Did you ever get ahold of the Purdue guys to get some help with things? I bet once the course is finished you'll have a lot of players from Purdue coming over there to play...that'll be sweet! I wish it was in when I was at Purdue! Take 'er easy.

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