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I want to build a course at UW-Waukesha. It's always possible to hold a fundraiser to fund an 18 hole course, but overall should I play it safe with only 9 holes so:

1) The course may be completed sooner due to less funding needed?

2) To evaluate campus involvement with only the 9 holes, and worry about the possibility of adding more holes later?

Any and all input is welcome! Thanks for reading!

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if you have room,design 18 and build what you can.
Plan your first nine carefully, it will be more rewarding to play a well thought out 9 than it would be to play a somewhat thrown together 18. Fit in more holes if u can later. There should be more interest / input by then.
18 holes.
9 hole courses, people will not travel to see.
I agree with CBass...plan a great 9 holes first then add more later if there's room and interest.
disc player sport is right if it's only nine you'll see a lot less players it's sad but true
Disc Player Sports said:
18 holes.
9 hole courses, people will not travel to see.
What's the acreage? if you got the room and the budget...design 18. 9 hole courses don't see a lot of action...unless they are real sweet with multiple tees and placements.
First off... It's great that you want to get disc golf at UW-Waukesha and get more players into the sport...that's awesome.
I would agree with "g8rocshot" You have to look at your acreage and what you're working with. If there is room .. go ahead and do a full 18. Put in your baskets and leave room for possible changes and ideas to the course before the cement tee's go in, that's my theory. Or ... get a professional designer to make sure that each hole is designed to it's fullest potential ( that could cost some pennies though...you might want to look into it.)
All of the advice in here is good...I would recommend 9 at first....if you plan it right you can make a very challenging 9 hole course...get it in, what awhile and save back some cash from fund raisers and plan the second 9 during this time...then complete it when the funding is right...by that time you'll have a huge gathering of golfers to help out...
how many local courses do you have?
if theres a bunch of 18 holers around then i would say do an 18 hole
but if theres no courses local then i would say plan 18 and install 9
disc golfers love playing new courses so so it really doesint matter how big you make it as long as you make it a b^tchin course they will come back

if you build it they will come :)

dont get innova baskets get mach 5's
I think DJ's on a winner here.... design the full 18 and then install what you can afford. If the entire 18 holes can be installed straight away, I would do it, especially if it is a grant from local government or the university (ie not your own money!).

If you only install 9 holes, then it may mean you may have difficulty getting approval to install the second nine, which would suck. However, one important point is that no matter how many holes the course is, make sure they are quality holes. Mix up the holes so you have some shorter, technical holes, some longer clearer holes for the big arms, and of course a couple of ace run holes (this wil widen the appeal of your course and gives all different players an opportunity to use their strengths on certain holes). If you only have room for nine quality holes, install a nine-hole course. If you have the funding and can build an eighteen-hole course without compromising on quality, then go for it.

Good luck with it, its good to see another course going into the ground anyway, congrats!
Make 9 really great holes first, excellent tees, excellent signs, you know

Then later make then back 9 later
We are having the same problem here with a new course and we decided to have as many QUALITY holes as we can. Could be 12 or 15, doesn't matter as long as they are good.

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