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I want to add the thumber/tomahawk shot to my arsenal, so I was wondering what people like to use for ths shot. Especially from golfers who throw a lot of Innova.

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I use a beat up Orc. My local courses have a lot of elevation change and are often tight wooded holes so I want something that doesn't stray too far one way or the other.
I myself tend not to throw the tomahawk. I tore my shoulder 6 years ago and can't bring my arm up very far. A lot of people I play with, like the eclipse made by aerobie. It has a very unique rim and gets good distance. Some guys like the eagle or the FL by Innova either way it's how you play my friend. Do your research and have fun. Practice is the key and getting to know your disc.
I use a Firebird, a light one. Like discgolfgod03 stated, its all about the practice. And remember when holding the disc make sure you keep that thumb tight and throw it like a baseball. Thats what works for me.
Depends on the situation but either a CE or Champion Firebird FX or a Champion Orc. I only use the CE if there is no chance of loosing it though. I have sometimes used a sidewinder with mixed results. The best advice is for you to go out in an open field and just practice the shot with all of your discs so you can learn what the disc does when thrown. From my experience the more overstable the more it corkscrews.
Thanks for all the advice guys. I have plenty of overstable drivers in my bag. I'll still try everything in an open field before I apply it.

I alway's have a Firebird in my bag. If I lose it, I feel naked.
I have used a predator for a long time. It won't get the distance that a firebird gets, but I think it's more controllable. Also, the Z reaper is a good disc for thumbers.
beat-up champ eagle for myself, maybe a firebbird for low, short ones.
I've heard great things about the Epis from Aerobie but have not tried one myself.
There's a good video from Am Worlds in Milwaukee (2007) on DGTV of a cat throwing
an Epic thumber. It's a sick shot (parked) and it brought up the technical standards issue.
check it out. Go to DGTV and search Am Worldds - it should be the 5th video down from the top.
Also, Check out th 1st vid. Marie Schwinn from our lovey Madtown, WI - She ROCS!!!
I use Champion Firebirds for 80% of my thumbers, I use a Star Whippet X for my long distance thumbers, and I use a CE leopard for little thumber upshots, or a thumber shot that I need to corkscrew REAL fast. All of the discs I use for thumbers are real grip friendly, smaller rims so I can manipulate them more.
a somewhat lighter firebird does the trick for me.

i throw a lot of thumbers (usually to save my ass on 150 foot-ish shots). their corkscrew tends to be pretty tight and they come straight down, which is important.

another advantage they have is the ability to skip off their back when thrown straight in front of you (instead of way high and out). If you pick a spot, lets say 50 feet, right in front of you and you throw it hard and like a baseball projecting right along the ground plane, it will cork and then skip off it's back... picking up speed, darting to the right, and then gripping the ground in the end and staying put (cause of the backspin). sounds weird but is a great and useful trick shot.
I use them for the 100-150 foot narrow entry but top open shots. That way I know I can throw them up and they will turn over and come straight down, usually planting where they land. Hammer and Thumber would be great to learn both because both go either direction. To remember which way they go, I say, "Just Follow The Dome", meaning which ever side the dome is on before you throw it, is the direction the disc will go after the flip in the air. For example, I would aim my hammers to the right of a target, and my thumbers to the left of a target. So when they flip they will park at the target.

Hope that helps you out Tony.
The STAR DESTROYER!!!!!!!!!!!!! or for Discraft use a Z-AVENGER. Both discs turn incredibly fast. If your right handed hold it with about 30 degrees of tilt away from you(to your right). and throw it kind of like a baseball.
The higher you have to throw it, the less it will travel. If you can throw it straight out in front of you it will travel pretty good!
Hope this helps you out!!!!!!!!
Also if you want to slow the throw down you can use something more stable like a ROC or Putter(soft challenger). These work real good for out of woods shots that are around 50 to 100 FT. They also stop as soon as they hit the ground!!
Russell Gore # 26401.

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