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I want to add the thumber/tomahawk shot to my arsenal, so I was wondering what people like to use for ths shot. Especially from golfers who throw a lot of Innova.

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Right on Tony - The tomahawk and thumber is a great tool to have in the bag. I throw a tomahawk the most, with an occasional thumber, but both shots use the same disc.. for the most part - AND throw exclusively INNOVA. I have found certain discs are better in certain situations.. some flip/roll-over faster, etc.

for max distance and a fast flip, I use a Champ Wraith (174g for more distance; 166g for faster flip)
for Accuracy, I use Champ Eagle/Valk. - I find the fairway drivers to be incredibly accurate (170-ish)
for wide routes, I use a Champ TeeBird - this disc has a long and wide roll-over pattern (for me at least)

these are what works best FOR ME, your throw will be different, but this might give you a start
Some great insight there everyone thanks again. "Follow the dome" is awesome. I always forget which way they are going to turn, shying me away from the shot. I have a heavier firebirds and monsters (174 and 175), does that decrease or increase the english on the "corkscrew?"

I haven't really had too much need at my home course, but I want to play a lot of different courses more often so my game doesn't get stale. When I saw someone hit one off the basket on the St. Patties Day tournie (dicgolf tv) using that shot, I had to throw it in there. I live near there and that very hole has given me problems. It skipped right off the ground just like Dr. Zaius said.

Much Appreciation!
Thumbers = 150-class Z-Flick. Lightweight is easier on the arm, + a very predictable flight. For some reason yellow ones with blue, foil stamps seem to fly the best for me...
Firebirds, monsters, T max are all great choices for thumbers or tomakawks. Anything that is overstable will give you good predictable over hand throws.
I get the most accuracy using my 170 flick.
I get a lot more distance with a heavier flick, but I do agree that the lightweight is extremely predictable
I just started using a thumber shot about 8 months ago and it has come in handy more times that I can count. For longer distances I like the Reaper. For shorter distances I use a Valkyrie. Might I also suggest you look into an Epic. If you get the Epic really high in the air it can get major distance. Of course, the flight pattern is non traditional and I'd suggest you test it out in a wide open field, but I've been happy with the result. Hope this helps! good luck
you mean the Aerobie Epic man? i use one of those for thumbers into a headwind that i need to fade left. to tell you the truth it depends on a lot of factors. do i want it to slide on its top? do i want it to helix out and slam straight into the ground? i use many discs for thumbers and tomahawks and all of them for different shots. But for a thumber drive id have to say the Aerobie epic is pretty sick when you figure it out. goes 600 plus in a headwind, and thats saying something, my average drive is somewhere around 350 with an ESP Crush.
monsters firebirds and epics spiders for upshots
The best Thumber/tomahawk disc no doubt is a firebird this is my best type of throw i live and die by it. The firebird turns just right.... it turns nice a slow in the air like magic...
I use an Orc that weighs 168. I get more elevation with the lighter weight. I also use a Firebird sometimes. Just a side note, but I like to use the term U.D. (upside down) throws, because we are really talking about Thumbers as well as Tomahawks. If for some reason your only U.D. throw is a Thumber, I would recommend that you learn how to thow a Tomahawk as well. Their flight patterns are the exact opposite. This is an issue in negotiating trees and high winds.

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