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I am 53 and fit but have a hard time throwing past 300'. Drivers of choice are Valkyeries and Wraiths. This part of my game needs some serious work. Any suggestions? What worked for you? I am looking for about 50'.

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i hear the destroyer thows atleast 50' past the wraith
but its more overstable
just keep practising
im pretty much stuck at 300' myself
More and more Destroyers out on our course. I'll give it a shot. A lot of folks say stop whining and go to a field and practice. Problem is practice on what. Thanks
Dear Chris,

Spend some time practicing your run up and timing. When you feel you can repeat a solid x-step under pressure, grab a diver, reach back, "shake hands left", clear your body, rotate your hips as you start uncoiling, "shake hands right", use the power grip, concentrate on max arm speed from waist to release point, use full wrist flex, crack the whip hard but not late, let the disc rip out of your hand, follow through, follow through, follow through.

Get ten good drivers and go to a football field. Drive back and forth for ten sets of ten, noting your distance. Log it. Pick up your discs. Lather, rinse, repeat. Put in the time and the distance will come.

Good luck.

I'm 54 and can get 320' to 350' when it all clicks. Try practicing on your home course by throwing a round of 18 holes using your putter only. You'll want to score the same and so will learn through technique to get more and more distance out of the putter. Your practice will build muscle and when you go back to the driver you'll notice an improvement.

As to equipment, remember it ain't the arrow, it's the indian. See you on the course.


you know the x step for back hand already? if so just need to perfect your form. I was stuck right at 300 for a while. I started going to the local soccer park a mile from my house. before long my wraith, strafire etc were out to 350. I picked up a destroyer and now can on occasion throw pin high on a hole that is 421. (most of the time only to @375-380). Practice practice practice.
although at 53, or even 42 (myself) 300 ft aint too bad!
drive for show put for dough, thats what i believe, im stuck at 300 feet myself as well, obviously with me like yourself i am as well always looking to add distance to my game and will always continue to try to improve that part of the game, i am 42 and sometimes feel like 300 is as far as i am pesonally going get on a consistant basis, though as early as two years aga i was only thowing around 250 backhand, before that i threw mostly sidearm to get distance and hadnt tried to develope my backhand as i should have a long time ago, so as well as working on distance the last couple years i have really worked on my aproach and putting and now make up for lack of distance in those two areas, a consistant acurate 300 foot shot will get you to the basket in two strokes on most holes, and thats good for par, so in closing as a fellow member of the 300 club im feeling your pain, but hey if you come across a holey grail technique or disc other than the obviouse one we all do or should do more which is practice practice practice, then hook a brother up !!!

ps - anyone no if there is actually a 300 club cause i could be the president, lol
when i 1st started playing i couldnt hit 300' either. then after alot of practice i was starting to realize i was adding distance little by little. its all about your form. if you are really strong but have horrible form its going to be harder for you to gain max distance. i know a guy that when he throws it looks effortless, and it flies and flies. we call him "Mr Smoothe" his form is practicly flawless.
i can hit 400' - 425' regularly with my wraith. now that i have a few destroyers i think i could hit that 500' mark. which is also one of my goals for the 08 season.

one advanced step you could try to gain max distance in an open field is the 360. almost every world record for long distance has been thrown by using the 360.

my brother is the president of the 300 club. but not the 300' foot club. his is the 300 lbs. club. all his women must be atleast 300 lbs and up. and he says they gotta pay like they weigh!! LOL!!
I also hear the destroyer is good, I just haven't had much luck with it, I had one given to me for x-mas and I threw it in the woods and forgot it!! So, now I don't have one. But, I do know that momentum is key, I always think of my whole body pushing forward,releasing all the energy forward, forward, forward...I also, have gone to a spot, emptied out my bag, threw all my drivers to see which ones did what, etc.. So, good luck..
I won't say the Destroyer won't work ... but I don't think that it's the answer.

How do you throw for distance? Hyser Pop, throwing flat, anhyser with fade to get distance as the disc flexes out? Are your discs old or new?

Sometimes an older disc that is pretty beat, or a disc that is understable at high speed, will turn over a little easier and give you more distance. For example, a couple years ago, I found a used Proline Orc while playing my local course. It didn't have a name or number on it, so I threw it in my bag. One day, just for yucks, I pulled it out and gave it a try. It was well broken in, but not trashed, and right off the bat I was getting it to flip up and glide a very, very long way. I have had some drives with that disc that have gone at least 450 ft.
Now maybe it's me, but I can't get a new Destroyer to go nearly that far ... with so little effort. I can definitely get it to go far, and it's a better hyser and wind disc for me than the old Orc, but it's a lot harder to throw, and requires a lot of power.

Have you tried throwing a Sidewinder and learning to hyser pop the disc? If not, I would give something like this a try. Once you learn how to hyser pop an easy to throw understable disc, you can move on with that technique to throw a Pro Wraith (or similar disc) very far. I think what you may be missing for D is the "S curve" a disc does when it turns over. This is where your distance will come from.

When I learned the hyser pop. I got 6 sidewinders, read everything I could about "snap" and "hyser pop" and went out to the park throwing for a few weeks until I got it. When I practice in the park I try to use 4-6 of the SAME disc. This way, you can really learn the disc, and develop consistent technique. Changing from one mold to another during practice is not an efficient way to learn.

Hope this helps. Good luck and keep a positive attitude. It will come if you want it.
I just throw the destroyer the same way I throw the wraith. just goes farther!
If you can't get your Destroyer to fly father than any other disc in your bag, then damn! They're faster and sleeker than anything i've thrown and i've been playing for 15 years.

Do you read any of the articles in the Disc Golf World News? My dad has made a point of making me read these to not only improve my head game, but how i think about what im going to throw and how im going to actually do it. You must train, get to the gym and work on exercises that pinpoint certain aspects of your game. Ken Climo and many other Pro's use the Equalizer, which is just a stretching band used to loosen up your muscles before you play; and to help increase your ability to throw longer, farther shots. If you use the tools that many people have already talked about, and other information on this website i think you be able to hit 350' by Spring or Summer. Don't give up, keep practicing all varieties of drives in the field, you'll get there soon.

My First Run Destroyer helped me hit the 500'+ plateau. WOOT
I got one of the First Run Stars, and recently had a new next generation (second run Star, im guessing) sent to me from Innova, and the new one seems to go even further.. 8-{} ..as crazy as it sounds! So much so, I gave away my first run !!
anyway you cut it, the Destroyer DESTROYS the Course!

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