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I am 53 and fit but have a hard time throwing past 300'. Drivers of choice are Valkyeries and Wraiths. This part of my game needs some serious work. Any suggestions? What worked for you? I am looking for about 50'.

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Thanks for the feedback. Time for less whining and more practice!
Kind of funny to run across this thread. Heck i would be happy with 300. Since I got caught in a drive by ( astory we will skip) and my shoulder messed up I haven't been able to throw 275. But yet I still play and do ok. I practice how accurate I release the disc . i picture a windo some where between where I am throwing from and where I want the disc to go and I aim for that window.

I would love to get some one on one with a local pro and maybe come up with a way I could get distance out of my throw. I can't snap like most people do because of the pain it causes in my shoulder so i have to keep my whole uper body stiff and muscle the disc as hard as i can with out a snap. even my putting is done this way no snap.

Any one with suggestions on a way to get distance with out a snap???
Ditch the valkarie, a valk was the first driver I owned, it is good for control, but I have some mid rangers that can out drive that thing. A sidewinder has control similar to a valk, but more distance.

For pure distance, go with innova destroyer. it is hard to make the Destroyer do an "s" curve, and it has a wicked fade, but if you can trade accuracy for distance, the destroyer is the way to go.

otherwise stick with your wraith, or possibly a beast. a beast is easier to thow an "s" curve, which makes up for its slower speed an less glide compaired to the wraith.

Also, what weight are you throwing. if you are bigger, stronger, or throw harder, you need heavier disc. Everything in my bag is 172 or higher. The extra weight also aids in cutting through wind.
"Ditch the valkarie, a valk was the first driver I owned, it is good for control, but I have some mid rangers that can out drive that thing. A sidewinder has control similar to a valk, but more distance."

Pretty sure the Valk still holds the distance record..........

I don't really understand why so many people (who I assume aren't pros) are telling someone who can barely get 300'

to go out and buy a destroyer. I am not the best on technique advice as I was a self taught thrower (not player but the

throwing part). Anyway I wouldn't go out and just buy new discs and expect that to be the solution but rather try to tweak

your technique a little here and there. Anyway I would say some general advice is to pull across your chest, use your

legs, and make sure you are accelerating through the throw.

Visit this site for the best articles on technique anywhere www.discgolfreview.com

Matt Hall
PDGA 18133

Thanks for the Disc Golf insights. Much appreciated.

Chris Tuten 7248
Thanks Jim,

Even though I don't have the snap to use the Destroyer as a primary driver I think there are some holes and circumstances where the Destroyer would be fun to throw. Thanks
At 35 I was throwing 280 feet routinely. At 45 years old I was throwing 360 feet routinely and often hitting 400 before I injured my arm. I'm starting to get that distance back too. Now I'm almost 50.

Forget about disc selection. There is no magic disc. If you can throw for distance any disc you throw will go farther than it does now. Obviously some discs will go farther for you than others, but figuring that out does not tell you how to maximize your distance with that disc.

Throwing for distance was once accurately described as "a trick" that can be learned by adding or accumulating a variety of techniques. Dave Dunnipace has written a lot of useful things about throwing for distance on the pdga message board. If you learn by reading and know how to use the pdga search engine, I think at one time the thread was Dave's Distance Secrets. It has been a couple of years since that thread was active.

If you learn by seeing, spend some time following the top distance throwers at your local tournaments. They might not be the best players. They probably play Open though and do well on long open courses. Just watching them throw will change the way you throw.

The traditional way you learn anything once you have learned all you can in public schools is you find the person who teaches it where you live and you pay him money to teach you. This works in disc golf too.

I think the best way to learn distance is to spend time at the football field. If you can afford to pay a long throwing pro to spend time with you, you will learn faster than if you practice the wrong stuff.
Bruce is a smart guy! Plus some people like myself will not even charge you. LOL
150 class discs work well i hear

Thougtful advice.

sometimes using a beat-up disc with hyzer to balance out the flippy effect of the weak disc can yeild a big increase of distance-

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