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I am 53 and fit but have a hard time throwing past 300'. Drivers of choice are Valkyeries and Wraiths. This part of my game needs some serious work. Any suggestions? What worked for you? I am looking for about 50'.

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the first thing i have done to help my distance is to leave the discs that don't fly well for me at home. i have spent time out on the soccer field trying different aproaches, grips, reach backs, follow throughs. one thing that used to mess me up was releasing the nose up, i started placing my thumb closer to the edge to help keep it down. just have to try different things and see what works for you
I recently got a Discraft Spectra on ebay. I've been able to get about another 50-75ft. more with it than my other drivers.
Yeah the spectra is fast and understable and it probably discraft's best chance at a distance record. Anyway it is better to fix the problem rather than mask it with more discs.
I am sure that someone mentioned this but play with people that can throw far. Watch what they do what disc they throw and how they throw it. Dissect their throw. What position did they start and finish in? Where did the disc cross their body. Did they start on the left of the pad and end at the right. How high did they throw it? I did this with my state champion and i have improved. He throws me little tips every now and then. He has my putt all messed up right now. But i stand at home in front of my basket and toss them trying to find that comfort zone. One last suggestion: believe you can throw farther. See it...be it!

Why is it whenever someone says, "I can only throw this far," the first reply is, "buy this disc" or "dump that disc?"

First, the discs you're using are fine! With any modern disc you should be able to get pretty good distance, period!

Here is your punishment for posting this question, do not pass go, do not stop but go straight to


There are several instructional articles at that site including the only one that really matters, Dave Dunipace's article on throwing long. Let me add by repeating Dave's and many other players mantra, don't play, practice.

One thing Dave will tell you is to get good distance, you need good snap. Most players throwing under 350 feet have poor snap. You get good snap by using a throwing motion that allows you to have good snap; by way of description, as you pull through, the disc should lag back and then your wrist spring forward snapping the disc out. It is somewhat akin to what happens to the end of a towel when you snap the towel. That snap = distance and without it, you loose distance, and accuracy (to get any distance without a snap you have to pull harder and your focus is not on where you're going, thus = loss of accuracy).

Read Dave's article, read it again, then print it. Go out and practice trying to apply what Dave has written. Don't worry so much about foot placement and steps, think about that snap part. Indeed, I practice the snap part standing in, in a baseball cage. Once you've practiced, go back and read the article again. Repeat this process. I know I sound facetious here, but I am serious. That article has all the info you need. You can learn it yourself through lots of practice, or you can learn it from Dave.

Last point, I'm writing a little article on the reach-back method that I will be asking Terry to put up in a week or so. Give it a read when it comes out. It won't have all the info that Dave's article has but it will give some insight.

BTW - I'm 47, I throw about 390 on average (when practicing for distance) and frequently hit over 400. My longest drives are in at 420 to 440 feet with ideal wind. It took me 5 years to get here and that is because, I listened to all those guys who kept telling me "buy this disc!" When I quit that, I focused on Dave's philosophy and shazam, I started adding length. Also, in a round, I rarely throw over 350 feet and am most frequently under 320. Distance isn't what matters in this sport, accuracy is.

Good luck!
go to a feild work on your snap keep everything slow dont try to move to fast .going to the field is better than being on the course because you can alot more than you can on the course and the more you throw the better and if you cant throw a destroyer dont work with what you got and you'll improve after a while but it takes time i was stuck at 300 for a while take some time and work on putts and mid too because that the part of your game that matters
as a member of the russian jack 420 bomber group we play on a course where the shortest hole is 3 ft shy of 500 the longest is over 900 .at the start we couldnt brerak 300 but trying new discs and putting in hundreds of reps the average throw borders on 400 ,the best advice i can offer is be smooth accelarate through the hit and buy a 150 class pro r boss you will notice distance increase quickly.
I've got a weenie arm. For me to hit 300' is an amazing thing. I focus on being accurate. Would I like to crush a 400, 450, dare I say...500' drive? Of course! But what good is it if I can't get my disc in the basket? Practice drives on an open field. If you get more distance, great. But also work on WHERE the disc goes. Aim for a target zone for the disc to land. Aim for the disc to be "here" at this point in the flight. I play with guys that can crush the monster drives, but when they end up carving their initials in the tree 25' from the tee pad...or it fades and gets buried in the schule 125' down off the fairway, how does throwing 500' in a field help? Mid-ranges and putters are important, too. Work on all of them. Most of all, be comfortable with your throwing and have FUN.
I'm 51 and worked all summer on distance, practiced on a football field. I started with 150 class discs, now doing better - and more accurate, at around 164-168g. Bought myself a couple of R-Pro Boss discs, a 150 g and a 165g. The disc is AMAZING!!! I had my best distance throw with the 165g disc, almost aced a 310' dogleg left - threw it 6' past the basket. I average about 280' - that's 36' farther. Only problem with the R-Pro plastic is durability - it cuts easily, don't whack trees with one, but for wide open shots it is incredible.
i am 55 and can't throw past 300. in fact my goal at this age is not to lose any distance. actually i can roll a disc farther than i can throw it under proper conditions. so i just concentrate on my middle and short game. not the answer to your question but i think i'm being realistic
Stop throwing drivers and get yourself a Crystal Challenger. Learn to drive with it consistantly and then go back to your drivers you will add 50 to 100 feet to your drive by using the form the putter requires.


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