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All over the country, there are little disc golf games that we play that no one else knows about. WOLF, do-run-run, jingles, etc.
Share the rules and description of your disc golf games here, so everyone can join in!

WOLF: Requires 5 players.

*Flip for order, 1-5. Player 1 tees first on hole #1, #6, #11, #16..etc, rotate the order like so.
*The object of the game is to collect the most points, each hole being worth 1 point, and points may carry if no one wins a hole, that's up to you, I'd carry them over.
*The player first up on the tee throws their drive, then has to make the decision whether they want to play the hole by themselves, against the other 4 players as a team using best shot. This is called going wolf. If they do this, and win the hole (say you go wolf and get a 2, and the team of players gets a 3 using best shot), you get DOUBLE points, or 2 points for the hole, all to yourself.
*If you throw your drive and decide you don't want to risk playing against 4 others as a team, then you go 'shopping' for a teammate.
*The next player throws, and you have to choose whether you want to take them as a partner vs. the other 3 players. If you do, you must call it before the next person drives!!
*Then, you play the hole as a team of 2 vs. a team of 3, with whoever you choose or ended up with. The winning team each gets the points, so either 2 people get a point or 3 people do, or if you tie the hole, nobody does and the next hole can be worth 2 points if you play with carry-over point.
*The person at the end of the day (we often play moreeee than 1 round, such as 20 holes to even it out), is the winner, and you might have to play off.

This game allows for anyone of any skill level to play against other people and have an almost equal chance of winning, so it's fun for all.

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i played rip it for the first time yesterday, wow that was a blast and has the potential to really level the playing field.
Rip-it would be great for a doubles league round, has anyone tried that? Apply the card to BOTH team members.
ironic you say that, i just posted on my local website about tryikng to get a tournament set up around it for a doubles thing.
We play RIPT doubles quite often at Grand Woods. I have an old deck and the new Revenge mixed in one. It can make for a long round when you have four groups playing. We play that the card applies to both partners and we have no limit on how many cards can be played on a given hole.
Wolf is a great game for a fivesome....lots of strategy involved. played with and without carry overs.....Prefer without carry-overs because it seems more fair.
what about 21
anyone played?
great for putting practise
I know I'm boring but I like disc golf!
how do you play 21 ?
one point for hitting chains. 2 points for it going in.
One-Disc, much like the game One-Ball for ball golf. The object is to intentionally throw a bad shot because the other team must play from your shot, and you must play from their shot. However, each time the disc is thrown, it must travel atleast half the distance from you to the basket. If it doesnt, then its a "Betrayal", in which the other team gets to go two times. Now, if a team should get it stuck in a tree abouve two meters, or throw it OB, then it is a "Double Betrayal", and the opposite team gets to go three times, from the point of infraction, not where it was thrown.

First team to get it in the basket wins the hole.
We play a game called PUTTER as a warm up before tournaments. It is the basic game of HORSE. One person picks a spot within 50 feet of the basket and everyone throws from that spot until someone makes it. The person that makes it gets a letter and everyone gets one shot to match it. If a player matches, they get a letter too. The first person to make the shot choses another spot to throw from. The first player to spell out the word PUTTER wins.

It is a great way to practice different types of putts from behind obstacles.

we play 21 with 3 discs
and we score 1 for metal 2 for chains and 3 for making it in
it helps with your putt ALOT and its fun lol

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