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All over the country, there are little disc golf games that we play that no one else knows about. WOLF, do-run-run, jingles, etc.
Share the rules and description of your disc golf games here, so everyone can join in!

WOLF: Requires 5 players.

*Flip for order, 1-5. Player 1 tees first on hole #1, #6, #11, #16..etc, rotate the order like so.
*The object of the game is to collect the most points, each hole being worth 1 point, and points may carry if no one wins a hole, that's up to you, I'd carry them over.
*The player first up on the tee throws their drive, then has to make the decision whether they want to play the hole by themselves, against the other 4 players as a team using best shot. This is called going wolf. If they do this, and win the hole (say you go wolf and get a 2, and the team of players gets a 3 using best shot), you get DOUBLE points, or 2 points for the hole, all to yourself.
*If you throw your drive and decide you don't want to risk playing against 4 others as a team, then you go 'shopping' for a teammate.
*The next player throws, and you have to choose whether you want to take them as a partner vs. the other 3 players. If you do, you must call it before the next person drives!!
*Then, you play the hole as a team of 2 vs. a team of 3, with whoever you choose or ended up with. The winning team each gets the points, so either 2 people get a point or 3 people do, or if you tie the hole, nobody does and the next hole can be worth 2 points if you play with carry-over point.
*The person at the end of the day (we often play moreeee than 1 round, such as 20 holes to even it out), is the winner, and you might have to play off.

This game allows for anyone of any skill level to play against other people and have an almost equal chance of winning, so it's fun for all.

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I'd like to share, Ben, but Wolf is the only one I am familiar with at this point. Could you or someone else expound upon the other games you mentioned such as do-run-run and jingles. I would like to try some of these games for some teambuilding/group relationship building initiatives later this summer with college students.
Quarter Sack!

This is what you do:

Have someone in your group bring a crown royal sack to your next game. Also make sure you bring about 3 dollars in quarters. Anytime someone throws a disc at a tree on their drive, you put a quarter in the sack. One the Ninth basket you give the sack to the one who gets Closest to the pin (or CTP). The CTP winner can then choose to continue playing or keep the change. If you continue to play then the quarters won must stay in the sack until 18 where the CTP game is continued.
Bocce disc
First learned about it in Florida where there can be big money games. This usually works best on nicely mowed park terrain with scattered trees, usually not on the course unless no one's playing. Each player selects one disc like a putter or midrange. Get one mini plus lid like an UltraStar or Zephyr as your target disc. Everyone (4-7 players works best) stands fairly close together and someone throws the target disc maybe 60 feet. Everyone throws their disc to get close to the target disc. The throwing order for that round is set based on progressively how close each player's disc is to the target.

Usually there's an ante like $1 per person for the round with the winner taking all. The player who threw closest to the target says, "Watch your boch" and throws the target disc anywhere from 75-150 feet from the group. The group should be standing close together so no one has a better view of where the toss lands than the others. The thrower then puts down the mini and throws their disc to try and get as close to the target as possible. Then everyone then throws one at a time in the proper throwing order from the mini.

The player whose disc is closest to the target gets one point and the one farthest away loses one point (negative score possible). If the disc is touching the target, it's worth 3 points. If it's completely inside the target disc diameter, then it's worth 5 points. No measuring is allowed to determine the closest and farthest discs! everyone eyeballs it to decide. If it's too close to call, then the tied players have a boch off. They each throw from their lies toward the target disc and hopefully that breaks the tie by who is then closer.

The person who threw closest gets to make the next target disc throw. They call out, "Watch your boch!" to get everyone's attention and they should all be standing behind the thrower. Then the thrower proceeds to throw the target disc then their own disc and the throwing order continues from there.

Continue to play rounds until the winner is first person to 5 points. They win the ante from everyone. Then ante up and play another round. It's great for practicing your upshot game and a lot of fun.
We play all these...variations ...etc. We play Wolf with skins on the line......doubling/tripling carrys

Another good one is 2 2 2....2 on the front 2 on the back 2 overall with a $1 CTP per hole...gotta make the putt.

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