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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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2- 172 star destroyers
1- 171 pro destroyer
3- 172 star wraiths
3- 172 star tee-rex
1- 172 star max
1- 172 champion monster
1- 171 crush (my only discraft)
1- 179 turkey roc
1- 171 super roc
4- 175 Aviar putters
Champion Firebird - 175
Star Destroyer - 169
Z Flick - 150
First Flight Rogue - 171
First Flight Rogue - 173
CE Teebird - 175
10X Teebird - 175
10X Teebird - 169
Champion Roadrunner - 175
Champion Roadrunner - 170
Champion Roadrunner - 163
DX Flat-top Roc (really beat) - 180
DX Flat-top Roc (less beat) - 180
DX Ontario Roc - 180
DX Ontario Roc - 180
FLX Challanger - 175
FLX Challanger - 175

This works for my home course and most places I play regularly.
I have 3 boxes of spare and optional disc in my vehicle.
I think you missed my point of of "taking time to write". My point is that anyone who is going to pull out their bag and write in each disc (including weight) has little to do with their day. Then again, this isn't my board so I don't really care what you write about...my point was that is that the thread is lacking any real conversation. Maybe we should rename the thread to "what's your favorite disc" and then members can comment on a disc rather than making a boring list.
Leopard x2
Roc x3
Shark x2
Wizard x2
Hey Muddy,
Only reason I put down the weights of my discs is that is how I remember them. type and weight for each disc I have with the exception of just 2 or 3 discs. I have found that I get better glide out of the lighter weights rather than the heavies. When changing discs out I remember the weight to adjust my throws. Thank goodness for baby strollers... I mean disc golf caddies.
"I have found that I get better glide out of the lighter weights rather than the heavies"

I find the opposite as I have a tendancy to over-torque a lighter disc so it ends up anhyzering more than a heavier disc. My rule of thumb is that I go light on shorter range discs because I won't throw them as hard anyways and they are usually understable anyways. For long range I love to throw a 175 overstable that I can put tons of mustard on and let her flip flat.

All personal preference and throwing style...

I don't recognize my discs by weight, only by color and name/brand. Of course I buy them by weight...but I could only guess at what the weights are.
Hey I hear about that torquing, just not been able to get as arm into my throws as some of you dudes. Have noticed that flipping a little more than I use to. Do you have any suggestions on how to get more snap off the pad?
The best advice is to work with an am or pro in your area, since they'll be able to pinpoint your throwing style and make adjustments.

Here are some pointers i follow in my throw (note I am not a pro so don't take this as the best method)
4 finger grip - i used to not use all 4 fingers under rim, that robbed me of distance.

3 step runup - i see so many recs running, take 3 steps and get that working first, then add steps later

X-step - letting your non-plant foot come BEHIND planting foot on runup, (1) step with plant foot (2) cross under with non-plant foot (3) motion weight on non-plant foot (4) push off of non-plant foot and transfer weight to plant foot. Weight transfer is critial to getting longer distance.

reach back - reach as far back as you can 180 degrees from target line.

shoulder turn - after reaching back, lead with you shoulder first and allow your arm to pull through..similar to how you would start a lawnmower if someone was holding it 2 feet off ground.

wrist - don't break wrist in windup, keep outstreached, you generate spin from your arm motion, not as much from wrist motion.

follow through - smooth motion, bring your arm around and allow your non-plant foot to catch your fall.

Hope those help, if not, check out www.discgolfreview.com or discgolftv.com for good tips from pros and experts.
2 - 175g Pro D Challengers
1 - 175 X Apx
2 - 172 Z Predators
1 - 174 DGA Tsunami
1 - 168 1st Run Z Flick
1 - 169 Z Flick
1 - 174 X XL
1 - 174 Z Tracker (Players Cup)
1 - 174 ESP Surge (I want a first run, they glide more)
1 - 172 DGA Rogue
2 - 175 Star Destroyers
1 - 177 1st Run Buzzz
1 - 177 ESP Buzzz
1 - 177 2nd 1st Run Buzzz
1 - 177 Z Buzzz
1 - 177 Ron Russel Z Comet
(Sometimes a D Stratus goes in and out of the bag too for heavily wooded courses)
3 x 175 Star Wraiths
1 x 175 Pro Destroyer
1 x 169 Aerobie Epic (rarely used.)
2 x 180 Rocs 1 DX 1 KC Pro
1 x 175 Champ Spider
2 x 173 Wizards
1 x 162 Blowfly II
1 x 175 KC Pro Aviar.
Not much but its perfect for me i know what i need to win and i have it LOL.
I only use 4 different discs, 2 each for a total of 8 discs in the bag.
- KC Star Wraith 175 for distance and sidearms. 250-300+
- Z-Flash 172 for straight, turnover drives and tomahawks. 250+
- Roc 180 for all mid-range. Inside 250.
- Challenger (Pro-D for putts and X for more skippage on approaches) for putts. Inside 175-150.

At 6,500 elevation where I live, everything is super-stable. So a Flash is super-straight at high altitude for my arm strength/motion, and I am actually throwing it farther than the Wraith right now with less arm torque. In windy conditions, the Wraith is the go-to for me.
Like everyone else (too much)...

171 Z Flick
174 ESP Avenger SS
172 Tsunami
171 FLX Surge
174 Z Pred
172 X Tracker
172 ESP Tracker
175 X Slipstream GT (roller)

175 Star Whippet
173 KC Pro Whippet
180 ESP Buzzz
178 FLX Buzzz
180 ESP Comet
180 X Comet

175 Star Cro
175 Dx Sonic
2x 174 Soft Banger GT

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