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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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A bit of an update to the orginal: Mainly "changes" in weight's finding the "lighter" 160-165wt. disc's are easier to throw and less hard on the arm and shoulder. Still keeping the heavier one's to throw in the windy conditions and as back up's:

My Bag: Innova Deluxe
Distance Drivers:
1. Innova Road Runner (Champ) 169
1.Innova Sidewinder (Champ) 160
1. Innova Sidewinder (Champ) 175 (back up)
1. Innova Viking (Champ) 163
1. Innova Viking (Champ) 175 ( back up)
1. Innova Firebird (Pro Line) 167
1. Innova Firebird (Pro Line) 170 (back up)

Fairway Drivers:
1. Millenium QJLS (Quantum) 171
1. Innova T-Bird-L (Pro Line) 165
1. Innova KC Pro T-Bird 172
1. Innova Banshee (champ) 165

1. Innova Stingray (Champ) 160
1. Innova Spider (Champ) 170

Approch & Putters:
1. Innova Avair AnP (Champ) 170

The bogeyman!! ;)
(1) Star XD 174g white - Good for 75ft+ jump putts
(2) DX XD's 174g Blue, 170g Purple - My main putters for less than 75ft. Heavy is good in wind, lighter one for no wind
(1) Elite X Soft Challenger 174g orange - My go to disc for long approach shots, Lay-ups, and when I need something to fly super straight and land soft. Also makes for good Scoobies (upside down).
(2) Z- Cryztal Buzzz's 173g-178g, Blue, Red - Good for super straight shots around 300 ft. Also great for windy days
(1) Limited Edition Elite-X Wasp 172g Black - Good for holding a mild hyzer line from less than 300 ft.
(1) DX Shark 150g White - Good for "finesse" shots, Also good for short extreme Anhyzers, lands soft
(1) DX Shark 169g White - Also good for "finesse" shots, much better in the wind than the lighter version
(1) DX Leopard 150g White - haven't quite figured this one out yet, However it works well for 200ft anhyzers
(1) Pro GLOW TeeBird 175g - Good long distance slight hyzer
(1) KC Pro TeeBird Fly Dyed 167g Blue, Yellow - My favorite disc of all times, Irreplaceable, my whole game revolves around this disc, it can be used for a ton of shots.
(1) Star Destroyer (first run) 175g neon green - Great driver for strong winds, Go to disc for thumbers and tomahawks, also adds roughly 40 ft to any driver I own.
(1) Star Roadrunner 170g blue - Not sure about this one yet either, needs to be thrown more
(1) Elite Z Wildcat 174 g Orange - Was once my Spike Hyzer disc, been replaced by the destroyer, Still throw it for less drastic spike Hyzers.
(1) Elite Z XL 173g Yellow - The straightest flying driver ever, throw it with a touch of anhyzer and watch it hold a line, very little fade if any.
(1) Elite Z Avenger 172g Yellow Red Fly Dye - Same as Destroyer only a little less mean. If I want to take something off I throw this instead of the destroyer.
Whats in Keoni's Bag!?

2-ESP Pulses - 1 beatin in (my baby) and 1 brand new (Stable)
1-ESP Flash (my newest baby)
2-Z Flashes - 1 a little flippier than the other
1-ESP Surge- Awesome glide
1-Tracker- for that distance that may be just out of reach for my mid-ranges
1- Rouge- slightly flippy. Needs to be beatin in a little more.
1-XL- my turnover disc.
1-Z Predator (another baby of mine) nice and stable, my hyzer and wind disc.
1-Z Crush- Thumber Disc- Semi stable for shorter D comes out right away.
1-ESP Predator- Thumber Disc -Over Stable! For longer D that doesn't come out right away. Also used for my Thumber Skip shots.
1-Z Flick - Thumber Disc -Over over stable! For Max Distance- Will hold much longer before flipping out!

1-2nd 1st run Buzz - My straight mid-range that I love
1-Z Buzz - slightly understable
1-Meteor- will hold any line I put on it! Love it for my not so far Ani shots!
1-Drone- REAL Over stable!

1-Crystal Challenger - Over stable and great for wind. I can put a lot on it and know it wont turn over. My go to putter
1- ProD Challenger- Over stable and another great wind putter. Little less stable than my Crystal.
2- Aviars- Nice glide/float. Don't have to put a lot on them to make them float straight. Not the greatest in wind.
174 10X KC Pro Aviar (I've been offered $50 for it and can't bring myself to sell it)
175 DX Aviar
168 DGA Blowfy II

180 KC Pro Roc
172 Ontario Roc
180 DX Roc
172 FLX Buzzz
17? Star Cro

172 Champion Beast x2 (love it)
175 Champion TeeBird (awesome)
175 Champion Orc
174 Star Valkyrie
174 Star Sidewinder
175 Star Firebird
175 Star TeeRex
175 Star Wraith
175 Star Destroyer
175 Star Max x2 (Favorite Disc)
Proline Rogue (168)
Z Sparkle Rogue (168)
SB Orc (175)
1st Run Z Predator (166)
Z Predator (174)
Star Roadrunner (170)
CE Leopard (170)
Z Buzzz (178)
Z Buzzz SS (175)
Z Extreme (176)
Beat S Element (174)
New S Wizard (175)
New Aviar Small Bead (174)
Med Beat Aviar Small Bead (175)
Beat Aviar Small Bead (174)
4 dx rhynos
2 champion teebirds
2 star destroyers
1 star gator
2 star and champion wraiths
1 champion banshee
1 champion firebird
ya know all innova discs....
Well my winter experiment is over and i am back to the tried and true.
2-3 star wraiths
3-4 teebirds all kinds mostly old ce, some ce tl's , and climo 11 timer's
1 ce firebird
3-4 rocs mostly kc and ontario's
2 kc aviar's
putters 1 kc 10 time avair i have used it for 5 or 6 years know, I bb avair with a 1994 us disc golf championship stamp.
side note- I will mix and match teebirds, eagles, leopards, and firebirds depending on the course as i feel they all are very similar depending on age.
roller if the course let's it 1st run sidewinder and ce valk's
occassionally a 10x whippet
So are you saying that Discraft discs fly better in the winter, and Innova better the rest of the year?
Innova Star Destroyer
Innova Champion Roadrunner
Discraft FLX Surge
Discraft FLX SS Avenger
Discraft Z Avenger

Discraft FLX Buzzz
Discraft X Wasp
Diacraft Ace Race disc 2007

Discraft FLX Challenger
Dare Devil Beaver
DGA Rogue, Star Max, 2 Star TeeRex, CFR Firebird L, Champion Firebird, Star Destroyer, Champion Starfire, 2 CFR Wraiths, Champion Orc, Champion Beast, Champion Roadrunner, Champion Coyote, 2 Crystal Z Challenger putters, 1 DX Challenger putter.
Star TeeRex (Long Hyzers and Sidearm Drives)
Star Destroyer (Maximum Distance)

CE Eagle (Big Hyzers and Windy Days)

Star Cro (All Midrange Approaches and Drives)
DX Panther (Roller)

KC Pro Aviar (Short Approaches and Drives)
CE Aviar (Main Putter - Discontinued)

I do carry a disposable DX Roc since honestly I don't like the disc. I also carry a FLX Surge, FLX Buzzz, and a Rubber Putter for rainy days and winter play.
Here's my current line up:

Orion LF (171g) - new
Orion LF (170g) - broken in
DX Valkyrie (171g) - beat up
Pro-Line Monster (175g) - broken in
Champion Firebird (175g) - new

ESP XL (170g) - broken in
ESP XL (172g) - new

Z-Wasp (178g) - like new
Z-Buzzzz (170g) - broken in
Pro D Buzzz (177g) - beat up

Proto Wizard (175g) - super beat
Soft Wizard (174g) - pretty beat



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