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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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2 pro wraith
2 star valk
2 champ valk
2 star TL
2 champ panther
2 DX kite

2 Star Wraiths 172 and 175
Star Destroyer 175
Champ Valkyrie 172
Star Valkyrie 175
Star Monarch 175
Star Beast 175
Star XCaliber 175
Champ Boss 175
Star SL 172
Star Firebird 172

Star Gator 175
Star Ontario ROC 180
Champ Classic ROC 165
KC Pro ROC 180
DX Jaguar 191

Champ Ryno 172
Star Aviar Driver P&A 175

Reserves / Trunk / For Friends / Extra Discs
Champ Boss X-Out Factory Second 175
JuJu Ching 175
Glow TeeBird 172
DX Eagle 175

Star Groove
Star TL
Star TeeBird
whatever else that catches my eye
Since I am a rookie at this game i went with a cheapiy lightning bag but if I progress I hope to get better one down the road. It is serviceable and does the job I need it to do.
As far as discs I stayed with disk disks with less fade

2x Avenger SS 172 and 165
2x champion Roadrunner 172
XL pro D 150 class
DX Eagle 167 fairway driver
Champion Valkyrie

DX Wolf 170
Elite Z buzzz 171

2x Dx Aviars
Star aviar

Most of the DX discs came when i really had no clue about plastic quality and also i only knew of Dick's sporting goods to buy them. I now have found a place Disc 'n dat that carries a whole the complete line of discs from all the major disc makers and it is 10 minutes from the house.
DX Hydra 175g -- This thing is a freekin' rock
DX Aviar 171g -- 30-40 ft
DX Aviar 169g -- Jump Putts, Fair Conditions
KC Roc 175g My..don't know what to throw, do everything disc
Star Kite 169g--Still haven't figured this damn thing out. Maybe it needs to be in my "field test" category
Fairway Drivers
Champion Valkyrie171g--Tailwind
Star TL 171g--Down the gut dependable driver
Distance Drivers
2 Champion Beasts (old mold) 175g--Anhyzer bombs 300+
Star Destroyer 169g--My headwind and main bomber
DX Beast (beat in) 169g--Hyzer flip shots under 250

//Field Testing//
Eco Star Excaliber 175g-- Given to me from a pro to try out.
ProLine DGA Rogue 174g--2008 Worlds Stamp -Won a Virtual Jumbo Toss..Thanks DGRUS !!
2 10x mold with 11x stamp KC Rocs 180g-- Just got a deal on them, figured I'd try em' out.
Champion sidewinder
Champion banshee
Champion Teebird (2x)
Champion firebird
Champion teerex x
Pro D venom
Champion Boss (first run)
Pro Wraith(2x)
Champion wraith
Star EcoXcaliber
Pro Destroyer
Champion Orc
Champion Eagle
elite Z flash
Esp force(first run)
elile Z wasp
ESP buzzz
Shock wave
Dx jaguar( just for fun lol)
missing and need to replace... elite Z crush, CFR gremlin
170 Star Max - so dependable
170 First Run Destroyer
175 First Run Boss
172 Star Valkyrie
172 Pro Firebird - gets flippy and need to replace it
171 Pro Aviar
174 Champion Gator Factory Second
162 Champion Cobra - OLD FAITHFUL
2x champion beast
Champion Orc
2 pro wraiths
2 pro destroyers
2 Z Buzzz's
1 ESP Meteor
Z wasp
11x Roc
2 J bird Roc stamp Aviars
Champion BOSS
Right on!!!! I love the soft Banger GT and wish they would come out with it in Flx and the Flash should come out in Flx , and Crush.

Banger is my main putter.

Bangrrr Bob said:
Pretty Simple Here...

Tsunami x 2
Riptide x 2
Rogue x 2
Soft Banger GT x 2

Now if Discraft wold just make an FLX Banger GT.................
My Bag is Super Crazy right now, I'm trying out some 150 class....

My Bag: PDGA standard bag

2-Discraft Surge Flx 172g, yellow, one orange
2-Discraft Flash ESP 170g, 172, tye dye, pink
1-Discraft Avenger Flx 174g, Red, Wind drives
1-Discraft Avenger SS Flx 170g, yellow, straight/turnover
1-Innova Valkyrie Star 175g, blue, eeehhhh
1-Innova Firebird Star 175g, Pink Floyd Darkside of the Moon dye, overhand
1-Discraft Flick 171g, yellow, THE MAIN MAN OVERHAND, goes like crazy, drives
1-Millennium QOLF 150, yellow
1-Millennium SOLS 150, white
1-Millennium Exp1 155g, purple haze
1-Discraft Spectra eliteZ 173g, multi
1-Lightning Helix-2 Prostyle 174g, blue
4-Innova Wraith DX 150g, 2-red, blue, white
2-Innova Firebird DX 150g, yellow, red
1-Discraft Predator Flx 172g, tye dye, massive wind drives and overhand/hyzers

1-Discraft Buzzz 173g Flx, tye dye J-bird
1-Discraft Buzzz 171g elite Z, tye dye

3-Discraft Soft Banger GT 174g, black, orange, white (main putter)
2-magnets (hard) 175g, red, blue, straight
2-Innova Rhyno DX 150g, yellow, red
1-Innova Aviar Pumpkin 175g
2-Gateway Magic Soft 174g, 175g, both yellow
It has been over a year since I last posted on this topic, and since then my bag has changed.
This is what is in it now...

Champion Boss
Star Destroyer
Star Whippet X
Star TL
Star Gator
Star Roadrunner
Star Lepoard
Star Rhyno
Revolution Pro Bag w/Phenix quad shocks:

green/opaque 170 Champion Monster
tie-dye 173 Elite-Z Reaper
white/opaque seasoned Texas 10 Wildcat (awesome driver!!)
purple seasoned Discraft Elite-Z XS
dark yellow 171 Surge ESP w/MaceMan stamp
orange First run Elite-Z Flash (and I've got TWO more in reserve)
orange Elite-Z Crush
orange 173 seasoned Elite-Z Predator
green/opaque 175 Elite-Z Wasp
white 178 LE FLX Drone ESP
red 2007 Discraft Ace Race disc (now the Nebula)
green/opaque seasoned flat-top Elite-Z Buzzz
red 150 seasoned Innova Roc
white 174 Pro-D Challenger
red seasoned Elite-Swirl-APX
seasoned 150 Aviar
well dont laugh this is my bag

1. beat up dx aviar- 174gms
2. champion glow aviar -175gms
3. 2001 ce japan roc -153gms
4. 2007 ce roc - 167gms
5. star- Valkyrie - 151 gms
6. star roadrunner -165gms
7. champion monarch- 160gms
8. dx wraith - 149gms
9. champion eagle- 150gms
10. champion leopard -150 gms
11. star leopard - 150gms
12.pro wraith - 165 gms
13.old pro leopard "ce plastic" 149gms
14.10x kc pro eagle- 168gms
15.first run champion sideinder 169gms.

sunflower seeds
allergy pills

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