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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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Orange Surge SS Elite Z
Orange Surge ESP
Neon Green Avenger ESP
Yellow Force ESP
Blue Stalker Elite Z
Red Champion Valkyrie (found)
Red D Wraith (found)
Tye Dye Star SL (found)

White Buzz ESP (amazing)
Tye Dye Champion Spider
Peach D Shark (found)

Peach Omega Super Soft
Pro Challenger
Pole Cat
Distance Drivers

1 175g Echo Star Boss
1 174g Champion Boss XG
1 173g Star Boss
1 168g Champion Katana
1 175g Star Max (Okie Dubs 09)
1 173g ESP Nuke
1 174g Elite Z Crush
1 173g Elite Z Surge
1 174g Elite Z Avenger
1 175g Star SL
1 171g Star Monster
1 174g Elite Z Stalker (1st Run)

Fairway Drivers

1 173g Elite Z Cyclone
1 ?g Elite X Xtreme


1 167g ESP Torque (1st Run)
1 167g Elite Z Buzzz (2x ace disc)
1 177g Cryztal Buzzz
1 172g Elite Z Buzzz (Bar Stamp)
1 180 DX Roc


1 174g Evolution Magic (main)
1 175g Evo. Wizard (Led Zeppelin)
“In My Bag”:

When I Fly on the Airlines, I carry a Mini Revolution bag with Quad shocks and 14 discs. When I play Morley, La Mirada, El Dorado, Huntington Beach, etc …… I use my Executive Ball Golf Cart by Bag Boy. I have converted it to Disc Golf standards !!! It’s a Silver Avenger model with chrome wheels, no flat tires, cooler and disc carrier !!!!

Here is what it carrys for me :

174 gram Red Beat JLS for Rolling
174 gram Champion Dyed Orc
180 gram KC Pro White Roc
174 gram Champion Dyed Viking
174 gram Star Yellow Whippet
176 gram Red Squall
168 gram Star Orange Wraith
169 gram Star Destroyer ( Blue )
167 gram White Pro Destroyer
175 gram Yellow Star Valkyrie
175 gram Yellow Champion Boss
168 gram Orange Star Boss
175 gram Champion TeeBird ( Yellow )
175 gram Black KC Pro Aviar
Z Force- 170 orange
Z Predator 170 orange
X Avenger 168 yellow
Z Avenger SS 171 yellow
ESP Avenger SS 166 orange
Z XL 166 orange
Z XL 173 pink
Z Stalker 174 blue
Z Stalker 168 pink
Z Drone 178 orange
D Drone 167 orange
ESP Buzz 178 blue
D Buzz 171 white
Z Wasp 174 orange
Z Comet 173 orange
D Focus 170 pink
X Challenger 172 purple
D Zone 169 orange
3 star destroyers
2 star wraiths
1 champ wraith (for tomahawks mainly)
1 champ teebird
1 star roc
1 z buzzz (thats right i carry both)
1 11X gazelle
1 star boss
2 wizards (1 glow 1 ss)
Z Surge 171
ESP Avenger 170
Z Predator 170
Champ TeeBird 172
Champ Leopard 169
FLX Drone 175
ESP Impact 172
Gator 170 (worn)
Z Glide 171
ESP Zone 171
Polecat 171
Small piece of 120 sandpaper
Bottle opener
Pack of Zig-Zag white
Pencil & piece of writing paper

Not an optimum setup for me but working for now, will fill or improve some slots on next biannual 10 disc order.
Drivers:169 Pro Wraith(main driver both reg and annies) 175 Star Destroyer(longer drives and forehand) 168 flye dye Champion Monarch(finesse for wooded holes) 172 Star Excaliber(forehand,thumber/tomahawk) Mid-range:180 Star Rancho Roc,175 Pro-D Drone,175 Elite-X Buzz Putters:175 Pro-D Focus,175 Soft Magnet(Try-Outs:168CFR Katana,172 ESP Nuke)Extras:a stroke counter,a fly dry towel,and a birdie bag
1. Star Destroyer
2. Star TeeRex
3. Star Xcaliber
4. Star Roadrunner
5. Star Wraith
6. Star Valkyrie
7. Star Orc
8. Gold line Halo
9, Champ Groove
10. Champ Wraith
11. Champ starfire
12. Champ Boss (2)
13.Champ Orc
14. Champ Sidewinder
15. Pro Katana (2)
16. Pro Boss
17. Crystal Buzz
18. Star Crow
19. Star San Marino Roc
20. Classic Roc (2)
21. Star Dart
22. RPro Dart
23. Gateway Wizard Supersoft
Star XCaliber - 175 ( Deserves Much more Credit then it is given. It is the First Disc I owned and Learned with only to find out it is a Pro Specific Disc. :S)
Discwing - Quarter K - 175 ( I have no opinion on this Except It is an Amazing inner arm Disc.)
Pro-d Soft Magnet - 175 - 176 - (Seen it was mark ellis (sp?) Fav. So I got it and I Love it. :).)
Access to.
Dx/Star Roc's
Pro Wraith
Champion Leopard
Dx Wolf
Champion/Pro Valkrye
Star Destroyer
Champion sidewinder
Champion Groove
10M Brick
Latitude 64 Spike Grip
and many more. But me and my roomates share Discs. :)
Weighted ones are my own.
I have cut my bag back considerably since I am getting closer to the start of my event season.

1 Star Beast
1 CE Monarch

1 Star Leopard
1 P-Line Craze
2 CE Eagle

2 ESP Buzzz

1 SS Magic
1 Organic Magic
CE Monarch?
Champion Monarch, I just got into a bad habit of putting CE and not even thinking about it.


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