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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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Z Magnet-Approach, drives
Z Hawk-Go to midrange
Drone-Wind driver, big hyzers
Flx Surge-Maximun distance
Esp Tracker-Go to driver, tunnel shots
Z Cyclone-Short hyzers
Z Extreme-Spike hyzers, rarely used
I have a:
pro destroyer 175g
champ destroyer 175g
star destroyer x3 171g, 175g
pro wraith 175g
star wraith 12x ken climo 175g
champ roadrunner x2 175g
champ teebird 175g
champion edition eagle x2 172g, 175g
champ valkyrie 175g
special blend orc 175g
star roc x2 180g
kc pro roc 11x ken climo 171g
kc pro roc 11x ken climo softie 172g
champ glo roc 176g
super puppy 173 g
Honestly who has the time to put together in a text string all the discs they use and the weights? do you feel anyone is going to read your text and say "omg how interesting a disc selection..."? * rehetorical questions...do not answer :) *

i'd rather be out throwing my plastic on the course that spending 20 minutes or more typing out my discs I use. MFA (thats Minnesota Frisbee Association to you non-Minnesnowtants) members can attest to my ramblings about whatever, but this beats anything I've ever been ripped on as worthless and unmeaningful conversation.

Nice Club! I like the idea...but lets enrich the experience here...
Pro Beast x 3
Champion Valkyre x 1
DX Whippit x 1
Pro Orc x 2
Champion Orc x 1
Champion Sidewinder 150g x 1
DX Waith 150g x 1
Champion Cobra 150g x 1
Crystal Buzz x 1
DX Aero Putters x 2
Star Aero Putter x 1 (approach shot use only, too slick for the chains.)
Magnet x 1

These work for me!!!
i personally have found the responses interesting, ....but to take the time to write about people taking the time to write? wow...good job sir. way to define irony for those who flunked high school english.... how does a random negative response by youdo anything to enrich the experience, by the way?
2nd run ce valk 171 ..old faithful!
1st run ce teebird tl 174.. 6 years flying the same:)
2 173 pro wraiths blue and white.. kinda beat great for open field S shots
champ orc 173.. high speed low tunnel shots, flys straight as an arrow!
star teerex 175.. headwind shots
2 proto star star destroyers 168, 175 .. just love em' the 168 goes crazy far
proto champ destroyer 171.. more stable than my stars
1st run wizard putter ...some days i like it!
ce aviar 2001.. added this to my arsenal last year...the best thing i did in years. this disc is great!
proto star champ sidewinder... great left to right turnover shots
Wow... Right now?

"Frisbeegolfen Dyed" Champ Wraith
12x Star Wraith
CFR Destroyer
Star Destroyer
Champ Beast (custom dye, pre-Barry)
Champ Barry Beast
Pro Blue Beast (new)
Pro Blue Beast (beat up)
Raging Inferno DT
Predator (X)
Beat up Rogue
Star SL
Pro Starfire (beat up)
Pro-D Buzz
Champion Buzz
Star Skeeter
KC PRo Roc
Champion Eagle
11X Gazelle!
Challenger Putter
Wizard Putter
2-4 buzzes mix of plastics but i really like the d plastic , all shots up to 330
2-3 Wasps Z esp and X, same as above with more right finish LEFTY
2 surges one beat one new to thow far 400+
2 Z predators , Wind, hyzer
1 old first run XL, Rollers and trick shots
4 magnets 2are putters only the others are 1 beat 1 new any shot under 330 that i can get some height on
1 sky streak 100ft - 200ft shots you can run
  • 171 Supersoft Glow Wizard
  • 171Soft Wizard
  • 180 Star MD1
  • 175 ESP Wasp
  • 169 Pro Starfire
  • 171 Star TL, beat
  • 169 Tulsa Orc
  • 169 Star T-Rex, when the winds a-blowin, i'm a-trowin (that was lame..)
  • 168 Star Sidewinder, quite beat
  • 171 Star Valk, the love of my life.
  • 167 Star Wraith, as beat as star plastic can get.
other than plastic:
  • gotta have those handy-wipes
  • EMU metal minis
  • some chapstick (perfect for tree sap!)
  • microfiber galore
  • a polycarbonate bottle (i've thrown it down multiple mountains, on purpose and the sucker doesn't break)
  • a kalimba (who doesn't have an african thumb piano in their bags?)
  • a softball I stole from a little league game (bad karma)
  • an ipod for whenever i feel 'anti-social'
  • i used to keep a green power ranger in here for good luck - he now resides on Solitude mountain.
aviar, destroyer, tee bird, firebird, monster, sidewinder, challenger

You make it sound so simple there Lefty! BTW how the road rash on that sidewinder?
Z - avenger (x2) 171g & 167g
JK Pro Valkyrie
Camp Valkyrie
F2 175 g
Champ Orc 167 g
Champ Starfire
x Flash
Star Eagle X 17g
dx Cheatah 170g

Star Skeeter 173 g
dx skeeter 170 g
Champ Shark 175 g
dx roc 172 g
Shockwave 172g

champ Rhyno 185 g?
dx aero 170 g

3 mini markers
Nalgine bottle
score card and 2 pencils (one cheater with an eraser)
a golf towel
a light rain jacket
few granola bars
some hand warmers
a map of buzzy's point dg course

my keys and phone while i'm playing

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