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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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45 discs smokey? That's a little insane. I now carry 16 of which 10 or so are wins from tourneys. A few other custom stamped tourney discs grace my walls. Of the 16 I carry, I really only need about 6 on a normal basis. However, I'm sure I don't play as much as you and have nowhere near the experience as you do. I don't know my 16 discs well enough to play with them all so I play the ones I know and try to work out the rest. I used to love my 149 Champ Valkeryie at the beginning of the summer but my form is better and it is way too light for me to throw.

The Regulars:
Star TL
ESP Surge
Champ Leopard
Comet (I forget what the plastic is called)
dx Classic Roc
Pro Rhyno
Got some good stuff

-Soft APX
-Star Cro
-DX Roc
-ESP Comet
-ESP Avenger SS
-Elite Z Avenger
-Elite Z Wildcat
-Elite X X-press
-Elite X Status
-Star Destroyer
-Star TeeRex
-DX Wraith
-Pro Beast
-DX Firebird
-Champion Sidewinder
-DX Dragon
-DX Eagle(x2)
-DX Teebird
-DX Stingray

thats about it though
Like I said, I was kinda in a conditioning phase. By carrying an ultra large bag filled for 2 years, I got used to hiking carrying discs, now I hardly get worn out playing long weekend tournaments.
I suppose so. I just make it easier and get myself a caddie. Haha. Lame I know. The one tourney I played in, called FeMillz at Hudson Mills in MI actually encourages guys to come out and caddie and/ or spot. I've golf caddied for 7 years so I can easily carry my bag for a tourney, but it was nice havin one of my best DG buds do it.
Not that I even need all of these...
1 Star Destroyer
1 Gold Star Wraith
1 Orange FLX Surge
1 Tye Dye Avenger Z
1 Star Cro (love this disc!)
1 Champion orange / yellow dye Roadrunner
1 Black XS
4 Soft Magnets
1 100g Roc (for my 4 year old)
Star Destroyer
Star Wraith x 2 (one flippy)
Champion Teebird
Star Firechicken
Champion Monster
Star Roadrunner
Champion Valkyrie
Super Roc
12X KC Pro Roc x 2 (one new stable, one older straight flier)
DX Flat top (Ching) Roc
Pro Classic Roc
2 11X KC Pro Aviar
1 Pro Destroyer - headwinds and hyzer shots
3 Pro Wraiths - go to driver
1 Star Sidewinder - turnovers
3 Champion Sidewinders - straight shots, turnovers and hyzer flip for tunnel shots
1 CE Leopard - tweener disc, great control driver
1 2005 Special Blend Roc - go to Roc
1 2006 Star Roc - very predictable
1 2006 Champion Roc - stable pig
1 Re-release Glo Ontario Roc - Experimenting, not very stable even brand new
1 QMS - go to turnover midrange
1 Classic Avair - turnover approaches
1 Bulldog - stable little dog, windy day approaches
2 Wizards - go to putt and approach discs
3 Champion Firebirds (One for air shots, one for forehand rollers, one 150g for trick shots),
1 Champion Banshee 170g?
4 Destroyers (One Pro 175g, One Champion 168g, One Champion 175g, One Star 172g)
2 Orcs (one champion 175g, one glow champion 169g),
2 Sidewinders (One star 175g, one champion 175g),
1 Star Valkryie 175g,
1 Champion Starfire 175g,
1 KC Pro Cheetah,
1 Elite Z Breeze,
2 KC Pro Rocs (One beat-in 180g, One new 176g),
1 Champion Roc 180g
1 Glow Aviar 173g (Beadless),
1 12X KC Pro Aviar 169g (not domey like the other 12Xers I've seen),
1 DX Sonic 177g,
1 Star Whippet-X,
1 DX Stingray 180g,
2 DX Beasts (One 169g-Ultra Flippy!, One 175g),
2 Mini Discs (markers),
Rule book,
Water Bottle,
Stuff (hopefully),
Glassware for stuff,
Medical tape,
Trail mix or food of some sort,
Putters (3)
2) Xds - 1 straight, & 1 seasoned very well always on a Anhyzer
1) Sharpshooter #3 Over-stable putter for windy days or Bowling Green (LOL)
1) Arrow (Aerobie) MONEY upshot Disc - shape it anyway you want! (right/left) SWEET!

1) Champion Whippet -X Over-stable on (Rhoids)
1) Z Glide - for Anhyzers
4) BUZZZ - 1 First runs (straight), 1 2nd run (straight w/ slight tail off) 1 FLX ( finish left and bites) 1 Elite-Z (finess Flicks)

Understable or neutral:
1) Z- Flash worn well
1) Z -Wildcat worn well
1) FLX Surge (161) Sweet flippy
1) Champion Sidewinder seassoned well

Drivers Overstable:
1) Champion Destroyer -Hot!
1) CE Eagle - Flicks nicely
2) Champion Wraths 1 newer /1 seasoned nicely
1) KC Pro Gazelle
1) Champion Monster - well used
1) Star MAX for those windy days

In & out of bag:
2) 12 - time Star Wraths (playing with these two)
1) Champion ORC
1) CE Firebird FX 168 - crazy overstable..

Bottle opener
Rule Book (ziplocked for freshness)
2 sharpies (Black/Blue)
Elbow wrap (Ol' guy tool)
Vitamin I (ibuprophen) preformance enhancer
Skittles 1/2 bag
Granola bar (Peanut butter)
"2007 Memorial" program
1 Microfiber Towel..
Lots of dirt and leaves...................................The End!
oh boy...14 in and out

Driver's (in order of importance/use)

172 ESP IDGC stamp
169 FLX
174 Reg ESP

174 Star
175 Champ

175 First Run Star BEAT IN

171 CE Valkarie
168 Champ Roadrunner
171 Lazer or Inferno

176 SemiFLX Flying Eye Buzzz the shizzle
175 Champ '06 USDGC Roc beaut
Beat down DX stingray

2 175 yellow Radius 1080 putters
Gateway combo dimple mini

sometimes making appearances
Pro Starfire
ESP Avenger
167 CE Wraith

pencils, custom scorecards, microfiber towel, black sheep key ring, glass wares, medicine, lite beers, tags from bagtags and tourneys, funbag

wanna add an Ultra light soon and next week my first PDGA TAG!!!111
6-pack -o-budlight when I caddy
I am replacing my Rhyno putters with some Aviar P&As. Hopefully I can get longer puts without the dive at the end.

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