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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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Star Wraith - white - beat for straight to slightly hyzer long shots
Pro Wraith - white - for long open bombs
Star TL - yellow - for long straight/tunnel shots
Star Max - yellow - big hyzer
Champ Orc - blue/gree tye dye - not quite as big hyzer
QJLS - yellow - straight
DX Leopard - orange -extreme anny shots
Pro Leopard - red- longer slight anny shots
Avenger SS - white - big anny
QMS - blue - all my mid range shots
Soft Challanger - orange - the inbetween putter & mid disc that does anything!
SS Wizard - baby blue - putter
Orc,wasp,beast,tee bird,omega putter,reaper,xl discraft, I lost my jls and my polaris and need to replace them badly lol
Aviar putt and approach (2) Big Bead Aviar (1) DX Roc (3) Star T-Bird (2) Pro line Sidewinder (2) Star Firebird (2)
171 z flash
169 z flash
172 z surge
172 z crush
171 star beast
173 champ beast
169 z glide
174 polaris ls
170/174 flx buzz
172 z buzz ss
176 z cyclone
175 x stratus
169 goblin dx
168 skeeter dx
168 clasic roc dx
2 174 soft challengers
176 star aviar
168 star spider

All of those are in my bag along with a dog leash two towels a mini and a sharpie most of the time a gatorade
dont need most of them and should narrow it down and learn just a few of them better

any sugestions on that?
wow bag has changed a little
172 z Crush
172 z surge
169 z flash
174 flx buzz
169 z glide
172 z buzz ss

here's where its different
171 z wasp
173 esp wasp
177 flx drone
172 z buzz
168 x tracker
174 champion leopard

Same two soft challengers and newly added x challenger

trying to get is the
174 pro teebird l
174 esp avenger ss
175 dx cro
2 apx putters
2 pro D challengers putt and approach
2 buzz (one is D for flip and one is z for straigt)
2 D drones (the drone has killed the wasp)
2 X xs (one is my roller the other is my short to long range control disc and future roller)
1 rouge (fliptacular and good distance and control)
2 Z Flashes my main driver i average around 325 - 350ft
1 esp flash hope it will be my main main driver
2 tsunami wind and all around sweet disc
3 z preds; stronger wind, one is max weight new, one is 168 z and one is 5 years old and flys like a tsunami
1 150 flick skips like a...... well somthing that skips real good)

i am always trying to thin out the bag but some how i keep putting more in it...... i need a bigger bag

i had a metor that i was liking but i threw it into a creek....
2x174 ESP Crush
175 Star Wraith
172 Speed Demon
172 Z Pred
172 X Pred
175 Champ Starfire
164 DX Roc
180 KC Pro Roc
175 Soft Magnet
175 Pro Rhyno
Right now...absolutely nothing!

Played the Ice Bowl last week and afterwards my bag was soaked and also had chunks of ice stuck to the bottom. I emptied everything and set it aside so it could thaw and dry. In looking at it I decided to give everything a good cleaning as well as go through my discs and assess them all. I'm in the process of cleaning them up and making sure my name and number is on all of them (several had that missing). I know my Star Beast and ESP Buzzz are going back in the bag, but after that nothing is certain.

Some of the things that came out...
Dried up sunscreen.
3 bug wipes (used)
Several bottle caps
Enough pine needles and other plant debris to make a small birds nest
2 koozies (1 ripped)
A glove
Something that resembled a banana peel
drivers-2,1.5,1,0,-1 , long-mid 2 - -1 , mid 2 - -1 putters- under,straight, over stable 18 total

I'll let you see for yourselves...any guesses?
Theyre all buzzzes right?
Here's mine:

My Bag:
Distance Drivers:
1. Innova Orc (DX) 174
1. Innova Sidewinder (Champ) 174
1. Innova Road Runner (Champ) 169

Fairway Drivers:
1. Innova KC Pro (CE) T-Bird 172 (worn)
1. Millenium QJLS (Quantum) 175 (stable)
1. Millenium QJLS (Quantum) 171 (worn, understable right)

1. Innova Spider (Champ) 170 (multi-purpose)
1. Innova Kite (DX) 165 (extremely understable right)

1. Innova Avair AnP (Star) 170 (game putter)
1. Innova Avair AnP (DX) 175 (back up and practice putter)
1. Innova JK Pro Avair-X (Pro) (trashed, practice putter)

Will be getting:
1. KC Pro Roc , 160wt.(shorter left shot's and hooks)
1. Viking (Champ), 160wt. for straighter drives
1. FL (Star), 160wt. to replace the 174 DX Orc for "in the wind drives)
1. Stingray (Star), 160wt. to replace the 165 DX Kite and be a "backup for the Road Runner".
1. Sidewinder, (Champ) 160wt. , will be "main driver", the current 174 Champ Sidewinder, will become back up.

I want to keep under 20 disc's, that includes backup's. LOL, boy am I glad that "Ball Golf" is more expensive, all this plastic gathering is keeping me BROKE as it is! ;)

Take care, Be safe, Throw Plastic!

Bogeyman! :)


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