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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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Too much....
2 JK Aviars for everything from putting to 300 foot flat shots, or 400 feet downhill. Pure straight accuracy.
1 Sonic, for putting when my putting is gone.
1 Champion Aero, need to get my old one back, don't trust the new one.
1 Star Roc
1 Star Stingray
1 Champion Stingray
1 Star Cro
1 Star Shark
1 rubber Shark
1 Star Leopard
1 Champion Leopard
1 Star TL
2 Champion Starfires
1 Champion Monster X
1 Star Max
3-4 Star Wraiths
1 Pro Wraith
1 Star Teerex
1 Pro Destroyer
1 Star Destroyer

Good lord that's too much stuff. Almost as much as Schweb!!!
All Star Discs

Beast (White)
Roadrunner (Yellow)
Destroyer (Yellow)
TL (Tie-Dyed)
Leopard (Yellow)
Cro (Yellow)
Rhyno (Whiteish)
Pretty Simple Here...

Tsunami x 2
Riptide x 2
Rogue x 2
Soft Banger GT x 2

Now if Discraft wold just make an FLX Banger GT.................
High Speed
175 Star Destroyer - Flippy
175 Star TeeRex - Stable
175 Champ Monster - Headwind

170 Star Valkyrie - Flippy
170 Star Teebird - Stable
175 Star Eagle - Headwind/Thumber

175 ESP Meteor - Flippy
175 Z Buzzz - Stable

175 DX Aviar Putt & Approach (x2)

From over- to under-stable:

1) 150g Z Flick -- my "go to" disc when I need something to turn hard, or as a spike hyzer
2) 173g Elite Z Avenger -- my driver whenever I need distance with a predictable hyzer finish
3) 173g Surge ESP (1st run) -- my driver whenever I need distance with less of a hyzer finish
4) 174g Star Valkyrie -- the only Innova disc in my bag today, I trust it to give me a bit of a leak before straightening out
5) 150g Elite Z Talon -- primarily for controlled, low anhyzer flights in woods
6) 171g Avenger SS ESP -- throw it very hard for a vicious anhyzer start, and pray it flattens out
7) 171g Wasp ESP -- holds a lovely anhyzer approach, or flies nice and straight (I'm really warming to this one)
8) 174g Buzzz GT -- for those 140' approaches where you hope to catch some chain
9) 172g Elite X Buzzz -- my lucky Ace disc, I took it out of retirement for the last Ace Race
10) 169g Elite Z Glide -- won it at the Ace Race, thrown only once so far
11) 176g Meteor ESP -- my secret weapon, absolutely essential for those huge anhyzer flights


12) 171g Pro Challenger -- "Old Faithful"
13) 174g Banger ESP GT -- my "approach putter"; got an Ace at Bandemer with it last month
14) 177g Pro Style U-2 Upshot -- drops out of the sky like a rubber rock, great for flopping over treetops; holds my scorecard perfectly
Like the other guys said, I probably carry too much! But here's the current list,
170 Z flick
175 champ firebird
175 star firebird
168 pro firebird
175 pro whippet
172 champ starfire
175 star destroyer
175 cfr destroyer
175 champ wraith
172 champ beast
162 champ orc
160 champ orc
170 champ Valk.
168 champ leopard
180 champ gator
180 s-line MD-1
175 z wasp
180 flx buzzz
174 Blunt gumbputt
168 blowfly
Innova tounament bag, with quad shocks.
Plenty of microfiber towels!
Mini z tye dye marker
Super color mini star marker with Robbie T's pizza on it.
2 Standard innova markers.

Always experimenting with other discs, but these are the main ones that I keep in the bag normally.
Ben Calhoun's typical summer bag:
Changes daily depending on the need..
1-Champ Rhyno
1-Champ Beast
2/3-Star Firebirds
1-Dx Rhyno
2-D Challengers
2-Star Tee Rex
1-Q Sentinel
2-Z Buzz
2-Star Wraith

Petty cash, pencils, rule book, granola bar, band-aid, sharpie, spare towel in zip-lock bag.
Way too many as I still haven't downsized after Tupelo Bay a couple weeks ago...
E Warlock
S Warlock
Star Max
3 Demons (new, perfect, and trashed)
2 Destroyers (1st run Star and CFR)
Teerex (first run)
Star Wraith
Champ Sidewinder
2 Star Beasts (new and beat)
4 Elements (1 Black E, 2 E, 1proto S)
2 Wizards for putting (1 SSS, 1Soft)
Star Teebird 172
Champ Orc 169 (beat)
Champ Sidewinder 167
CFR Champ Teerex X 175
Champ Leopard 167 (beat)
Champ Orc 174
CFR Glo Firebird 175
Star Max 174
Elite X Avenger ???
Star Leopard 175
Star Destroyer 172
12X Star Wraith 175

D Buzzz (beat)
Champ Panther 175
DX Goblin 174
FLX Buzzz 173
KC Pro Roc 175
Z Wasp

Champ Rhyno (wind)
Soft Wizard 170 (thrower)
Soft Wizard 175 (putter)
CFR archangel(long and straight, every time)
esp avenger ss(straight, startting to use as roller too)
flx xl(straight/turnover driver)sweet bar stamped 1st run/proto?
z xl(roller)
star destroyer(sidearms, forehand rollers)
flx avenger(stable driver)
star max(forehand roller, tomahawks, skip shots)
flx buzzz (straight mid, duh)
MD-1( stableish mid)(the euro roc, i swear plastic feels like old CE)
z- glide( rollers, turnovers, flatfooted short drives, floaty tomahawks, iluv this disc)
drone(stable, no glide, like a gator on roids)
flx challenger(stable approach, good in the wind putter, jump putts)
beat up first run banger ( goto putter) the groove IS in the heart

all drivers are around 171 give or take a gram or two..all mids are 175 or more, putter are 172ish

i also have a 183g banger for windy non-pdga events...i bought it stamped as 172-174 but it weighs out at 183...my conscious wont let me use it for real, but man its a monster in the wind

2 sharpies, 3 newcastle bar towels, an incomplete ript deck, a variety of miscellaneous objects found on the course, ad usually an empty beer can or two., sometimes an mp3 player and speakers

innova pro bag with quad shocks
Bag: Revolution Team Carolina


170g EXP-1 1.7
167g Quantum Orion LF
168g Sirius Orion LF
168g Sirius Orion LS
167g Sirius JLS
167g Quantum JLS


177+g Q-Sentinel
177+g QMS - Stiff
177+g QMS - Gummy
177+g Sirius MS

175g Q-Mega
175g SS Omega
My bag is simple
3x Discraft ESP Surge
Discraft ESP Predator
2x Discraft Crystal Buzz
2x 1997 Discraft Magnets

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