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This is pretty much all that I need:

tie-dyed 2003 DGLO Z-Storm
orange Z-Storm
yellow Sinus AP
purple 10 Meter Crossfire
blue APX Swirl
pink first-run Rogue
white first-run Rogue
green Z-Wildcat
yellow Z-Xtreme
... missing and need to replace my "factored" Stingray
... missing and need to replace my Sentinel

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Nice, gotta have the herbs in your bag ;)

kermie150class said:
well dont laugh this is my bag

1. beat up dx aviar- 174gms
2. champion glow aviar -175gms
3. 2001 ce japan roc -153gms
4. 2007 ce roc - 167gms
5. star- Valkyrie - 151 gms
6. star roadrunner -165gms
7. champion monarch- 160gms
8. dx wraith - 149gms
9. champion eagle- 150gms
10. champion leopard -150 gms
11. star leopard - 150gms
12.pro wraith - 165 gms
13.old pro leopard "ce plastic" 149gms
14.10x kc pro eagle- 168gms
15.first run champion sideinder 169gms.

sunflower seeds
allergy pills
172 champ boss x-out(newish)
170 pro destroyer (broken in)
172 z surge(newish)
171 z surge ss (broken in)
172 pro leopard (worn)
170 champ eagle (new)
174 pro d wasp (trashed)
174 z hawk (worn)
174 pro d hawk (newish)
174 element (worn)
174 banger gt (new)
175 soft magics (x2) (well used, new)
174 z wasp (worn)
and there are probablly duplicates of all that stuff in my car just in case
well here it is


2x star destroyers
star teerex
3x teebirds (champ,star,dx)
pro firebird (beat in as crap great hyzer flip bh)won't stay long


2x kc pro roc (12 time)
2x kc pro pig
dx classic roc (also beat in as crap)


2x dx classic roc!

my bag is a innova ? the one after the standard bag i think could have quad shocks haven't got them yet
Innova Deluxe Bag then.

Discs in my bag has changed a bit since I posted mine, also got a new Fade Gear Tourney bag with Phenix Quad straps about a mth. ago :)

jesse p. mccain said:
well here it is


2x star destroyers
star teerex
3x teebirds (champ,star,dx)
pro firebird (beat in as crap great hyzer flip bh)won't stay long


2x kc pro roc (12 time)
2x kc pro pig
dx classic roc (also beat in as crap)


2x dx classic roc!

my bag is a innova ? the one after the standard bag i think could have quad shocks haven't got them yet
3 Valks (2 Champion, 1 Pro)
2 Leopards (1 Champion, 1 Pro)
1 DX Sidewinder (hammers & emergency disc)

1 Pro-D Buzzz

1 Soft Warlock
1 Pro Hydra
1 JK Pro Aviar
my revised bag

ch boss
ch destroyer
star destroyer
z surge
pro wraith
star orc
esp avenger ss
se valk

fairway drivers:
opto striker
kc pro teebird
se tl
se leopard

z wasp
z buzzz
cryztal buzzz ss
first run spider

2 midnight z challengers
ss warlock
ch rhyno

not all are in the bag all the time, but these are the ones i cycle. it's usually the fairway drivers that change.
1 166g Aerobie Epic
2 172g Star Aviars
2 175g Dx Classic Rocs
1 180 Glow Roc
1 177 FLX Buzz
2 170 Star Leopards. One's beat pretty hard for turnovers, one flies on a nice straight S.
1 171 Star Leopard. Barely beat in, good for hyzers.
2 170 Star Beasts, one slighty more beat
1 175 Pro Wraith, fairly beat
1 175 Old Style Champion Wraith (before they made they made them more overstable)
1 175 Brand New Champ Wraith for some stability
1 170 Star Destroyer strictly to throw forehand
1 173 DX Viper, for knife hyzers and to throw a mid in very heavy wind

I' take the minimalist approach to carry-on luggage.

150 ESP Avenger

165 Pro Beast

168 Star Beast

168 Star TL

170 DX Wraith

170 Champion Roadrunner

170 Star Orc

173 DX Rhyno

Sometimes I'll stick a 168 Leopard or 171 Cheetah in the bag as comfort food.
A 172 Pro-D Avenger SS if the course is conducive to rollers.

Still looking for that elusive putter that will make everything "alright"...

Of course keys, water, mini, etc. - but NO CELLPHONE!!

2 Innova Champion Orc (1 orange / 1 Pink) - 175 Each
2 Innova DX Glow Roc - 179g Each
1 Innova Star Boss (Yellow) - 173g
1 Innova Pro-line Destroyer (Tie-Dye) - 175g
1 Innova Champion Firebird 12x (orange) - 175g OR a Innova Star Xcaliber (orange-ish) - 175g.. depends
1 Innova Star TL (white) - 175g
1 Innova Champion Rhyno (see through, dark blue) - high 160's, guessing.. Its like 6 years old and i am in love with it.
1 Innova Pro-line Rhyno (white) - 175g

Scorecard clipboard, pencils, and whatever else i need for the needs at hand,

No bag, but I get the idea...

Driver - Green Country Open EcoStar Groove - orange with green stamp - 173

MidRange - Star Spider - blue with silver stamp - 171

Short Drive & Open Approach - Star Aviar - powder blue with red stamp - 175 (short drives and open approaches; "too slick for the chainzzz")

Putter - Glow Aviar - rainbow stamp - 167
I'm gonna try a VERY simple set up next time out.

Gonna use a nut sac bag with the following:

KC Aviar 175g (everything 175ft in, and drives up to 220ft)
Champion Rancho Roc 180g (everything from 175ft to 275-290ft'ish)
Champion TeeBird 175g (All 275ft'ish to 320ft'ish)
Champion Roadrunner 175g (another does anything disc, 320ft+ for straight drives to anny's)
Champion Firebird 171g(overhead, flat hyzers, wind)
Champion Orc 173g (main driver, replaced my Wraiths, over 300ft shots)
Champion Xcaliber 171g (hard find to get one this light, great overstable disc, another over 300ft shots and sidearm drives)

Back's been killing me anyways, figure try a light and simple set up as these are only discs I use 90% of the time and could work them for the other 10%
gateway ozark backpack(green and black)

175 glow champ destroyer (flat)
175 glow champ destroyer (domey)
175 star destroyer(orange and blue)
169 star destroyer (flat)(blue and white)
175 11x eagle (flat) ace disc(yellow)
175 11x eagle (domey)(yellow and green)
172 glow champ eagle l (ace disc)
175 champ leopard(pink)
170 champ leopard(lite blue)
175 evolution rage(white)
159 evolution rage( white and blue)
169 srp raging inferno dt(white and blue)
175 star max (black)
176 evolution illusion (baby blue)
175 dx cobra (ontario)
178 elite z wasp(orange)
172 pro-d wasp(blue and white)
175 elite z buzzz(orange)
180 clear evolution element (clear)
175 dx coyote (orange)
175 pro pig (white)
175 ss wizard (white)
174 ss wizard (purple)
171 clear evolution wizard (green)
168 organic prototype wizard (green)

these are the current discs rotating in and out of my bag
currently missing in action and need imediate replacement is a couple dx valkyries, a flat champ firebird, a pro cobra, a champ starfire,a champ teerex x, a pro shark, a dx shark, an elite z xl, and another elite z wasp also wanting to try the new r-pro boss and the pulse

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