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got my first eagle tonight  long par 4 nail about 150  foot second shot. Pretty stoked I know most of you good players have had aces  from alot further  but I am a 50 year old. Just started playing late last year , so I am pumped . Loving the game , my new addition

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sandbagger never, I tell or brag to no end  - lucky hell ya  if it was by skill I would be on here everyday bragging . But It was still fun

Congratulations. I love to watch those long putts hit the chains. It's like slow motion.

Not to take away your thunder, but I am somewhat confused with the term "eagle". I was (and still am) under the impression that all targets are PAR-3 regardless of length. There are a lot of us out there that play everything as a PAR-3 so an eagle would actually be an ACE. To avoid this confusion of terminology, I prefer the terms ACE, DEUCE, etc.

Just imagine if that target had been a par-5, then you'd have a double-eagle further adding to the confusion.

Keep it simple - You got a deuce. Just offering my opinion.

Keep playing and I bet your first ace is right around the corner. PS-I am 56 and try to play everyday. Good luck to you and enjoy this fantastic sport.

David, an eagle is when you make it in 2 shots when it is a par 4. If it was a par 5 and you make it in 2 shots, it is called an albatross. I have only gotten the elusive albatross once so far in my years playing. Not all holes are automatically par 3, I play courses where there are more 4's and 5's then 3's it all depends on the course. easy way to put it-

Par 3 and get it in 2-Birdie

Par 4 and get it in 2-Eagle

Par 5 and get it in 2-Albatross

an ace is an ace, one shot and in, not 2 shots lol. Hope this helps

Got my first PDGA tourney Eagle last April on a short par four. A perfect roller to within 25 feet of the pin, just left, pin high. Made my putt. Sad thing was, a guy in the group behind me had a shorter putt for the same Eagle. Also a roller.

It probably was not really a par 4 if it can be driven for a 20 foot putt.  A par 4 hole should require two good drives to get near the basket.  An eagle 2 should feel just like an ace when you hit one.

At the course formerly known as Willow Brook GC, we had four par 5s and 10 par 4s.  A 72 in singles was close to 1000 rated.  I once got an eagle 2 with a 350 foot second drive over a pond at a sanctioned tournament.  Won the Eagle Pool.  That's an eagle.

That is a part of disc golf that we need to move beyond, this thing that all holes should be par 3. There is a local course that has both par 4s and par 5s. I believe that more courses should incorporate longer holes. The whole "only par 3s" thing is just plain silly and is holding the sport back. If we want to be more competitive and world class we need longer courses out there. Eagle should be just as available on a par 4 or par 5 as it is on a par 3.

Pete, I know there are par 4's and par 5's on many courses, but I thought they were only posted that way for the occassional recreational user. Thanks for the clarification because now I can honestly say I have never gotten a "bogie". As a matter of fact, the way my local course is posted I get birdies and/or eagles on just about every hole. Talk about a sure fire way to rack-up the birdies lol. Now I know why I hear guys bragging all the time about getting 4-5 birdies, but when I see them throw, they are not very good.

What about the many courses that don't have signs? When does it become a par 4 or par 5? Is it determined by distance? By degree of difficulty? Number of obstructions?

I am not being a smart ass (even though it reads that way), I really thought that all holes were par-3 and now you got me curious on how to determine the par when there are no signs.

Good point. There should be signs or at least score cards available that state the par for the holes. If the hole is par 4 there should be a sign stating that fact.


I would say that distance would be the primary determining factor in assigning a number (as it is in ball golf). 

I did say "short par four" plenty of trees and plenty of players got a four. If you really wanna talk par, please read this first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Par_(score)  

So how many holes on your home course would be a par 2? Pro worlds had a par 5 last year. How many PRO OPEN players got a 5? Not that many. I got a 5 on that 1288' 120' wide (ob on both sides into the teeth of the wind) in the Masters Cup, but at Worlds all the grass had died and the same throws went one foot ob. Snowman! 

You want everything par 3? make all the holes under 400'. See how much fun THAT is . . .

I shot a 3 on 480ft par 5 at Pine Oaks In Ocala Fl... hole 7 (from the reds). I crushed a hyzer out and landed 60-80 ft from the basket. Almost canned my upshot but safe enough not to go in the water....and an easy put for my 3. http://www.dgcoursereview.com/course.php?id=3135#

It was my very first one. Not too bad. Didn't feel as as good as my aces though.

Honestly, when I played courses with no signage then I just played them all par 3. the closest course to my house has some wacked out pars(real high) for most of the holes so I just play them all par 3. If I was trying to make pars for a new course or set some official pars for an existing course that didn't have any I would Probably do anything under 400 ft. Par 3, anything between 400 ft and 500 ft. Par 4 and anything over 500 ft. Par 5. Or, you and your friends could play the hole 100 times and see what the average par was for your group and set it as that:)

That hole is a hard 3 or an easy 4.  Par 5 is self-esteme par. 

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