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I'm not sure if I should feel bad for this person or be congratulatory toward him, but the hero of this story just won 1st place in AM1 in our annual b-teir tourney, by 8 stokes(with 2nd place shooting his #1+#2 P.B.'s in two of four rounds).

If he would have entered open, he would have placed 4th=$250 + a guaranteed spot in a 5 hole safari skins match @ $100/hole.

Is this a good example of how "sand-bagging" sometimes doesn't pay off in the long run? or Should we think that we all have the potential, as am's, to beat a field of pros on any given day? 

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I don't get it.
If everyone plays their rating, how can anyone sandbag??
Everyone is allowed to shoot rounds above their rating, and if they continue to do so, their rating will bump up and so will they.
The only way that I see someone can sandbag is if they don't have a number and are constantly winning rec or novice, or if they are actually adding stokes to keep their rating lower.
Also, even if he is 970 rated, no sport forces ams into pro, so why would dg?

Sandbagging is a persistent myth.  I've heard it spouted for as long as I can remember, and everytime I look into a case, the evidence isn't there.


Either that, or someone's using a whole different definition of sandbagging.  Properly speaking, it's someone manipulating their entry (rating, being an unrated non-PDGA member, etc.) to play in a division below their skill level.  It may happen somewhere, but I haven't seen it.  If a player's playing in his correct division, that can't be sandbagging---even if he shoots way above his norm for that tournament.  Nor do other players choosing to play above their skill level make him a bagger.


All of which is different from "bagger" chiding, an ongoing joke in disc golf.  When I got my first win---in my 46th tournament---of course I heard cries of "bagger" in the audience.  All in good fun.

Yes that was rather creppy how dude found out all that info, when it was not posted.
There is always going to be haters, no matter what sport or anything you try to excel in really.  My approach to disc golf is the same as stick golf.....I'm competing with myself and trying to beat my personal score.  Don't get me wrong....Playing in tourneys and leagues is fun, actually it's a great time but I'm not too concerned about taking first place week in, week out.  I push myself to shave strokes off of my score, especially in a Tourney.  If I improve my score, I have had a great day.  Who cares what other people think and what they say about sand-bagging.  Going out and playing with the boys, doing some side bets, etc, etc is great fun, but that's what it is supposed to be...FUN.  If this player wants to compete in the lower tier and smoke everyone because he really shouldn't be there, is only hurting himself.  You only get better and excel if you surround yourself with better & excellent players and play them!

"You only get better and excel if you surround yourself with better & excellent players and play them!"


How's anyone who stays in the same division ever get good enough to be called "bagger", if you only improve by moving up?


In a sport where no one plays defense, the value of moving up to improve your game is overrated.  I'm sure it works to some degree....but over the years I've seen players stay in a division while improving remarkably.  I've also seen players move up to Open, only to plateau at a certain skill level from which they no longer improved.  I suspect a lot of other factors matter a lot more than who you compete against in tournaments. 


I thought it to be an insighful post honestly.  This discussion type pops up A LOT on here and other related DG forums and most of them have been discussed this far into it.....sometimes further  Lighten up a little, most of us are here to help and provide input not diminish things folks have posted or asked about.

I know this guy, and I have been playing with him since he started playing disc golf. He has only been playing a year and a half.  He is dedicated to becoming better, and plans on going pro (a great goal to have, while playing am) He won because he practiced more than any of the other MA1 players. I can assure you of it.

You forgot to mention that his PDGA player rating is 933. That is an average AM rating.

Could it be possible that he just played to his full potential?  Isn't that what we all hope for when we play these tournaments? 

Of course, I could be wrong, as I am about so many other things.  Maybe sandbaggers are real and playing with better players really improves our game.  I ought to track down some of these baggers and thank them profusely, for their sacrifice in staying down and providing me better players to compete against, and thus improving me.
Nice, someone that can take it! Mab I grow up playing basket ball and those guys trash talk. So if ever I am called a bagger I just trash talk right back... In good spirits.
All im saying is, bummer he woulda cashed and been eligible for the skins match(without buying a raffle ticket). No doubt he deserved his win and played with-in his PDGA rating.
Yeah i feel ya.  I cashed in Pro and he beat me by 7 strokes!


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