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Can someone please explain to me in what circumstance this is a good addition to a tournament?


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The 2-meter rule doesn't legislate luck of out sport---it legislates it into disc golf. 


I love luck.  I love baskets on steep rollaway greens.  But, with few exceptions, the 2-meter rule inserts a penalty for a very rare, random, unlucky occurence.  It's not like O.B., where you could have a rare an extremely unlucky roll or carom into O.B., but the O.B. rule applies and affects many other throws.

and it took 40 GD responses,should have known the rule the first day you played,waste off space and time
Played in a tourney this week and it was in effect,but what was unfortunate was they had a elevated basket.Three people took penalty strokes because their disc landed on top of the basket,that was more then 2 meters off the ground,Didnt happen to me but sounded kinda crazy,any thoughts?
Now that's retarded. should have been exempt.

If a course depends on penalties to create artificial difficulties it's a flaw of the course design. Less rules equals better game and less contravercy. Personally, I think all the arguments for keeping the 2 meter rule are stupid. Anyone who thinks minimizing luck in disc golf is taking the game to serious and needs to get the hell of my fairway and go play ball golf with the rest of the yuppies. You obviously don't get the point of this wonderful game we call disc golf.


He said...."That's preposterous!"


Who's laughing now Clown!! Bahhahahahahha!!!

I wasn't ragging on you. I was laughing with you, not at you.


The word "preposterous" ...to me is inherently funny.


The clown bit refers to "Happy Gilmore" ...you should watch it sometime. Very funny movie.


But hey that's ok.

I am of the same opinion, that less rules is better as long as the "core" rules are in effect. When I run league the only OB that gets called is the street (which usually doesn't come into play anyway). If someone wants to throw it from the creek then I say "Go for it". It isn't the easiest of shots anyway. The point is that we should concentrate on playing disc golf and not on worrying about some silly rule which just arbitrarily changes outcomes. Let's go out and enjoy ourselves and play disc golf! IMHO the two meter rule doesn't add anything beneficial to the sport.
For once I agree.  The 2 meter rule is trash.  Throwing shots @ trees to drop in the basket is trash too.  Luck should not be penalized nor rewarded.

Wow....as a tourney player, I hate the rule. It just ADDS something into the game that doesn't need to be there. If you take the rule out, everyone has the same chance. If you put the rule in, some will get through and some won't. Quit adding luck based penalties to my game please.

Don't throw into trees and you won't have any problems. It's as simple as that.

Even simpler than that:  leave the rule dormant.


Don't apply it---be default, it doesn't apply---and those who throw into trees can be penalized by loss of distance, bad kicks, bad lies, and the other effects of missing the fairway, without an unlucky 1% getting an extra penalty stroke to boot.

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