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Can someone please explain to me in what circumstance this is a good addition to a tournament?


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It saves nature.  It saves time.  Not too many courses that I know of use this rule.  But we do in Debary, Florida.
If the TD chooses to use the 2 meter rule it stops players from intentionally throwing into a tree near the basket then marking the disc directly below the spot and getting an easy birdie. I have not played in ay kind of quality tournament that did not enforce the 2 meter rule. The PDGA allows TDs to not enforce the rule in cases where speed of play is more important than accuracy.

I could see it saving time if you chuck one into the top of a tree and just mark, take a stroke and throw instead of having to retrieve that disc from the top of the tree. Of course if you really want that disc back you will have to come back for it later. I'm not sure if there is any time limit for retrieval either (if two meter is not in effect).


Now according to the previous post you don't need to retrieve the disc in order to mark it, so I am probably completely wrong in my assessment.

2 meter is a penalty!!! Always use it!!!! why should you get a freebie if you throw in tree!!!!
the way i understand this rule is if the disc is more than 2 meters high in a tree it is a penalty stroke. if it is less than 2 meters high you can mark your lie directly below it and throw from there without penalty.

Yes Keith is right


a disc thrown into a tree is usually not a quality shot.  in my opinion it should be a penalty stroke, the same as an unplayable lie  (which it truly is). 
You hit a tree, it's already a direction and/or distance penalty except sometimes when the tree is right by the basket. That's about the only time the 2 meter penalty might make sense. Otherwise, it's just a fluke whether your disc stays in the tree above 2m , below 2m or drops to the ground. The more progressive parts of the disc golf world recognize how the rule should selectively be used. The Old school areas like NorCal still haven't caught on but that's why the rule was made optional to partly appease the spirits of the past.
Discs often get caught above 2 meters in a tree. This should be a penalty because our game has penalties. It is just as though you chucked your shot into the middle of the lake. You cannot play it from the middle of the lake and you are not going to play it up in a treetop. This is a game of accuracy. Part of the risk/reward is choosing to get your shot high enough and risking a penalty or keeping it low and insuring no penalty. The rule also helps people play on the course instead of above the course. Getting rid of the rule helps the big arm players who can just get their disc stuck up in a tree somewhere by the basket and tap out. I call it playing above the course. In Ft. Myers they were calling hole 8 the "tunnel hole" and there was no 2 meter rule. I told the TD that everybody is just bombing over the trees and getting it stuck above the basket (including me) for a birdie. Thus NO "tunnel hole" at all. They brought back the 2 meter rule the next year and everybody found it safer to shoot down the tunnel (yes me too). I have found speed of play is the same either way. I vote we always use the 2 meter rule, especially since it has been part of the rules for so long and makes sense. Bring back the 2 meter rule and improve your skill levels!
Your hole example is where the 2 meter rule may make sense. But just for that hole. However, an even better way to handle that situation can be to have a drop zone marked about 30 feet from the basket if the disc lands in foliage any distance above ground (not just above 2 meters) and closer to the pin than the drop zone. Player throws from the drop zone with no penalty other than not being able to just drop in if he lands directly above the pin. This option was demonstrated at Pro Worlds in 2007 and does the job fairly.

Um, no.

Lets just take it where you landed it.

Straight down works fine if it is stuck up.

With your penalty stroke if it is above 2 meters.

Works great.

Fair for everyone.

Just as though you went into the road, over the fence, into the lake, etc...p e n a l t y.

To all TD's...Bring back the 2 meter rule. You have the Power!

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