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2010 Amateur & Junior Disc Golf World Championships - Middle Ohio (Marion, Tiffin Bucyrus, Delaware, and Upper Sandusky)

Some of you have played theses courses, which are the best? Best holes and other info. or reviews.

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It bothers me on some level that you think long throwers aren't skillful and you seem to think the courses shouldn't have holes that cater to thier strengths. I don't want to come off like I am attacking you here. I just think there should be holes that play to the strengths of all players if possible.
Virtually all holes already cater to power throwers except for short downhill dink shots. If a player can throw the same distance with a more rounded edge disc like a putter or mid-range when another player needs a Valk or Wraith to throw as far then they have an advantage on most holes due to rounded edged discs typically being more accurate. Likewise, if the power thrower can get closer on par 4s and 5s than shorter throwers, they will not only have shorter approaches but again may be able to approach with a putter or mid-range instead of a fairway driver or more.

If an Advanced player has gold level distance, that's good because they have the chance to eventually move to the Pro level. However, the Amateur Championship is for Blue level Advanced skill players and that may be as high a skill level as most who enter will ever achieve. If a potential gold level player is really that good, they should have no problem mopping up the courses designed for blue level and past Advanced champs have shown that to be the case.
There's no difference in how courses are selected for Pro versus Am Worlds based on how they look. At least some of the Pro courses need to be longer and/or more challenging than Am courses and we need one or two more courses to handle the number of players for Am Worlds. The most relevant factor in what courses get used happens to be whatever ones are in the neighborhood of the host team that bids to host Worlds. The PDGA can only accept or reject a bid. We can't go out and choose cool tourist sites like Boston, Orlando, NYC, New Orleans or San Francisco. The local players have to pull together a team and bid.

If there's only one bidder which is usually the case, especially for Pro Worlds, then that's where Worlds will likely be. Each venue has some things about it that are better than others and courses are just one aspect. The PDGA works with the local team so everything is handled as well as possible. In the case of courses, you can't change the terrain. All you can do is hopefully adjust holes so they provide the best challenge for the players who will play them whether ams or pros. That's what is being done with the mid-Ohio courses - a bias toward substance than flash - and the locals have done a huge amount of work on these courses (cement pads everywhere) to get ready for the world coming to compete.

In terms of flash, mid-Ohio courses will be similar to Am Worlds in Tulsa, Miami and Milwaukee. In terms of substance, the courses will be better than or equal to the sets of courses used in the past seven years because the effort was made to match them to amateur divisions' skill levels more than ever.
The pro worlds courses are better courses this year. I think the pro worlds courses have been better courses every year in my memory except whatever year Am Worlds was in Cincinatti. Someone could jog my memory and come up with other counter-examples, I'm sure.

The pro worlds courses this year are not awesome courses but they are good courses. I played Red, White and Blue the Homie weekend and speed walked through Silver. I have not seen White in long basket positions, so I can't say anything more about White, but i saw the tee signs. The Legends and older pro women should enjoy White. Des and Val will dual it out with Rocs on White.

If I were playing Worlds for the fun of playing a big tournament on good courses, I'd play Pro Worlds and not Am Worlds. Either way, I'd drive by at least a half dozen better courses getting there, and they are in different directions.
FYI - Des and Val will only play White for fun. All pros with the exception of Legends and at least GM women will only be playing Red, Blue and Gold/Silver but not playing the White course.
As to undermining the efforts of the Am Worlds hosts, is there any reason to believe that this won't be a big money-grab like past Am Worlds?
If by "money grab" you mean will the local hosts earn some of their money back into their club coffers to cover the significant outlays for cement pads and signage on several courses, then the answer is "yes" they will likely more than breakeven on the event finances. The PDGA will roughly breakeven once the cost of the support team traveling and staying there get accounted for.
Anyone know where there is official information about 2010 am worlds? Like how and when registration opens and more official details of the tournament.
The website is being prepared and will go live probably just before Christmas. However, registration details and preliminary schedule for Am and Pro Worlds don't get determined and posted until mid-March since only those invited can register. The invitees will be posted by mid-February on the PDGA website with official invites going out in March sometime. Those who don't get invited will be able to register in late May. There's no waiting list, just first come first served when it opens up in May.
What do you have to do to be invited? I was hoping to play. I would hate to miss out.
Roughly top 20% in 2009 points within your age division in your state.
What does it take to be invited? I was hoping to play.


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