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So, who's interested in being part of a community effort to lose weight and get into better shape for the 2010 season? And what are your ideas as to how we could do that as a virtual competition?

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I am in.
The "getting in better shape" goal may be a more important than just losing weight.

The goal of most weight loss challenges is to lose the most weight possible as fast as possible. My personal experience has taught me that losing weight fast is the wrong goal. Losing weight slowly is the better way.

Any weight which is lost quickly tends to go back on quickly. Weight lost slowly tends to stay off longer. I was a whale as a young kid and have been on many diets and have fought weight my whole life. I have lost and regained and lost and regained and lost and regained.

I do not want to discourage anyone from having the motivation to make positive changes. And I recognize that what works for me may not for others. From what I have read, as well as my personal experience, yo-yo dieting is not a long term solution.

Here is what I have found to be helpful. Calorie restriction leads to weight loss far better than exercise. Exercise is the only thing that keeps it off. Whatever crazy diet takes the weight off probably cannot be sustained indefinitely. When normal eating habits reappear the weight comes back and more.

For anyone with good long term motivation, an aggressive exercise program with mildly restrained eating will make you healthier and gradually, very gradually, slimmer. I am just finishing my 3rd year of consistently exercising and incrementally shedding flab. I am roughly 30 pounds below my starting weight and in no danger of putting it back on so long as I stay with the program.

But for any of you who try a diet at the start of the new decade I wish you good luck, herculean willpower and godspeed. Please prove me wrong and keep it off. Seriously, no sarcasm here. I am rooting for you.

My vote is that a half hour a day on the Stairmaster is better than grapefruit and carrot sticks but find what works for you.
So true. When I decided to get into the fire service. I knew I had to get in shape. the thing that work for me was Weight Watchers. They teach you how to eat properly by the "points system" All food had points, and you were only allowed so many points a day depending on your starting weight. It changed my eating habits for the better, because the healthier you ate the more food you got to eat! So after 15+ years I still have been able to keep the weight off, because it really wasn't a diet in my eye's. It just tought me to eat healthier. Plus getting paid to work out helped as well :) Now that I'm retired though, it's time to get motivated again (another way of saying my shorts are shrinking lol!). So a little fun weight loss challenge would be cool. Lets GO! Team Chub and Dales!
I'm in, goal is 20-25 lbs. Slim and trim for the upcoming season would be nice.
does having lyposuction or rubberband stomach tying qualify? if it does i'm the winner
I hate to sound like a wet blanket, but....For us older folks and people with medical issues. It really and truly is important to check with your Doc or medical provider. Heck they might even be able to give you the proper info to get you started.

Just a thought.

Not worried about weight loss.
But need to work the weights for strength training.
The older you get, you lose muscle mass.
Coming from someone who weighs close to the same as I did in my mid-20s, I will offer my advice. Protein and fats are your friends. High carb foods are your enemy. Exercise is very important and if you are older like me (54), weight lifting is a must because after 50, you will start losing muscle. Get rid of the excess carbs, you will gradually drop the pounds.

Good luck, I hope you all achieve your objectives.
I have a personal trainer for three months just to get my diet and fitness program in line. I just joined a gym in the neighborhood and have been working out there most days with one day off.
Reading, Make Me A World Champion.. in the latest issue of Disc Golfer Magaizine... the two most talked about areas to work on were putting and fitness. I belive in the other aspects of the game as well, but putting for dough and fitness to get one through are a good axiom to follow. Not just in disc golf, but for life in general. I don't know what putting for dough has to do with life, but there you have it.
The best to all in 2010,
Your just a kid (full of yourself). Wait 30 years and then let me know. I'll fill you in where I'm buried. Could be close to where you live at this time.
Yes, yes, yes...the Stair Master is the "beast" of my weighty burden along with the treadmill (walking) on an incline. I love'um both. The formula is calories in calories out. Less calories in, more calories out. Concentrate on energy and vitamin foods. Plus stretching and light weights. I am 62 years old.
I'm taking a pretty involved fitness class for college, so I'm going to have to work out. I'm game

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