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I was able to get one ace on video and a couple metals plus a bunch fun that was had by all.

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Great Video! Looks like everyone had a Great time! Especially the Guy in the red sweatshirt that was yelling the whole video. :) Lol. Very nice quality video though. Looks great in HD.
Yea that was the TD!! He loves to have a good time with this. I remember the first one I did and I was like this guys nuts!! LOL It was really fun doing the video. I am having fun with this so I am going to do some more I think.

LOL. I thought the TD at our Ace Race was Loud, but your guy puts him to Shame! :)

Would love to see more videos from you! What kind of camera are you using? What kind of Production/Editing program do you use? I would LOVE to try doing some DG videos, I just have no idea about the technical stuff.

I actually have three HD cameras right now. I have a panasonic HDC-sd60 and a Panasonic HDC-sd9 plus a kodak playsport I use for my fishing videos. The SD60 is a 1080i and the sd9 and playsport are 1080p. The playsport is not that great for disc golf but it does have a 720p 60FPS(frames per second) option which is supposed to be great for action stuff but I have yet to try it out. This video was all done with the SD60 but the others I have done I have used both. The sd60 is nice because it has a great zoom up to 25x optical and a 35x intelligent zoom. Sd9 is only 10x optical zoom but is a 3ccd sensor and 1080p which is supposed to be a better picture but I am not sure how much difference it makes. It did cost almost a $1000 when it came out and still goes for that price now. It was given to me by someone who upgraded their equipment. The SD60 was about $325 and the playsport $115. You also have to remember that you need extra batteries and these are SDHC card only units so you have to buy cards for each one of them too. I use the transcend because they are the best price and I have yet to have any issues with them. They run about $25 for a 16 GB and $50 for 32GB. I have 16GB's and have yet to run out of time.

Now editing is another beast. I use Power Director 9 because I still have vista. I believe though you can use Movie Maker if you have 7 and not really sure about mac specs. The file extensions are .MTS  for SD9 and .M2TS for the SD60. Vista hates both of them so that is why I use PD 9.

Biggest issue with the whole HDvideo thing is space to store the video. I have 640GB on my computer plus a 320GB and a 500gb external hard drive also. The 320 is about full and the 500 is about a 1/3rd the way. I am going to delete some of my old stuff to make more room.

Editing is the worst part really. You may have 1 hour of video to as many as six hours of video or more then end up with a 15 minute show when your done. My bass fishing stuff is real bad for that but disc golf is really not as bad. Then comes the whole loading to youtube deal which depending on the final size of the video and what you put it at as far your HD setting can take hours on end to load. Not trying to discourage anyone from doing it but just be prepared for some long hours and some major headaches. Any questions you got just ask and I will help as best I can.

Oh yea I don't even want to think about 3D!!!!!

Here are some of my other channels that I do.

One is bass fishing and the other is Geocaching.

http://www.youtube.com/user/widegap Bassfishing-  Some of my first videos here were standard def stuff.

http://www.youtube.com/user/TeamSearchgeo Geocaching

Plus I do video for the high school band that my sons are in and two radio shows. Heck no wonder I am tired all the time!!!



What do you think of the GoPro Hero?

The only problem with the gopro for disc golf is the fixed lens. Great for fishing ,which is like the playsport, but not so great for disc golf  or at least I would not think so.

Right now amazon has the SD-80 which is a step up from mine for less than I paid for mine a year ago or the SD-90 for $80 more and it is 3d compatible.


I will say so far i am really pleased with my choices of camcorders. All have performed really well. I may try to upgrade to 3D next year but I am not sure how feasible that will be. I can't imagine what kind of space the 3D video will take up.

In the end it really is a gut feeling. When I read reviews I tend to eliminate the over the top ones and the bottom ones and look somewhere in the middle for the truth. I do feel the gopro would be a nice camcorder for stuff that is right in front of you but you definitely need a camcorder with a zoom to catch the disc's flight.

I appreciate his enthusiasm and gusto for his event, but I'm pretty sure I would have wanted to punch that TD in the face for being so obnoxious.
Actually the guy who won the event was in his group.!!!
One other thing I should add is that when you start doing the full HD stuff you really have to have the lastest and greatest computer. I have my camcorders on the one step down from the best resolution they will produce because when I go to edit them it just lags so bad it's hard to do. The setting it is on now still lags but it is still not to bad to edit. That is my problem for next year is get the SD90 or a new computer. I don't think I can afford both. I guess I will have to see!!!
Well I never said anyone else wanted to!
True enough!!! :-)

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