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I know I'm late to the game on this one, but please PDGA, make this one a lot simpler (and fairer) and just make any disc hanging off that strange metal contraption in any manner count.

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So you don't like the whole witnessed, not witnessed malarky? The one that I think should definitely not count is the one on top of the basket. Got no problem with the wedgies.

My suggestion to the RC is to pass a rule...that disallows alcohol and any other substances at their meetings.



Yeah, that's totally crazy.  I don't like that it's possible to have a wedgie... I  wish the baskets were designed so that they didn't happen, but then they'd probably be more expensive so I guess we are stuck with wedgies.  I just think it'd be much simpler if on top of the basket and hanging from any part of the cage and chains counted.  The rules are convoluted enough as is, why not make this one easy... with no area for debate.  I don't like that there are going to be gray areas on the new rule... "Does this or does it not count?"
In my opinion in should be the only thing that counts , there is no way hanging off a nub on the outer edge should count or on top. The thing I don't like is the 2 witnesses , how often do to people go out to spot ?

Agreed, current rule with no nubs, no top is decent, but the wedge scenario is too open for interpretation. Either in or out, no middle ground.

Actually all wedges should not count. The chances of having a disc wedge from the inside are very rare (maybe on an ace run) but all outside wedges should not count. Think about it, it was wedged into the basket from the outside. That means that the disc did not hit or enter the target area. It hit the basket, not above the basket rim which is where you need to hit the target area to hole out. Hitting the basket isn't hitting the target area.


See and I think the new no nubs  or balancing on the cage could get into some gray territory. 


You said if they hit the cage and wedge they missed the target, but I say the rules committee has the power to define what the target area is.  It's also my opinion that for simplicity and to eliminate any ambiguity they should count them.  Yes it's pretty lucky to get them to stick into the cage, but then so is hitting the outer part of the chains.   I have seen plenty of shots miss the sweet spot completely and go in.  99% of those shots would have missed.  I would call this a bad shot.  Okay, maybe not as bad as hitting the cage, but I'm making a case for the fact that baskets aren't perfect judges of good and bad shots so it really doesn't hurt the purity of the sport  by allowing for wedgies and on top of the basket.  There would be no gray and no confusion.  Oh and keep the "you must remove your disc to hole out... disallowing wedgies that fall out" and we are good to go.

Have Clean and Concise Rules without any Gray area.
Fair rules are many times messy.
Messy rules are many times messy. These new rules are almost as good as New Coke!
I don't like the witnessed thing either.  If you are the last to putt most of the other players already have moved on.  During a round about a month ago.  I was playing on a private course with some older baskets.  I was the last to putt and the other players already moved on.  It was only about a 5 foot putt and it hit center chains went into the basket and rolled out through the cage.  we counted it being it was a casual round and the basket was clearly at fault as I could easily move my putter in and out of the cage, but in a tourney I have no Idea how that would have played out.
I don't see what all the uproar is about...it's really not that complicated.
Agreed ! It's pretty straight forward , in is in , wedge good w/o witness no good w/witness unless it got wedged from the inside going out. Just don't get the logic behind  a hanging disc , a wedged from outside disc , or a disc on top being good. Most wedges happen during putting anyhow so I really don't see the big fuss , just put the f'ing thing in the basket!

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