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Highlights: Wedged putts do NOT count if 'witnessed' to have wedged in cage from the outside.


TD- Optional Drop-Zone for lost discs.


Player can't use first shot when throwing a provisional, the provisional shot is the correct lie (as I read it, a bit confusing).


Obstacle to stance- can move a stick in your stance if part of it extends in front of your lie now.


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I have only been playing for 5-6 months and I have seen a wedged putt one go through the basket from the outside and one pop out from the basket from the inside it seems to happen more on older baskets

I had three in tournies this year, and probably two or three more otherwise : )

Will the New Test be Online ?
I dont understand the provisional one.
The only thing you need to remember is that a throw you called a Provisional cannot later be called your Optional Rethrow. In the rare situation where that question comes up (never seen it in 20 years but have heard of it), it should be apparent why you need to make an Optional Rethrow.
So the TD can say that the drop zone for lost discs on non-water holes is the fairway nearest to where the group thinks you had landed?
No. It would be a specific location identified by the TD, typically the short tee if the hole has one.

I think the holing out one is total bullshit. Any disc supported by any part of the entrapment device...i.e basket and up should be good. Now we are going to be arguing whether or not a disc entered the basket through the side or not. Personally if my disc is inside the basket why should it matter how it got there????


The lost disc drop zone...is a lame attempt at fixing an extremely harsh rule as it were....It's still stroke and distance...maybe not as far as it could have been. But it's still stroke and distance. This rule should have been left alone the way it was a few years ago...or changed to just distance....no stroke.



I didn't agree with the unplayable lie before....now at least the player is forced back to the previous lie. The rule is still whacked as does still allow a player a loop hole for gaming. A player is in deep shule or another impossible lie off the drive or previous throw and is looking at 5,6 or worse...now they can take an optional rethrow and potentially lower their score. The door is still open for shenanigans  on that one.


In my opinion the rules committee just failed. It seems that the game and it's rules don't have to be this complicated.


With all that said..I'll play by what ever rules they set forth...respect the dillweeds that came up with this crap...that's another story.








I have benefitted from wedged putts several times this year (as stated above) but I do agree with the "holing out" rule change.  The target area is from the top of the basket cage to the bottom of the chain support...discs that enter from the side or bottom of the basket cage, or through the top of the chain support have not really entered through the target area.  In my opinion the old wording provided loopholes and the new wording is much more fair (even though my putting style seems to produce wedged discs several times a year).

All controversial calls regarding how a disc is considered holed out could be eliminated by simply stating any disc supported by the entrapment device is considered holed out. Furthermore defining the Entrapment Device as the entire Basket and Chain Assembly.  Simple Solution....end of controversy.



That could be but that's not how holing out in our sport originated. The sport started with hitting a target area on an object to hole out. The spirit of that concept is now better reflected with the rule update for 2011. The only reason for the basket invention in the beginning was to confirm that shots have hit the target in the case the shot wasn't seen. Of course, the flaw in that theory carrying forward as our sport evolved is that shots that are seen by the group to hit or go thru the chains should also count. That would be my argument that holing out still hasn't been fixed, not that low wedgies that stick or get thru now don't count.


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