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Highlights: Wedged putts do NOT count if 'witnessed' to have wedged in cage from the outside.


TD- Optional Drop-Zone for lost discs.


Player can't use first shot when throwing a provisional, the provisional shot is the correct lie (as I read it, a bit confusing).


Obstacle to stance- can move a stick in your stance if part of it extends in front of your lie now.


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They should really make baskets with more vertical bars to prevent the wedgies all together. But i dont want to get into the whole redesign the basket conversation.
In my mind if it's suspended by the basket. COUNT IT!  In chains, wedged, or on top, Anywhere! 
Threw a wedgie from about 50 feet on my first round of the new year, January 1st, 2011.  First time I had done that in many years.  It didn't count.  Even thought I like the new rule, It kinda sucked.
I'm sorry to hear that. It's a dumb rule because it was fun to get the putt even though you bricked it. But unfortunately it makes sense.
Just so I'm clear on the re-throw aspect of the rulings. So I tee off and I think my disc is out of bounds but I am not sure so I take an Optional Rethrow. I get to my initial drive and indeed it is OB does my optional re throw count or do I have to take the stroke penalty and go back and re tee ?

If you take an Optional Rethrow, you have to use it and you're now lying three regardless what happened to your first throw. No choice. If you are not sure whether your disc is OB, you are better off going to check out its status first because you might want to play it from where it last went out rather than retee.


Optional Rethrow would probably not be used when OB is in play since it's not needed. The OB rule already provides the rethrow option that an Optional Rethrow call would provide.


Calling a provisional throw sometimes makes sense when dealing with OB if the TD has already restricted the option when going OB to a rethrow. If you are teeing off and think you might have landed in an OB area where the TD has said you must retee if OB, then you might as well tell the group you are throwing a provisional in the event your disc is determined to be OB to save the walk back.


That's the only time to do it though. It doesn't make much sense to declare and throw a provisional when you might have gone OB and can play from the last point IB that's much farther down the fairway. If you throw a provisional, you must use it if you ended up OB and can't change your mind to throw from the last point IB instead.

Dealing with the obstacles and relief,


What exactly does "stance" mean?  Is that only the spot behind the disc/marker where the closest most point of contact is?  does follow through count as stance?

Your stance includes your points of contact on the playing surface at the time you release your throw.

But there is no point of contact on a playing surface in a jump putt.  Therefore, is it unaccecptable to move and object that would otherwise be in the stance? 

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