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Just for sh*ts and giggles.

I have heard many people's prediction of what will happen 12/21/12.

Everyone has their beliefs and everyone has plans for this date.

The end of the World ?

Armageddon ?

Global Killing Asteroid ?

Winter Solstice ?

Extraterrestrials ?

Return of GOD ?

Return of the Ancient Gods ?

Polar shifting ?

Final phases of Global Warming ?

Solar Storms ?

Zombies ?

Planetary Alignments ?

Final War to end it all ?


There is an official web site for this it is..............


Check it out.


The Millinum prophacy was a bust and disappointment.

As for me. Realistically, I doubt that anything will happen.

Life will go on as usual.

Yes, I believe in something, but I have no proof.


So this is attempt to get everyone's point of view and your plans.

Let the heavy disc ussion begin.



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As for me.

It falls on a Friday.

The last day of my vacation.

So if I am lucky, I be on my local course

Playing a round or two or three or ................

If anything bad happens, at least, I'll die doing something I enjoy.

Disc Golf.


Who cares about 12/21/12? I'm just trying to plan what I will be doing on 12/12/12. Plans include going to the truck stop and putting in $12.12 of gas on pump 12 at 12:12.

Some one had send me this.

Haven't heard about this but hey, why not post it.

Looks like I better stock up on beer!

I did some looking around the net about 122112 and

found a video relating to the "Photon Belt"

If you click on this link you may watch it.

Just something else to think about.


As a Mayan archaeologist, I feel pretty confident in assuring you folks that nothing is going to happen - unless you get an ace on the course that day! This whole unfortunate hullabaloo is more a reflection on the human condition than some sort of cosmic occurrence.

I'm Wondering when the PDGA will EVER send my Pre-Paid 2011 Pro World's DVD. I have been asking them since November 2011. :(

Nothing to worry about. My wife and I went to Chechen Itza (where the pyramid pictured is located) for our 25th anniversary. Our tour guide was asked about 12/21/12 and he said the Mayan calender is set on 52 year cycles and this is just the end of a cycle and then a new one will begin. But I have been putting a lot of charges on my credit card just in case :)

I'll probably win some big lottery and not have to worry about it,hahahahaha.Mayan's just ran out of calander material back then,they decided they had had enough of calander upkeep is all.

maybe I'll call out dead that day;>}

Today is 12/12/12

What's happening is 12% off @ dps sale!


Use the code 12 at checkout to get 12% off.

The Mayans were not the smartest of lot.

Human sacrifices, be for real.

Let's try believing in science shall we. I will be getting my new Mayan Calendar in a few weeks.

By the way when you consider leap year and the adjusted calendar, 12/21/12 has all ready passed and gone!

Since the beginning of time there has been earthquakes, landslides, floods and more.

The only difference is now the information age brings it all to you at the speed of the internet.

You know why the Mayans and Egyptians built pyramid shaped buildings? Earthquakes. The building does not fall down.

They had earthquakes back then too.

Having some knowledge of geology, earth is not a solid mass as one would think.

It basically is a rotating ball of massive energy with a very thin crust on the outside, hmmm sounds like something to eat.... getting close to lunchtime here.

Have a good day every day.... and you are but a vessel to do god's works....

If you have a telescope check out the planets aligning up.

Don't lean too far in one direction you might fall off the planet!

And the answer to everything is 42!

Oh yeah, 

At dubs today hope to hit an ace on Hole #12!

Are 12 going to participate today?

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