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Jimmy has about a 40 ft. putt.  Behind the basket in his line of sight is a park road, about 100 ft from the basket.


Jimmy steps up to his mini and prepares to putt, oh oh a car is coming up the road, he steps away and waits for the car to pass.  Steps to his mini again, another car, he steps away.  Car passes and he steps to his mini again, another car comes.  Busy place this is:)  He steps to his mini again to putt, now a guy is walking his dog up the road.  He steps away and waits for the dog walker to pass.  Finally after about 2 1/2 minutes of these distractions, he sinks the putt.


What's the call?

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The call is the putter lacks proper concentration.
yeah Jimmy took forever!!
Stroke him!
Sounds like Jimmy is easily distracted...my diagnosis.... maybe Jimmy suffers from a little P.A.D.D.
Good question. This happens a lot. Here's the rule:

801.03 Excessive Time
A. A maximum of 30 seconds is allowed to each player to make a throw after:

The previous player has thrown; and,
The player has taken a reasonable time to arrive at the disc and mark the lie; and,
The playing area is clear and free of distractions.

So since the third bullet point mentions distractions, I guess a player could fillibuster all day. I guess you could make the case that cars are not in the "playing area" and so they do not count as legitimate distractions. I often stop if there is a walker and wait for them. I don't mind if other's do too. Now, if there was a marathon passing or you were playing next to a busy road, then the player needs to tune them out and hit the putt. I would warn them in this case because I don't think all the cars are a good reason to delay. Then stroke him for each subsequent violation if others on the card are in agreement. Yes, he'll probably be angry. Just tell him that you'll take it up with the tournament director after the round, or better yet, if there is an official around, take it up with them immediately. If it really was 2 1/2 min and you're not exaggerating, that's pretty rediculous if it happens repeatedly in a round.

Last bit: I would make sure you actually time him though. 30 seconds seems like a long time when you're waiting for someone else to putt. I don't doubt this guy went over it, but to actually stroke someone you have to time them.
lmao!!! ...he said filibuster
Is the road considered part of the playing area? I know we have several holes that are very close to roadways with concrete trucks and all sorts of vehicles barrelling by. I don't consider that roadway as part of the playing area. Actually it is O/B in all cases I can think of. Stroke him!
A warning is the correct rule i believe.
Seems that the car and walker distractions could be used as an excuse in some cases.
There are players out there that would use it to their advantage.

Example: Jimmy steps to his mini, a big head wind starts picking up. Jimmy sees some cars or some walkers coming, decides to step away in hope the wind dies down. Using the cars and walkers as an excuse.
lmao!!!...he said Stroke him
yes....stroke him over and over until he sinks the putt.
Great putt, very professional.
You get a new 30 with every legitimate distraction.
No call, except to say "nice putt". The player is allowed to wait for distractions to clear and obviously it was the right thing to do, because he made the putt. However, if it was a windy day and this player was constantly doing this to gain advantage, I would issue a courtesy warning.

How many times have you missed a putt because you didn't wait for the distractions to clear? "That car doesn't bother me, just focus." Putt - doink - D'OH!

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