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As I have taken this game up i have had much trouble with gripping the disc for a backhand shot. I am some what old school(1979) and have always thrown a frisbee with my index finger along the out side edge of the rim. When I started using the proper disc i continued in this manner. I then started to do internet searchs and found out that true distance come from grip that is really alien to me. In the 3 months i have taken up disc golf I have reaslly struggled with this grip. I recently read something about a 3 finger grip which when i tried it, it feels much more comfortable to me. I guess my question is should i use what is comfortable to me even though i may not get as much distance or since really i have only been using the 4 finger for a couple months continue with that untill it becomes comfortable?

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From my limited personal experience if you have bigger hands than the three finger grip would be a more comfortable grip as you mentioned above. I have smaller hands so for me I NEED all four fingers in order to control the disc. Assert my will on it if you would.
i know pros that use only two fingers and snap the shit out of any disc. i guess its what ever your used to/whats comfortable/what works.
I'm a big dude. I have primarily used a 3 finger grip this past year except on buzzz's and putters. I just started trying the 4 finger power grip and reaching back with my elbow slightly raised... it feels funny at first, but HOLY CRAP they just hall *** with little effort. I practiced this at home and in a couple various parking lots and got the hang of it. I then went and played with my fav local DG guru and friends and lost my focus on the drives and it didn't work well for me, I couldn't even flip my anny disc over. My last drive I thought about all the newly acquired skills for a few seconds and mentally visualized how I was going to execute it and I ended up turning my disc over so far that if there wasn't that darn pine tree or this stupid 5000 inches of snow it would have been a roller... weird how that stuff works and doesn't. Moral of my long winded and pointless rant is that practicing new stuff and getting it to feel comfortable takes time. I think 3 finger grip for me is more "touch" drives and the 4 finger will be for the all out hucks.
Grips are a lot like disc, there are pros and cons with each. When I started playing I used the same grip that you had mentioned but then latter found that with the power grip(4 finger) I could get more distance with my drives, but this was after using it for a few months. Then after I finally worked out the kinks it was working great and I shattered my throwing hand and now its hard for me use that grip (my pinkie and ring finger cant close into a fist now) so I had to change my grip again (power grip with pinkie setting on the rim), its taken almost a year but I can throw just as far if not further than before. I think the important thing is to try it for a few months and if its not working move on, just because it works for me don't mean that it will for you. You might want to check out Dave Felbergs video on youtube about grip, he offers lots of great information.
I have been playing for almost 3 years. Mostly what I am about to say is for beginner players. When I really started playing, I was driving with only 2 fingers. Then I met up with a Pro Woman player, who taught me for beginners, that the more fingers you put on it the more power you get behind it, however, the downside to that is the lack of control. So basically, the more power, the less control, that is until you master each grip you put on it. I have felt comfortable with the 2 finger, and moved to 3 finger, and I have tried 4 finger before, but the control is not there. It appears I grip lock it with 4 fingers. I just have to practice more on the drives to get the 4 fingers.

Hope all of this helps...
I've been playing since '95, and I use a 2 finger grip. I've tried more fingers but I lose too much power and accuracy. I do grip tightly though, it might have something to do with my profession as a chef. I'm constantly holding my knife or a pan with my right hand. I do not have very big hands either. For me it was simply, find something that works, and perfect the technique. Hope this sheds some light, good luck!
I have played for a few decades and have tried many things. I get more snap with less fingers under the disc but it is harder to control. With four fingers in the "power grip" I lose some distance but I can be more accurate. Twenty years ago when I had played more I used the three finger grip with my index finger curled on top of the disc for drives (using puppy discs) but I do not throw like that currently. I do not think anyone uses that grip anymore- probably for a good reason. Come to think of it, no one uses puppy discs anymore either...
echo what a few others have said. find what works best for you.
advice I often see for newer players is to not worry about distance as much and focus on accuracy. once that comes you will get more power. there is something to be said for being "comfortable" with a grip, VS trying to get used to an uncomfortable grip that one might think is better.

the more comfortable you are with your grip the less you will think about it and the closer you get to becoming Zen-like with your throw :)
I've used a 3-finger grip for several years. I tried 4-finger power grip and it does give more power with less effort but it made me grip lock occasionally and I lost confidence. I'm back to 3-finger and it works better for me. You have to curl that index finger around though fer sure
3-finger power grip for me on drivers -- I have better feel and control. For understable (sidewinder, leopard) drivers, I go 4-finger with middle fingers splayed out, this allows a full throw without over-flipping it.

I have been experimenting with a 4-finger power grip with mixed results -- I don't trust it unless the hole is open. It does seem to go faster out of the hand when executed properly.

midranges & putters, 4-finger with middle fingers splayed out.
Can someone put up a picture of the 2 finger grip
For the 3 finger grip I am assuming that you mean index, middle and ring finger on the under side of the disc and the pinkie not gripping. As opposed to index on outside of the rim of the disc and the remaining 3 (middle, ring, pinkie) on the underside.

I use 3 fingers under the rim of the disc. My pinkie is touching/or near my palm. I have gone to this method mainly due to pain I receive when I use my pinkie to grip the disc.

I think Kallstrom (spelling could be off) uses only two fingers underneath. People correct me if I am wrong on this. He is one of the biggest arms in sport off the tee on a course.

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