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As I have taken this game up i have had much trouble with gripping the disc for a backhand shot. I am some what old school(1979) and have always thrown a frisbee with my index finger along the out side edge of the rim. When I started using the proper disc i continued in this manner. I then started to do internet searchs and found out that true distance come from grip that is really alien to me. In the 3 months i have taken up disc golf I have reaslly struggled with this grip. I recently read something about a 3 finger grip which when i tried it, it feels much more comfortable to me. I guess my question is should i use what is comfortable to me even though i may not get as much distance or since really i have only been using the 4 finger for a couple months continue with that untill it becomes comfortable?

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i myself use the 3 finger grip, even though i have small hands. this is where i get the best control and accuracy, and great power. i have tried the 2 finger grip, which gave me incredibly power, but even after a whole days practice, i had no control of my direction. the 4 finger grip just went no where for me.
I use a fan grip to putt.

I use modified fan grip for putter drives and midrange.

I use a 3 finger grip for hyzer-pop. For some reason I get very good snap with this grip and it makes popping the disc up flat easier.

I use a 4 finger grip for long drives and turnover shots. Sometimes I'll use it with a midrange to get more distance or make a flip easier.

I don't use the same grip for every shot because some work better for certain situations.
I am pretty new to the sport, but am lucky to have some excellent coaches, each of whom can throw very long distances, very accurately, with little effort. They tell me (this is my translation, so if I have it wrong, it is my fault, not theirs!) that every throw can be broken down into three components: spin, direction and angle. The more spin you have on the disc, the farther it is going to go. To get the disc to spin faster, you need a tight grip and a fast "snap". The tight grip allows more of the "snap" from your wrist to be translated to the disc. For drives, they have taught me to use all my fingers, snugged tight up against the bottom rim of the disc, to squeeze the rim into my palm. Your thumb rests on top, but does not contribute to the grip at all (it can be used to help with angle - tucked along the top rim for ani's or out toward the center of the disc for hyzers) - but it stays loose and relaxed.

Off the tee, the disc should "rip" out of your grip. If your grip is too loose, the disc falls out of your hand, usually releasing too early, and you get no power on it. Grip-lock is caused when you do not have enough snap to rip the disc out of your grip. This usually means late release (and in my case near decapitation for anyone standing 20-ft to my right!) So, having a tight grip is not going to do anything for you unless you can get enough snap to "rip it".

Changing your grip is a fundamental change to your game. It means you have to learn how the new grip affects the direction and angle of every throw, which takes time. So, if you change your grip, your accuracy usually goes to pieces until you get it figured out, which for me takes months (and I play several times a week). If you can practice without playing (take a stack of discs to a field and throw until your arm is tired), it speeds up the process. The hard part is to play without wanting to shoot yourself for your lack of accuracy. Be nice to yourself, and ignore the teasing. Work on the distance until you start to get it, and then work on your accuracy.

So long story short? Unless it is causing pain or injury, I would keep working on the 4-finger grip for your drives, the benefits are worth it. If you are more comfortable with the 3-finger grip, use that for your approaches. (I am a 3-shot player, and I've used accurate approaches to fix even the most errant tee shot).

Hope this helps.

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