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A Few Words About Branding, And The Ridiculousness Of Being Star-Struck.

I don't want to violate anyone's privacy, so...no names. I recently agreed to cover a local tourney for a disc golf site, and a clinic being put on by a local club featuring a well-known pro. The clinic was okay, but I thought a lecture on biometrics and proper throwing form was lost on this crowd. Most in attendance were there to meet the pro, and maybe glean a trick or two to add to their game. Believe me, it was a lecture. The pro in question showed up late, and then behaved like a rock star who expected his every whim be indulged. Afterward, I approached him and said I wasn't writing another "10 questions for ______" type of article, that i wanted to write something more in depth about the sport. He agreed to a interview on a certain day. He left a day early with no courtesy call to let me know. No big deal, I suppose, unless you part of a sport that is clamoring for more media attention. I'm sure the life of a touring pro leaves precious little time for social media, but then it seems wise (to me, at least) to be accessible to those who have proven their ability to influence it.

The next day, he of course won the local tournament and pocketed roughly 800 dollars. To my knowledge, not a peep from him acknowledging the countless hours of hard work put in by volunteers to make the course ready after a spate of recent storms. Entire trees had to be cut up and moved. Tee boxes needed to be mulched. Stolen baskets had to be replaced. All of this in addition to the work by local vendors (done for free). The pro in question had a chance to shake some hands, engage with his fans, and establish himself as a true professional. Winning 800 bucks off the hard working locals and then blowing town puts you in the "pool shark" category.

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Of all pros, I think I have heard more about this kind of attitude from that player. I have heard so many rumors about other players while on the course, but never know if they are actually true. One big one had to do with a few pro players, and why they had to stop doing a certain Florida tournament completely (Vague I know).

Even pro athletes in basketball, football, and ball golf are respected more when they don't have a "diva" attitude.
Sorry...I'll try to stick around next time. Bahahahahhahahaha!!!
I was trying not to give you up, Jamie!
Who ?
I am no where near the Pro in question in terms of ability. The idea that someone in a (sorry to put it this way) fledgling sport, someone who has the word "Pro" after his name, someone who SHOULD be promoting the sport, has his head in the clouds is, well, a shame. There are those who would kill to be in his shoes (count me in that group).

His mindset DeFinitely shows that he has no respect for the game, or those who really want this sport to succeed.
We play the frisbees in a small pond. I wish I could say that I would not act like that if I consistently threw 1030 - 1050 rounds. However, I am pretty sure I would spend every tournament weekend pushing out poopies that not only did not stink, but happened to smell like raspberry sorbet.

Okay, that made me laugh.


Donny, the "who" part of this just isn't important.  I'm not trying to shame him/her, I'm calling attention to the fact that if we want media coverage of this sport, we had better support pros that display character off the course, as well as ability on it.  Then again, there's always the possibility that I don't know what I'm talking about...

I think the who is pretty obvious. We are talking about a tournament from the previous weekend. From the information that Mack has given us there is only one answer. Take a look at last weekends tournament. Mack is from TN. There is only one tournament in TN and there was only one winner in the Open division. Who could it be? Do the research.

Well, not really.  Local courses and events include those located in KY, Al, Ga, NC, and Mississippi. Also, there isn't any mention in my post about which weekend.  The larger point is that we need more coverage of our events, and if you treat the press badly, they will simply not provide coverage.  I'd like to see more pros chiming in on these forums.  Without the internet, the rapid growth of this sport may not have happened.  I'm constantly surprised by how poorly certain disc manufacturers use social media.  Throwing something up on F/B once a day isn't making good use of the medium. 

I may just be feeling charitable because I shot a great round yesterday.  Threw the drive of my life.  That's just fun.

If you look deep into the Crystal, your suspicions are confirmed

 good post. but I have learned that contempt prior to investigation can often lead to bad results.


 I have no clue, nor care to, know who this touring pro was/is as I am often "star-struck" by the big names in the sport.


 I'm just a goober like that.


 however.. if it tis true... then yeah, say the name and be done with it.

 the few pro's Ive had the pleasure of meeting have all been nothing but gracious, although I have heard stories.


 but alas.. we are all human.

I've only met this guy once. It was two weeks after he won the worlds at his home course. I was playing in an a tier event and started getting bombed by some douche "practicing" the whole group was pissed off. I called him out and without apologizing, he said he had to warm up. There was plenty of space away from the course for that. When he got closer i told him we were playing in the event and he was an asshole. His response was"But I'm Dave Feldberg" My response: "Do it again and I'll break your fingers".

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