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I have to admit to a certain degree of frustration over the actual weights of the discs I have acquired since I began (um, became addicted to) this sport.  What is written by the manufacturer on the back is not always accurate, and based on my recent tests, more likely inaccurate.
I bought a digital gram scale that reads down to 1/10 of a gram and spent last night weighing every disk I own.  To my surprise, most of the discs weighed either more or less than the number written on the back.  I'm not just talking .1 or .5 of a gram, but several were 2 grams or more under or overweight.
One of the things I have been trying to do over the past six months is to cut down on the variety of discs I carry in my bag, decide on a specific discs to carry, and then carry multiples.  As an example, I have always loved throwing a Champion Wraith.  A 173g Champion Wraith was the first Wraith I ever purchased and boy, did I grow to love that disc.  Well, after losing it in a pond, I purchased another and made sure it was 173g.  Of course throwing it brand new was not the same as throwing my worn-in Wraith.  In fact, it seemed like I was the one needing to make adjustments to accommodate the characteristics of the new Wraith.  Eventually, after some wearing in, I again became comfortable throwing that disc.  Since then, I have bought and thrown a half dozen Champion Wraiths, all with 173g written on them and I would say two of the Wraiths fly exactly the way I expect them to, but the others do not.  A couple proved to be way too under stable compared to what I was used to, and others more over stable.
Over the past month, I have purchased three Champion Wraiths all with 173g written on the back.  The idea was to carry all three in my bag in case I lost one, damaged one, etc.  If I did so, I could just reach in my bag and pull out another trusted, go-to Wraith.  Well, that was the theory anyway.
I did purchase the Wraiths from different sources - one off ebay, another from an online retailer and one from a local store.  Not a one of them flies the same.
I weighed them last night on the scale, and despite all three having 173g written on them, not one of them weighs 173g.  The weights are; 172.2, 173.6 and 175.5.  Now, I'm not sure how much difference a gram here or there really makes, but I feel I need to attribute at least some of the inconsistency in their flight to the different weights?
So if I want three Wraiths that weigh exactly the same, is there anyway to really accomplish that, or will it always be a hit-and-miss situation?

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It is often that a maker measures heaviness with digital scales at the time of tournament in Japan.
The reason is because there was the rule that I cannot use when not equal to or less than 152g so far.
There was the thing which exceeded it even if written as 152g in Disc which I bought in U.S.A. plenty.
It becomes all right from JapanOpen of this year to 159.9g.
This discussion would matter more if a disc's true weight mattered more. Within a few grams it really doesn't matter. A good throw is a good throw even if you change a few grams in weight. A poor throw is a poor throw even if you change a few grams in weight.

Minor weight differences are more in your head than in your hand.

Back in the day when I was a truly weak putter but was proudly committed to max weight putters, I was surprised to find out my doubles partner(Carleton Howard of North Carolina, who was a World Class putter) used a putter which weighed a few grams under max weight. Carleton was sponsored by Innova and could walk in the factory and choose among thousands of putters of any weight or plastic composition. So I asked him why he chose his putter. He said it felt good. I asked him why he didn't pick a maximum weight putter and he asked me why that would matter. Then I watched him perform surgery with that putter for the next few days of the event.

At any event I will ever compete in I will be happy to let all my competitors know the exact weight of their discs down to a millionth of a gram even though I won't know the weight of my discs within a few grams. If they beat me then they played better. It wasn't the few grams or the millionth of a gram that did it.
A few grams doesn't matter as much when you consider most people don't know the actual weight of the discs ALREADY in their bag. Check those now before you buy your next disc.
Why does it matter? Once you learn how to throw it, what does it matter what it weighs? Maybe its just me, but being OCD about 2 grams is a little much, no offense...now if it was a 10-15 gram difference I might understand...should the manufacturers be more accurate? certainly. But is it a scapegoat for your discs not flying properly? probably not.

the inconsistency of the flights has little to do with the weights (which would be convenient) but rather the throw...i've said it once and I'll say it again...its the Indian, not the arrow...or...its the Viking, not the axe...you get my drift...

as for the three Wraiths situation? if each one has a different flight pattern--adjust to them on a disc-by-disc basis--

just my 2 cents
my thought is that when a company makes a mold of plastic that the casted disc is in the correct weight and they mass produce the discs with the same shape, and same amount of plastic before it sets, during this time while it's still a liquid a drop or two may end up with the mold of say 173 to put it over, or a few drops were left out to make it less than, just like in cooking, if you were to measure out 3/4 cup of tomato puree and then pour it into your dish, after your done pouring your never going to get exactly 3/4 cup, you gotta put in a little bit more before the pour to get out but than again, that's also not a precise way to measure it out

i donno for sure but that sounds like what could possibly happen when something is mass produced
You make a good point. I never intended to lay blame on a gram or two, here or there for any inconsistencies in my throwing. My post had to do with discoveries I made after buying a digital gram scale and weighing my discs. Some people have been very informative explaining what takes place at the factory and suggesting I might purchase multiple discs from the same store at the same time. That sounds like a good idea.
When I let a disc fly and it flies right, I know it immediately and I get a great deal of satisfaction from it. If a particular disc isn't working for me, either I adjust or it gets removed from my bag.
I agree with the "...indian and not the arrow..." comment completely.
When you order discs from a dealer, tell them in the comments box that you want the same weight and color if possible. Most of the time they do and if they dont have it they call.
Sounds like a good idea.
i can't argue with the fact that it might be a bit careless by the manufacturer--but its still not a valid excuse why the disc doesn't fly the way you want it to...
If you can't weigh them at a store. Marshall Street does it for you. So you know the true weight you are buying.
ClearwaterDiscGolfStore.com will weigh the discs for you.
You do have to ask, that's all.
Otherwise you get what is written on the back.
We will even match the run so you get the same dome or flatness.
There is a comment box at the end of your order online.
Any specific requests can be stated in the comment box or you can just call, we answer the phone 9am-9pm Daily.
I have to say i think the weight of a disc shouldn't matter do to the fact i throw all kinds of different weights ranging from 165-Max. Almost all of my multiples are different and my drivers and mid ranges almost always have the same characteristics. But one thing that helped me is changing my form but then again i have also only been playing two years. I think putters are the only disc you might notice it in only cause your not trying to put as force into it so it might have flight differences. But like most people have said that's just my two cents.


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