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I took out a stretch band today and wrapped it around a tree hoping to use the resistance to stretch out my arm.  I've been a little sore from 2 weeks straight of 36 or more holes per day, and/or hitting up the open soccer field near my house.  I tied it around the tree around chest high and slipped the free handle around a disc so that i could grab it with a 4 finger power grip.  Then i slowly pulled the disc across my chest as flat and smooth as i would if I was throwing backhand in slow motion.  


All I was trying to do was loosen up my arm a little before the round.  What I didn't realize is how much a few minutes of this stretch would speed up and add power to my drive. Similar to baseball players with those warmup weights they slide onto bats to speed their swings and loosen up. I've never been the guy who had a cannon for an arm. Even finding enough power to be able to throw a strong 'S' curve flight felt like an impossibility...


Lo and Behold, My first throw LAUNCHED into a powerful flight and ended up pacing off at 440'.  Not bad for a guy who averages 325', at best.


Anyone else had any luck with this type of thing?  It makes sense to me.  Give it a shot sometime. I know I won't be starting another round without it, for sure!


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I have had no such luck and were in the same boat as you. My arm still hurts even now. That stretching technique sounds like a great idea!
I have seen players at tournaments with the Xertube tied to the bumper of their car and stretching like they are throwing. If you do not have time or a place to launch some drivers, this is the next best thing. It works...everybody on Team Super G uses the Xertube to improve their disc golf drives!
Wow. I will have to give that a Try! Thanks for the tip Dave!
I took a disc and put it through the handle of a resistance band so I had enough rim to grasp and worked on pulling through my chest for 10-15 minutes with the band after reading this post. Then stepped out and threw into the field. I threw my Buzzz exactly 300 ft which I have NEVER done. My drivers had more snap and speed out of my hand than ever! The funny part is I felt like it took no extra effort. It just went! Thanks Dave! This is going to become a DAILY workout for me. Both arms too!

That's great news, Jeff!  The effortlessness of distance really describes it well.  When doing a workout with it, i suggest also holding the disc still around your release point with your hips cleared through as much as possible.  That should help strengthen and add flexibilty to those important tendons in your throwing arm and help get your rotation thru the shot.  I wouldn't find it hard to believe that someone who did a couple of 20 minute stretches a day with the band could break into the 400' average drive range!  I'll be trying this and will try to keep you updated as I go.


Also, for anyone else out there who is used to the sting in their shoulder from throwing overhand:  the resistance band helps greatly there too.  Increased my distance and, more importantly, i didn't feel like i was hurting my shoulder from the overhand motion after stretching for a few minutes with the stretch band.

How are you using the band, Dave? How many reps and what kind of exercises are you doing? 

I just stuck the rim of the disc through the handle of a resistance band and slowly mimicked throwing the disc. I did 15 reps counting off 3 seconds of hold at the furthest point I could pull the band by power gripping my disc, then slowly let it back. I switched arms after 15 reps and did this sequence 3 times, then started throwing. Is this similar to what you did, Dave?

I watch that DVD at least once every 2 weeks and it seems like I pick up something I missed before every time. GREAT DVD.

The way you're 'attaching' the disc to the band sounds like exactly what i am doing too.  I've been going to a soccer field near my house and tying the band to a goal post.  I use the band, throw six or so discs, then pick them up and throw back towards where i have the resistance band set up.  Then just repeat until I'm exhausted, which doesn't take long  (I'm hoping to change that with more daily repetition).  

As for reps, i haven't set any numbers.  Instead, I've been concentrating on a few key things...  

One, i try to hold my wrist in the same angle relative to my forearm.  I've found this to be better than trying to mimic the snap motion.  

Second, i don't do a follow through, but instead, stand far enough away so that the band is near-completely stretched to the max right around the typical release point.  This seems to give me the maximum bump in acceleration and speed. 

Last, and most importantly, each motion's goal for me is to be concentrating on pulling through as straight and as flat as possible.  You can easily tell if you're doing this correctly by paying attention to the movement of the band.  it shouldn't be going left or right from your reach back all the way to your release point, or higher or lower either.  Just as long as you have tied the band at the right height. I try to shoot for around the height of my sternum.


Hope This Helps, 



P.S. Thought i'd throw in another success story.  I've never turned over a drive in my life unless i was throwing a beat in roadrunner and throwing my body into all sorts of excess body language.  Even then, it never had much distance anyway.   Since starting to work with the band, I can't stop throwing backhand rollers!  It's great to have my throws err on the side of power instead of weak and high!  What a great excuse to start replacing discs in heavier weights!

Very Cool. Sounds like we are doing basically the same thing, other than I was setting reps! Great post Dave. Thanks again!
I'm going to try this tonight at home. How are you getting the handle to stay on the disc?
The bands have big enough handles to pull the handle over the disc far enough to get a proper grip.

Here's a few pics that might help explain the handle a little better.


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