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Do you ever put stuff in your friends disc golf bag? I do and I think it's funny. I put rocks in their bags when they're driving to add weight, sometimes as many as three or four a round. You have to be quick so they don't catch you and sneaky so they don't find them right off. I usually try to put them under the discs if they have a roll cage like the Revolution bags do. Or if not, I'll unzip the side pocket real slow and then while they drive, drop the rock in and zip it up real quick. It was funny in the mountains when one of my buddies found rocks once we got back to the condo. He said "no wonder I feel so whooped".

I also put other things in their bags like pacifiers / binkies when they are having a bad round and start whining about their game. One time I found a doggie bag and put it in a golf bag where it could be found, when he asked who did it, I said I thought it might help the next time his game starting to stink.

I also like to throw my bottle caps under the discs in my buddies bags too. Pretty much anything that's relatively small and can be hidden somewhat quickly.

Does anybody else ever pull pranks on your golf buddies like this?
Do tell.

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I carry two identical flasks, water and tequila. The old bait and switch works wonders.
mine involves small pebbles. I try to loft them at the person on the tee pad, works better in wooded areas cause they tend to look up like something fell on them. I have had rocks placed in my bag few times, but usually find them and throw them back at whoever did it while they are on the tee pad (not at them but need them).
Oh here's another one, unclip one of the four straps on their quadshocks, just enough to turn the bag over and spill some of their stuff, but this one is only good every once in awhile or they'll catch you too easy.
Switching their straps from front to back will drive them nuts.
You guys are bad !! Of course that's a quality I admire in a man.
carefull not to break anything that migh be down in there just droppen rocks in bags, that'll bring you back a few bucks
StPaulie said:
You guys are bad !! Of course that's a quality I admire in a man.

Clarification: yes, bad, bad, bad. These tactics are only employed during casual play, never to be attempted during a tournament round, that's bad kharma. These tactics are only to be employed upon your good friends so they take it the right way, they should never be attempted in a mean spirited way.
Honest, I swear.
JeremyRogers said:
carefull not to break anything that migh be down in there just droppen rocks in bags, that'll bring you back a few bucks

Always look before dropping the rock to make sure there's nothing glass in the bag or anything that will make noise when you release the rock. And keep it all in good fun.
Another little slight of hand is to remove your buddies putter while he's walking down the fairway. They almost always try to return to the previous basket, but don't let them go more than say, fifty feet before you call them back.
Oh Yeah, "a little non-sense now and then is relished by the wisest of men"

Some days our bags have looked like landfills...lmao!!!

The best...by far...is the guy with the cart...and the quick release removable wheels....Way too funny!!!!
Well I have never added things to their bags, but I will on occasion walk behind them and take a disc or 2 put it in my bag and keep it for the round until they realize they do not have it. while walking they never realize that a disc is being pillaged.

Sometimes they even thank you for picking it up for them.
The old "rock in the bag" trick is always funny!

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