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A loaded question for the Pros (if you can answer it without getting into trouble ;)

I know you guys or gals must throw your team/company discs. But I'm sure there was a time when you had a mixed bag. Soooo is there or was there some discs you would like to have that you can't, because it has the wrong logo on it?
Just curious and I also thought it might be fun to hear.

Thanks and Peace!

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I'm not very brand specific, in that I used to throw whatever worked for me, regardless of manufacturer. That said, I try to stick to more consistant manufacturers so in the event that I do loose one, I can pick another up that is almost identical. Because of that, I tend to buy Innova and Discraft molds more, because of their consistency.
I agree with your statement on consistency. I'm no pro, but I only use Innova discs, because they are consistent in their molds and that is what I feel comfortable throwing. I'm not anti discraft or Gateway or DGA, I just bought what was available to me in my small town, and as I began to branch out I just stuck with what I knew.
Well, if you want consistancy. You should try Latitude 64. Besides that, their plastic blows away Champ,Z, Star, and ESP plastic .
Plastic is like any other arbitrary item. It is relative to your experience and what you prefer. People constantly want to argue whether Innova or Discraft is more consistent, which is a waste of time in my opinion. Neither are perfect, but those are the 2 best in my opinion. I use a number of molds from each comany and feel that they are equal to each other, but excel in different areas.
I believe that Innova drivers are better (for me) and Discraft midranges are better (again, for me) as far as putters are concerned, I (personally) like the Challenger more than any of the other putters on the market (right now) But, that is not a Discraft preference, just what workd for my putting style.
And, I guess, I'm a bit of a cranky old man in my lack of desire to try anything new. I know what I have in my bag works for me and, until it stops working, I'll continue to replace old discs with new runs of the same mold. That said, I just picked up my first Nuke last night by way of trade.
I'm the same way...I like Innova drivers and Discraft mids and use a Gateway putter. I'm always still open to trying new things though.
I don't think they are the best plastics anymore. You should really pick up a Lat64 disc. I did this week and now I own their whole line. Consistent flight, amazing grip....by far the best on the market, and they just look down right pretty. Pick a couple up. You won't view plastic and consistency the same again.
Z Drone !!
If I couldn't throw my true love the X Putt'r, then I would go with a SSS Magic, or a Pole Cat.

Just got some Aviars as prizes at the last tourney in Hasting, so I might try them out, but that feels so much like cheating. X Putt'r = Halle Berry, Magic = Kim Kardashian, and the Aviar = Angelina Jolie. They all might feel good, and look good, but which one putts out for you more?
bad pun alert! i would say Magnet = Giada De Laurentis
i love giada de laurentis that's why i have two magnets


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