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Whats better around the baskeet for stickin in it? The stiff putters wich bash into the chains to equal out the force of impact or the softies wich stick to the chains. This dude said the stiffers are better  for close and softer for far shots. I thought it was opposite.  WHAT UP?

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Soft putters are better in general.  They grab the chains more whereas a stiff putter will slip through more often.  Especially with the candy plastics, the slickness of surface causes alot more cut throughs.

I've never thought of if in terms of how the disc reacts with the chains. I will consider how the soft and firm plastics feel in my hand, and how the cintrepital force effect the shape of the disc as its flying.  The most important factor is how it feels as you release.

All I can say is to try them both and see what works best for you !!!!

For myself , the stiff plastic holds the line better.

The Softer plastic seems to stick to the chains better.

I like to have all my putters around the same flex, not too stiff, not too soft, just right. I don't like really stiff putters at all. Anything above soft on Gateway's plastic scale is too stiff for me. Have you ever thrown any medium stiff Gateway putters?? They are ridiculous! They make a "dong" sound instead of a "ching" sound when they hit the chains, wayyyyy too stiff. I don't like too soft either. I grabbed a Vibram soft Ridge to try out awhile back and that thing was flopping around in my hand and was way too soft for my liking. You just have to try out a bunch of putters and find one that feels good to you

I just don't believe that softer putters "stick" better. Unfortunately people say this all of the time yet we have no empirical study to support it. I think that the disc that "sticks" the best is the one that hits the basket in the right place.


I say throw what works for you and feels comfortable in your hand. 

Well a soft putter tends to be less slick, there for less friction. So in a way a soft putter would stick more the hard putter.

 I think you are exactly correct Jim. Someone could throw a glue ball and if it didn't hit the chains its a moot point.

I believe there is too much hype on the soft putters ability to "grab the chains". There are a multitude of factors affecting the "stick". Velocity at impact, weight of disc, angle of impact, temperature, wind speed and direction, disc rotation (spin) at impact, type of chain and basket design, and height of impact on the chains. All of these affect the ability of the disc to land in the basket, but the number one factor is ACCURACY.

An accurate shot with a solid steel disc (if there was such a thing) will win every time over an inaccurate shot with a soft putter. Find a putter you like and go with it!

Have you guys seen the old "Steady Ed" Putters? The are SO SOFT they basically flop around in your hand. I have played with a guy that uses one. If he even Barely touches a a chain, or even a link, the thing just stops and falls into the basket. I think softer, tackier plastic putters do stick more into chains. My Personal problem with the softer putters is that I cannot throw them consistently. I have figured out that I need a Firmer flight plate to get Consistent release with my putter. That's why I have grown so fond of the Lat 64 PURE in ZERO plastic. Firm flight late for consistent releases, BUT the ZERO plastic is Nice and Tacky. Grabs the chains Very well.

Yeah those "Steady Ed" Gummputts are crazy soft, there is a guy I play with that turbo putts with them upside down. Never seen a disc turn bad putts into makes like those things. I have seen it hit the cage, taco and somehow crawl into the basket more then a few times.

um Jim and David,

the sticky putters get caught by the chains and end up in the basket way more than the slick/hard putters. I don't have any statistical evidence because I don't need any. Anyone with any snap/speed on there putt can't help but notice certain plastics bounce off/slip off the chains unless the putt is almost perfectly in the middle of the chains or just barely high enough to go in. I can hit pretty wide on the chains with my super stupid soft magic (or even my super soft) at high speed, high in the chain and it still falls in most of the time. I would say that a stiff gives you a smaller target that you can hit and expect the disc to fall in.

its a beautiful thing

I love the ol stiffy myself. I just prefer the feel better. It doesn't matter what putter you use if you hit the basket in the right spot.

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