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     I am new to the sport (a recreational player).  My husband had gotten me into the game about a year ago.  And I am even newer to this type of group (DiscGolfersR.Us).  So I am writing this discussion as an open forum from you all to me. 

     I would appreciate any comments, advice, or anything about this page, and game.  As the title says, I am a "Woman in a Man's Sport".  I have been playing at the Debary course on Mondays.  We play mostly Doubles (best disc) where I get teamed up with an "A" player.  And for about a month, I have been playing at Tuscawilla in Daytona Beach.  I have been trying to establish a handicap there.  It is a different type of game and course there then my home course in Debary which is mostly open.  And in both places, I am the only girl playing on a regualr basis.



So, let me have it. 

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It's hard to get women involved in this sport for a number of reasons.  Some simply get discouraged when they don't throw as far as the guys.  They also tend tho think that guys weren't somehow noobs at one point.  Also, as you have observed, many of our courses are not in the most spectacular areas of the park.  Deep woods, brush, bugs, poison oak/ivy are not things that generally attract women to an activity :P.  This combined with the fact that there aren't many women out there playing so very few other females to bond with bring us difficulties in getting women into the game.

Why does disc golf fall into the realm of being a mans sport? Drag more females out with you on a regular basis,that's how many of us guys involved others to this sport.Many lost interest,many stayed to help grow this sport.I've been throwing frisbee,now discs,since the late 50's.One has to enjoy anything one sets their mind to accomplishing.

I know about the bugs and nasty brush.  The Mosqitos at my Debary course are so big, that we call them Helocopters.  The club that I play with on Mondays have gotten to the point in which they encourage me to get better and when I do a good throw they compliment my throw.  I have seen other females playing on the course, and have bragged about the club and they should come on Mondays to play, but they do not.

I am bound and determined to keep playing.  I can not truely compete against the guys, but there has been many times in which they threw poorly and they had to relay on my throws which were better.  We play Mixed Best throw Doubles on Monday at Debary.

I only said that it is a man's sport because............... The majority of the players are men.  I am the only woman surrounded by ten to twenty men ;^)

It's been my experience that most women who play are just out there with their boyfriends.  Perhaps they didn't find enough enjoyment in it to come back?  I don't know.  I know we don't see that many women at the tournaments here, a dozen maybe, which is about 1/6 of the field if that.

O.K. I have to speak up.  I am the husband.  Yes Pattie aka Stormie would have never played Disc Golf if it wasn't for me.  And I am very thankfull that she has continued to play, continued to grow, continued to improve.  I have seen many people play, get frustrated and quit.  She has played against people who didn't want to play a game with her.  I had heard several people moan and groan when they were teamed up with her.  But she has stuck it out.  She has not let this deter her from playing.  She may not be able compete with the "BOYS", but she keeps up behind them.

I am proud of her, and hope that she continues to grow as a Disc Golf Player. 

discing is good for women if they don't get too frustrated with not throwing as far ..... we have advanced women that want to throw off the long tees with the men but they can't compete ..... i always tell them the game is about birdies nothing else really the more 2's u can get the better ...... if u compete from the forward tees at least u have a chance of scoring .... anyone can learn to putt from 50' in ...... throw from the shorts and gain success .... you'll enjoy playing more for sure.

Good for you Pattie, glad to see you out playing, and most of all, you have the drive to improve your game and find out what it takes to improve. It sound like there are not a lot of woman to compete with in your area which puts you out there as a pioneer for woman in your sport. This also means that if the sport is going to grow for woman in your area, you may be the one who has to make that happen. It sounds like from your posting that you have already approached some ladies on the course and invited them out. SUPER JOB!!!!


Have you approaced the club to have them help get the word out to women in the area to join up? Maybe even a local pro is willing to donate soem time to running a clinic or two to help you ladies get things off the ground. Our club here in La Mirada California has a clinic every other month in which a local pro and some helpers put on a disc golf clinic for Ladies Only. Our course hosts the State Championship for ladies disc golf and we even have trouble getting ladies out to our local monthlys and weeklys. so this make take some time and effort.


On a more personel note, I too play with ladies, mostly in my weekend rounds, they are 10 and 12 years old and are my daughters. The 10 year old actually got me back into the sport after about 20 years off, God Bless my little JuJu, daddy has lost 36 pounds in the last 6 months and is now playing in the AM1's. This does mean there is a lot of alone time in the sport for me as well, because they just can't keep up in mens divisions at the tourneys, but I Need that compettitve time as a man anways.


As long as you and Double D understand where each other are in the sport together, spend your time together, and know that there will be times that he and you will compete seperately, you should both enjoy the sport and each other for a very long time. My wife and I no longer compete in the same sports together, she just couldn't grasp the differences in men and women and got frustated, which also frustrated me. But you sound like you are way ahead of that and have the desire to build something of your own in the sport and are suplimenting that by playing with the men and getting better in the meantime, good for you.


You are so going to dominate when other women start playing in your tourneys, good job.


Ps- You can look at a video of me and the girls playing on my homepage, my younest is actually pretty good. And if you need any help getting the word out in your area and I can help from here in Ca, just PM me.

It's very encouraging that Patty(stormie) plays/throws with the boyz ;>}.Don't get frustrated,stay the course and you just might get more women playing your dgc.The shallowness of those not wanting to throw/play with the "less gifted" has been around for ages.How many times can we all remember being last/next to last for a team  of any sport.Heavens to all mergatroid(sp) if one was overweight,scrip glasses,short/some deformity,not fast,etc.There is always that ray of sunshine inside when the "weaker" team player outshine/plays the shot better.There's no "I' in "team",but there is a "me".Without "me",there's no team.

I used to skip throwing with some of the fellows here in Port Charlotte for the reason of they had better arms,distance was there game,bird the basket.I was content with my par,even 1 over.lately those same fellows are now hitting trees,perhaps they always did,missing their putts.Steady Ed still gets down the fairway,putts are made.I'm happy and enjoy the game as it was meant to be..fun.

We have a few women that play our dgc,not many,but they come out to play.The two TdS's we've had here has had females throwing.Small turn out,but they are attending.The same with the Sarasota tourney's,small group ,some traveling from the Tampa, Clearwater areas.Hope to see/play dg with Stormie/daddy dragon on the fairway someday.Perhaps the AMS at Watertower,Sarasota in a few weeks.




















hi! welcome to the world of disc golf! i play in norway, and the number of girls playing in scandinavia is now rapidly growing. we have a special focus on recrutting girls, and us girls take good care of each other. its no problem playing with just boys, but fact is its hard to compete against them. you really have to set your own goals and try to set new personal best in your score and how far and good you throw. unfortunatly its the kind of game were a guy that has never thrown a disc in his life can beat you anyway, even if you have played for some time, just becouse of their strenght. but then, when you get your presicion going, and you are setting those puts, you can beat some of them. but as i said, the main goal is getting better, and reaching your own goals. and then you should try to find tournaments with other girls you can compete and learn from and get to know.


there are some things that a girl should know that guys wont tell you. you should try throwing lighter discs, understable discs, that are 150gr. my favorites is the champion sidewinder for distance and the new diamond from latitude 64 for fair way drives with little fade. and girls should throw from their hips, not just their upper body :) remember to "finish" all your throws, and dont be afraid to "mess up". thats a typically girls problem. we are afraid of doing bad and throwing wrong so we wont go for it. but if you practise to let go and give it all you got, you will be a worse player at first, but then you will se great results! enjoy your game!




It doesn't have to be a man's sport! Claim it as your own! It is great to see another lady taking this sport up. The best advice I can give you is to be patient, try new discs, and stay positive. have you tried any lightweight discs? If not it may help improve your distance. What type of advice are you looking for specifically? Good for you for being able to go out with your husband and his friends without being too intimidated. it can be tough, and for most females it takes years to break through that. Believe it or not, there are tons of women who play. But, the key to that is by hunting them down. I am not sure about your immediate area, but there are a bunch in FL (I know it's a big state). One thing that you could do is try to travel to some tournaments. There may be several women that are competing that you could watch or even play with just for the educational experience. Breaking the barrier for me to play in league with all men was tough at first. But once I did my game began to improve at a huge rate. Two years ago I started a woman's league in my area. Since then women have been coming out of the wood work. So far I am just about up to thirty members. Stick with it, and eventually you will find bunches of ladies to play with and your game will improve!  You can check out the website I built for the ladies league at www.ploegblog.net/discgolf  Good luck!

Can't help it, this thread put this song in my head.


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