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Absolutely not disc golf related...but unable to keep from spreading my vitriol. Apologies.

I am currently in the Navy, serving as a junior enlisted IT. As of tomorrow, I will be volunteering. No pay until an agreement, for any of the military. This is Congress. Congress is supposed to represent the will of their respective states/districts. Somehow, I don't think most of you are for this. I don't think (and do hope) that the majority of the country wants the military to serve without pay. Ergo- I do not think Congress is doing their job correctly. I feel bad for my savings account that my pregnant wife and I have scraped together over the last several months, it will be drained to pay bills, not continue to go toward the emergency fund we're trying to establish for when the baby comes. I feel bad for the country that I serve, knowing that its people's representatives aren't representing anything they want. It will be hard to go to work knowing that my wife is at home, unable to buy groceries/stressing about bills/wondering when I'll get paid again, and knowing that my doing work won't change that situation for her. But I swear, I feel even worse, my heart veritably breaks, for the 18 year old Marine in Iraq. For though people tell me (and I'm sure it's true) that I will get back pay once things get worked out, they tell me that I will see the money I'm earning eventually, that Marine will not see it. Because by the time this is all worked out, he'll be dead. Some cowardly IED on the road will see to that. He won't see his back pay. He won't "eventually get it". He will still go to work knowing he isn't currently getting paid. He will do it with motivation. If this lasts 100 days, he will go to work on the 101st. because he knows that if he doesn't, bad things will happen. Innocent people die. Freedom is attacked freely. The enemy is given respite. So he will go to work. He will die, choosing to serve his country, for free.


As an Objectivist, as a Sailor, as an American: That makes me feel positively revolted.


If this isn't supposed to be here, my apologies, and I'll have no qualm with it being taken down. I just feel a need to spread the word about what's going on. And a forum of fellow disc golfers seems a comfortable place to do so.


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You said it !!!!!  I do not think Congress is doing their job !!!!


Congress is truly self-serving. Both parties are more concerned with being re-elected or being in control than they are in serving the people who elected them. I am revolted as well.
Last minute deal. Move along, nothing to see hear.

Deal was made,we still get screwed.

Is the government doing their job by allowing everysingle american to be put into more debt by buying more shit from china? Are they doing their job by letting immigrants spill across the border only to have children, and have those children immediately become US citizens? Is congress doing their job when families have lived off welfare for 3 generations? The answer to all these is no. As a youthful citizen in the american republic, i have a strange feeling that our government it letting us down. They need to grow some effing balls and stop foucusing on their fancy pancy little wallets and start focusing on what needs to be done. I swear most of the old people in congress must have dimenshia or however you spell that, because they will not change anything unless their world comes to attack. Somebody better find the imaginationland tour guide, because that's the only way were can make congresss see what's up.

Well good job for the govt managing to cut 1.11% of the budget. 


And congrats to Obama on wanting to become the first slave holder in America since the Civil War. Military not being paid and not being allowed to leave == that equals slavery. 

IMO, this country has headed into the Saddest and most Preventable recession since the government of this country was established. The Government serves the Government, NOT the People that put them there. Ryan, I am VERY SORRY you have to go through this No Pay Crap. You, and THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of other Americans, are doing the job that matters most to this country, and this is what you get? I am Sorry. For its worth, Thank YOU for your Service, and I hope you do get the pay you Deserve.

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