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Yesterday, at Heistand Park in Madison, WI, I got my first ace on Hole 14, the beautiful downhiller that overlooks the city. From the am tees (about 250 ft), it was a bit into the wind so I threw a 171 g Star Sidewinder with a bit of hyzer so that it helixed perfectly and slammed the chainz and stayed in the basket! Unbelievable! Had two friends in my group and two people were walking up to the pad, so I had 4 witnesses.


Now for my question: What is the proper etiquette after an ace? Do you write your name and date on the sign or the basket or just your disc, and do you have to do it right after the ace occurs? Also, is it cocky to carry a permanent marker with you, almost expecting an ace?

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Sign basket and or tee sign, also sign disc with witness initials. If I witness I give the ace'r $5 cash.. but thats a MI thing.
Seriously?? Vandalism??
It is very common around here, but to anyone who wrote their name at Lakeshore- expect it gone soon I'm already working on wiping it clean.
Ben, I read on another site that a magic eraser works well.
I think aces should be an exception to the rule of vandalism. What do you think about leaving an "ace space" on the sign (or basket; though not as practical) for these special instances where great shots occur. Personally, I think that aces should be an exception, but at the courses in Madison, they are eventually wiped out :(
I didn't vandalize, but (I guess for selfish reasons) I'd like to make it known to all, especialy on such a beautiful hole and an awesome occasion...
No!!! Do not sign anything but your Disc!!!

Encouraging people to sign baskets and signs, Gabe, is encouraging people to vandalize...unless YOU own the property....That is not cool!!!

5,1 is not a MI thing either.....It's commonly known throughout the U.S...each group has their own variation...but it's definitely not a MI thing
what's wrong with our economy in michigan that we actually have to cut down on stuff, i heard that there might be a 5 % salary cut for teachers
Sorry to make it sound like I was encouraging people to vandalize, I was just answering the question at hand.. In hind sight it would be best to sign your own property and leave the vandelism to those whom ruin the courses with glass and cigerette butt's. I havent hit a ace in so long that I think I would sign the disc and high five those around me if I did.
In a past life I would have signed the back side of the basket number plate. But that was then.
If you play in PDGA Sanctioned tourneys you should carry a permanent marker with you all the time. PDGA rules require a unique mark on the discs in your bag. So, say if you buy a new disc the morning of the tourney, then that disc needs to be marked...albeit, you can mark your disc with a pencil or a pen...but permanent marker works the best.

And...ditto what Jamie said about marking baskets and tee signs...most consider that to be vandalizism...

Lastly...51 is played across the country...had to cough up $5 just this past Sunday...
On the Disc Only !!!! Never on the Teesign or Basket or Teepad or Benches !!!!
YES, What Donny Olow typed!
In Florida, the Parks and Rec department frowns upon vandalism in the park of any kind and threatens to remove courses if it keeps up...I remind as many people as I can and clean up anything I find.
I carry spray paint of every color as well as scrapers and cleaners to remove stickers and what not.
Punks keep spray painting the portable toilet at our course.
I have the exact same color paint as the port-o-let and I cover it up quickly!
The toilet is back to Green with no Graffiti Painting on it.
I have been to the courses in Michigan where there is writing on everything and it looks like Crap.
Go clean that crap up!
Do you really think anyone is reading that you got an ace and giving a damn...NO, the only thought is what an ARS they were to write on this nice equipment...a lot of it is copy cat behavior so if you clean it up then nobody gets the idea to even start writing there, but when you see a bunch of writing, you think it is OK. It is NOT!
Take Pride in your home course. Do your part to volunteer. Help educate others. Help your sport by making it inviting to everyone. Clean up your course.
You might get more courses installed by showing respect and keeping the ones you have now cleaned up?


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